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Analysis: VMAs push Miley Cyrus social buzz to a high... and a low

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but is there such a thing as bad social buzz? Miley Cyrus’ twerk seen round the world certainly caused a stir at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but the fleshy show-stopper featuring grinding teddy bears and Robin Thicke earned the former tween queen a stark mix of both praise and resentment.

EW has partnered with General Sentiment to develop an aggregate score report — not just on what is trending in social media — but on what users are actually saying on social networks about any particular topic at a particular time, in this case Miley Cyrus over the past week.

In the heat of the moment Sunday night, Cyrus’ positive sentiment score hit its highest level and the volume of tweets about her was on the rise. But those playing Monday morning quarterback on Twitter sent the anti-Miley chatter to its highest levels, causing her sentiment score to plummet. The volume of chatter about Cyrus and her performance continued to rise on Monday, even as the content of those conversations became increasingly negative.

Check out the HIT score below.

Put on your suit and tie, and check out Justin Timberlake's revamped Myspace

timberlake-myspaceHe’s bringing Myspace back. Scratch that: He’s brought Myspace back.

Justin Timberlake’s much-balleyhooed redesign of the once-popular social network finally went live today. If you bite the bullet and make a new account — or manage to remember what your 16-year-old self set as the password on your original account — you’ll be free to click around the site and marvel at its cool use of white space, its nifty horizontal interface (which seems tailor-made for tablet browsing), and the profiles of Timberlake-approved celebrities like Beyoncé and Timbaland. READ FULL STORY

Women rule Facebook, Twitter, while men dominate LinkedIn, Google+

Image credit: Mashable

The old adage that men are from Mars and women are from Venus needs to be amended to reflect the current social (media) climate. According to Mashable, women are from Facebook and Twitter, and men are from LinkedIn and Google+.

There is a gender divide in the social media world and women are queens of the universe. Women post more frequently on the major social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, and are more active on Zynga — the largest online gaming network. The majority of the women using Zynga — who comprise 60 percent of overall users — are over 55.

However, men rule the less-populated professional social networks, including Google+ and LinkedIn.

Males reign on Reddit (84 percent) and females control Pinterest (82 percent). Check out Mashable’s infographic to the right for more statistics.

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