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'Killer Women' premiere: Helfer, Texas Ranger

Tricia Helfer is Molly Parker, Texas Ranger. Bow down, Big Hats, and admire her evening gown.

I definitely had the wrong impression of ABC’s Killer Women, brought to you by Sofia Vergara. Thanks to the series’ aggressive promos, I assumed it might be campy and fun. This is horrible to admit, but I suspect Vergara’s personality and Modern Family character (which seem similar) led me to believe the show might be a caricature of the modern Western drama instead of a solid attempt at it. Ugh, I’m as bad as the rest of ‘em! (Men.) READ FULL STORY

Your Daily Shaw Report

Our pop-culture guide to what’s in, what’s fading, and what’s definitely out.

DGA Awards: George Clooney makes Uranus jokes, and an absent Woody Allen steals the show

Brevity was the name of the game at last night’s Directors Guild of America Awards, held at the Grand Ballroom above the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Last year’s event celebrated the DGA’s 75th anniversary, and as a consequence, the evening ran so voluminously long, DGA president Taylor Hackford felt obliged to promise “to keep things moving quickly” for this year’s affair, to much thankful applause from the crowd.

As it turned out, Hackford needn’t have worried. While it is customary for all the feature film nominees to speak at the DGAs, both Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris) and David Fincher (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) did not attend — Allen has rarely if ever attended awards events, and Fincher had to jet to Japan for Dragon Tattoo‘s premiere in Tokyo. Best Documentary winner James Marsh (Project Nim) and Musical/Variety TV show winner Glenn Weiss (The 65th Annual Tony Awards) were also no shows. So all told, between the dinner and the awards, the evening clocked in just under four hours. Progress!

And EW was there for all of it. Check out the highlights below:  READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: Revelations about ABC's 'Revenge' lead our Winter TV Preview

When EW’s TV staff sat down to decide what to feature on our Winter TV Preview cover, the discussion repeatedly came back the one show we couldn’t stop talking about: ABC’s buzzy prime-time soap, Revenge. Throughout the fall, the new series — we refer to it as “TV’s greatest guilty pleasure” — had provided a multitude of outrageous cliff-hangers and OMG! moments that had the tongues of viewers wagging constantly.

However, there was one big question: Could Revenge possibly continue to sizzle so much in the coming months? EW is happy to report that, yes — after talking to the show’s players for our cover, featuring romantic leads Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) — Revenge has only just begun to rev its engine, which is full of explosive revelations that will delight fans all the way through to its May season finale. This week’s cover story previews the drama’s upcoming new episodes — a jaw-dropping pair airing Feb. 8 and Feb. 15 — where we’ll finally learn what actually happened in the deadly beach scene outside Emily and Daniel’s engagement party that opened the series’ juicy September pilot, which then flashed back and followed Emily as she embarked on her journey of revenge against her enemies.

There are so many questions: Who’s dead? Who’s the killer? How does everyone we’ve come to know and love — and love to hate — on Revenge fit into this mess? We do our best to answer those, and break out the 10 things we’re most looking forward to in the coming episodes of Revenge, in this week’s issue. Here a few of those juicy points to whet your appetite:


Farewell, 'All My Children.' Sniff.

Todd Wawrychuk/ABCOkay, I knew I would get verklempt over the end of All My Children, but I didn’t expect my heart to break even before the final show aired. But it did as I watched Agnes Nixon cry this morning on The View‘s grand goodbye to the long-running ABC soap. It was a fitting tribute with Nixon and many of the actors who embodied her characters.

I’m taking a deep breathe and getting ready to watch the finale. How about you? And I’m with you every step of the way — I’ll be back to EW.com to discuss the finale later today.

(By the way, fans can actually buy a limited edition print of the cast photo you see here, which was taken on the last day of production.)

UPDATE: Now that we’ve all watched the final episode, here’s what I think: READ FULL STORY

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to 'All My Children,' makes us pine for soaps' good ol' days

Sarah Michelle Gellar made her triumphant return to daytime TV today (just one week after making her triumphant return to all of TV in Ringer!), appearing in one episode of her old stomping ground, All My Children, which goes off the air for good Friday. (Sob.)

