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'Sons of Anarchy': Jimmy Smits previews the heavy season finale (and lightens up with our Personality Test)


Sons of Anarchy‘s violent sixth season comes to an end tonight (FX, 10 p.m. ET), and Jimmy Smits admits he took a deep breath before he cracked the finale’s script.

“Just because Kurt Sutter, the executive producer who’s in charge of the writer’s room — can I curse? — likes to blow s–t up,” Smits says, with a laugh. “And I mean that in a lot of ways. Not just literally, although they do sometimes blow s–t up. All the characters are left off-kilter, which is a great thing to play as an actor. But there’s that moment where you’re like, ‘That bullet could have my guy’s name on it.’ One of the first shots of the episode is this dove getting smashed by a motorcycle. I was like, ‘Whoa, this is the jump-off point?'” (“No animals were harmed,” he adds. “It was all CGI. CGI!”)

In the penultimate episode, Nero (Smits) learned from Juice that Jax had ordered him to kill Darvany, the mother of the 11-year-old who used a gun that can be traced back to Nero’s Byz-Lats and SAMCRO in a school shooting during the season premiere. Nero also learned from Alvarez that the Mayans MC are preparing to side with the Chinese in a war against SAMCRO and Marks’ Niners, should it come to that. “A recurring resonant chord that’s hit in the show is betrayal — and what happens in this world that we’re in when betrayals happen,” Smits says. “The pull between Nero’s supposed end game that he thought he had and now this family and the MC are really tugging at him. So he’s got to make some decisions there that are gonna impact things.”

With enough drama on the show, we opted to give Smits a few laughs with our EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch the video below. READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'The Voice,' 'New Girl,' and 'SOA' -- VIDEO


Missed Tuesday night’s episodes of The Voice, New Girl, and Sons of Anarchy?

Find out who went home on the singing show, how CeCe’s (Hannah Simone) date with Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) went, and who bit the bullet on Anarchy in EW’s TV Recap video below. READ FULL STORY

Katey Sagal remembers being a tween Beatlemaniac (and we found footage) -- VIDEO


This week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy is a great one for Katey Sagal. There’s a scene with Maggie Siff’s Tara that we’d rank in Gemma’s top five, and Sagal’s stirring rendition of Jackson Browne’s “For a Dancer,” available on her new album Covered, is used for an opening montage. (Browne provides background vocals for the album’s beautifully somber cover of Steve Earle’s “Goodbye”: “[Earle’s] in recovery. I’m in recovery as well. He calls that song an amends song, and I know all about that,” she says.)

SOA fans may not know that Sagal, who has two other solo albums, worked as a backup singer for Bette Midler for about five years. “We’d do the same show night after night, but she’d still rehearse. Like all around the world, she’d rehearse in the lobbies of hotels. She was always tightening,” Sagal recalls. She sang with Etta James for a period as well. “I traveled across the country — me, Etta, and a bunch of guys on a bus. That was interesting,” she says. And then there was Bob Dylan: “I could barely speak. He ended up firing me, I’m sure, because I couldn’t even talk.”

As we learned when Sagal sat down for an EW Pop Culture Personality Test, that’s not the only time she’s been starstruck. Watch the video below in which she shares a childhood memory about police having to escort her home in 1964, when the Beatles came to Los Angeles to play a charity event. Among the crowd of hysterical young girls who made the CBS News while waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Fab Four — Sagal. Bless the Internet, we found the footage…

'Sons of Anarchy' death watch: Who will be the next to die?

Spoiler alert: As we said in our recap, the Oct. 15 episode of Sons of Anarchy was the most uplifting 90 minutes of season 6 to date. Other SOA charters supported Jax’s decision to move the club out of guns. Bobby, it turns out, has actually been recruiting for SAMCRO this whole time. (You teared up. Admit it.) And Jax actually smiled. A lot.

Of course, we guessed — even before the promo for the Oct. 22 episode showed bullets and fists flying — that the reprieve wouldn’t last. Will SAMCRO rise from the ashes only to fall again? Can the club stay alive, whole, and out of jail?

We know from this week’s EW cover story that the body count will rise before season’s end. So, as we wait to see who’s next, what’s your guess? Poll below. Also, we’re revisiting the trail of casualties, season by season, to track how SAMCRO came to this current crossroads. Check out our NSFW look back at season 1, and see how the show is coming full circle. (Cue “John the Revelator.”)


This week's cover: Inside the violent FX drama 'Sons of Anarchy'


In this week’s cover story, EW goes on the set of Sons of Anarchy, FX’s addictive drama that’s gone from a leather-clad family drama about an outlaw motorcycle club to a dark ­exploration of human brutality. The deaths are coming so fast and so furious this season the drama’s nearly 5 million fans have worked themselves into a frenzy trying to figure out which major character will meet their maker. Will Tig finally pay for killing Pope’s daughter? Is Clay going to get his just reward? Will Jax go down over the sins of his stepfather?

“The irony of the crown is you can’t necessarily sit at the head of that table and not become Clay,” series creator Kurt Sutter tells EW. “Although in Jax’s mind, he is the anti‑Clay. He’s doing everything for completely different reasons.  But the truth is, the behavior is still the same…when you’re outlaws who live by a code of violence, can you really step away from the violence?”

Sutter goes on to tease who may — or may not — bite the dust before the drama’s series finale in 2014.

'Sons of Anarchy' primer: Five things you need to know before tonight's season premiere

Tonight, Sons of Anarchy returns (10 p.m. ET on FX), and whether you’re a die-hard fan who’s forgotten where the season 5 finale left off, or a new viewer curious to see star Charlie Hunnam (the newly-cast Christian Grey) in action, here are five things you need to know/remember about the state of SAMCRO, which, newbies, stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (the outlaw charter Hunnam’s character, Jax, is president of). We’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. UPDATE: Read our season 6 premiere recap, and our extensive postmortem with creator Kurt Sutter.

Comic-Con 2013 schedule: See what's happening Sunday

The schedule for the fourth day of Comic-Con is now available, and it’s a big day for television panels, including SupernaturalBreaking BadUnder the Dome, and Doctor Who.

You can find the complete schedule here, but check out below for some of the biggest highlight’s from the convention’s final day. San Diego Comic-Con will run from July 17-21.


The Likability Index: Ranking characters from 'Mad Men,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Breaking Bad,' and more


As Mad Men‘s season 6 comes to a close, Don Draper’s descent into his own inferno cements his anti-hero status. You either love to hate him, or hate to love him. His ambiguous ethics create an interesting dynamic for the viewer — but he’s not the only one on TV like that.

Mad Men and its contemporaries — Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Scandal, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, The Americans, and Boardwalk Empire — are shows that revolve around questions of morality. Whether it be an ad executive who will do anything to sleep with their married neighbors, a former high school teacher turned meth kingpin trying to provide for his family, kings and queens vying for the Iron Throne, or crisis managers who just happen to fix presidential races for the man they love, these series make us question who we’re rooting for and why.

There are incredibly likeable characters who do horrible things (Boardwalk Empire‘s Al Capone) or characters who are, at their core, good people whom we don’t like very much (Game of Thrones‘ Sansa). Then there’s everyone else — who falls somewhere in the middle on the scale.

Check out or “Likability Index” below, where we rank our favorites on two axes — from likable to hateable, and from good to evil. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Jmwillard: 

”It’s like Sons of Anarchy in here… and none of the young hot characters.”

–Mindy (Mindy Kaling) talking about the Bible study group in her apartment on The Mindy Project

Come back tonight to share your pick!

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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Jax got this?

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy‘s season 5 finale, stop reading now. All season we’ve been building to the answer to this question: Can Jax sit in Clay’s old chair and not become Clay? We got our answer. For more on the season finale, read our postmortem interviews with creator Kurt Sutter and Kim Coates (Tig) and Ken Tucker’s review. READ FULL STORY

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