Despite saying she would be playing a whole new character, Gellar appeared as a hospital patient with amnesia who can’t remember anything about herself — except that she is Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) daughter, the role she originated nearly 20 years ago. One highlight? While chatting with the nurse, Gellar describes her unique condition and alludes to her future star-making role in a tongue-in-cheek way:


TV Academy auction: How much would you bid on Matt Bomer's hopefully sweaty chapeau?

I’ve been keeping an eye on the TV Academy Foundation’s Emmy Auction in one of my 37 open tabs, and am sad to report that my chances of scrounging up $721 or more in order to win Matt Bomer’s (autographed!) signature fedora from White Collar by Friday are looking grim. This was going to be Mandi Bierly’s Labor Day gift. Now I’ll have to give her, like, a compliment over IM or something. Awful.

The auction — featuring soap opera set tours, late-night talk show tickets (Conan and Leno’s bids currently outrank Fallon’s, but at $300 Jon Stewart trumps them all), the oversize tennis ball that Dr. House often fondles at his desk while pondering bizarre medical cases and also maybe other things he’d like to do to that tennis ball, and “unique handcuff earrings” from Rizzoli and Isles that Liz Lemon would probably die for — has been going on since Monday. The most expensive item by far: Two tickets to the Sept. 18 Emmys, complete with HBO party passes and car service. $2,500 so far. Ask your mom!

Bidding ends Friday at 4 p.m. ET; all auction proceeds will support the educational and archival programs of the TV Academy.

Read more:
Matt Bomer joins ‘Magic Mike': Who — and what — do you need to see in Channing Tatum’s stripper movie?
Summer TV Hottie Awards: Now accepting nominations!

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Elizabeth Taylor on 'General Hospital': Remembering the legend's fascinating, and goofy, soap stint

Daytime soaps fans still talk about that time when Hollywood royalty came out to play. Like everything she did, Elizabeth Taylor’s multi-episode arc on General Hospital was big: She came at the height of the show’s popularity to play Helena Cassadine, wife of Mikos. (You remember Mikos, that guy who wanted to freeze the earth.) She was even at Luke and Laura’s wedding,  though off to the side and putting a curse on them .

With news of her passing, the show’s put out a statement: “We were honored to work with Elizabeth Taylor on General Hospital.  Her portrayal of Helena was a defining moment for the show and an extraordinary experience for everyone involved.  She was a great talent, a gracious lady, and a rare presence.  We are deeply saddened by her passing and send our deepest condolences to her family and friends.”

Her appearance on the show was vintage grand dame, but the blooper reel below shows the playful, joyous side of Mrs.  Taylor. And that laugh! Oh, that laugh…


'Soapdish' remake moving forward. That's depressing and it's expensive -- two words I hate.

soapdishHollywood loves its remakes. It’s a reality we’ve all got to live with. But does that mean we have to accept it? I say, “Hell to the no!” — especially in the light of news that Paramount is going forward with its remake of the 1991 comedy Soapdish, which was first reported last May. This totally underrated gem about the backstage drama at a daytime soap opera does not deserve to have its memory defiled by what could very well be a pale and lackluster update. (Of course, maybe it will be great — because sometimes, on rare occasions, remakes don’t totally suck.) But honestly, can you improve on perfection? Can you improve on a cast that includes Sally Field, Robert Downey Jr. (at his manic best — see clip after the jump), Whoopi Goldberg (once upon a time she was quite a funny lady) and Kevin Kline? When I try to imagine other people playing Celeste Talbert and Jeffrey Anderson, I feel like my brain will literally explode within the next three hours. Tell me, Dish fans, am I overreacting? READ FULL STORY

Oprah and my favorite soap stars! Oh the drama!

OPRAH-SOAP-STARSImage Credit: George Burns/HarpoWhy did I just smile through that whole hour of Oprah as soap stars including Susan Lucci, Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Michael E. Knight, and Jeanne Cooper paraded through? Sure, it was a total love fest as Oprah gushed about her love for their shows (All My Children, General Hospital, Young and the Restless) and their characters, and the actors all gushed about being on Oprah’s show in the last season. But there’s no denying that watching any sort of retrospective on the characters we’ve known for so long is enough to give me the warm fuzzies.  READ FULL STORY

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