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'So You Think You Can Dance' results: Two of the Top 10 head home, the All-Stars return

The So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars returned to dance with the Top 10 contestants Wednesday night — and look who we have here! Season 7 standout Alex Freaking Wong, who exited early because of an Achilles tendon injury and had to sit out last summer, after being invited back as an All-Star, because he’d hurt the OTHER Achilles tendon. I would guess that Alex Wong’s abs positively loathe his Achilles tendons for denying them their rightful opportunity to glisten on national television whenever possible.

SPOILERS AHEAD: The two dancers heading home are…. READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance' winner Nick Lazzarini reacts to shocking quadruple elimination


When Nick Lazzarini signed up for season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance he didn’t even known he’d have to perform ballroom. Everyone was “kind of flying by the seat of our pants” in those days, he laughs. Seven seasons later, Lazzarini’s experience seems a world away from today’s “brutal” four-person cuts and Jack-of-all-trade performers. Of course, a more streamlined system hasn’t diluted the show’s drama. Witness last night’s second four-person elimination of the season. “I’m a little shocked,” Lazzarini admits. Below, he singles out which contenders he wish had stayed, which ones he thinks could go all the way, and why he’s glad Zooey Deschanel wasn’t around in 2005 to decide his fate. READ FULL STORY

The new 'So You Think You Can Dance' elimination process is a major buzzkill

Well! That was a weird episode after a few weeks off. Instead of new routines, the Top 14 performed seven iconic dances from past seasons as a tribute to Mia Michaels. It was great to relive some of her brilliant choreography, but I feel like some of the current contestants got shafted when the judges compared them to the original performers instead of evaluating them on their own merits. Viewers may naturally do the same.

Plus, I’d forgotten how absolutely brutal So You Think You Can Dance‘s new elimination policy is. There’s no results show this season, so after all the couples have performed, Cat Deeley herds her ducklings into an arc of terror and proceeds to pack an hour’s worth of results into just a few minutes. The contestants who face elimination are in that position based on the last week’s routines — or in this case, routines from July 25.

Are you into this? I think it’s crazy and weird!

SPOILERS AHEAD: The four (!!!!) dancers heading home are…. READ FULL STORY

Summer TV Awards: Your nominations wanted!


Feeling guilty over the amount of time you’ve spent indoors watching TV since May? Here’s your vindication: Our first annual Summer TV Awards. Help us celebrate the good and call out the bad. Copy and paste the list of categories below into a comment and write in your nominations. Come back tomorrow afternoon when the official nominations are announced and the polls open!

UPDATE: The polls are now open! (And thank you for your patience with the comments not always publishing. We’re looking into it.)

And the categories are… READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Olympics, Olympics, Olympics. Plus: 'Total Recall,' an HBO doc, and more

Why even write a PopWatch Planner this week? Of course, it’s all Olympics all the time. Check out the first week of the games with three of the biggest sports kicking into high gear: Swimming, Gymnastics, and Track & Field are all getting their moments in primetime. That said, from some big exits on So You Think You Can Dance to a major sci-fi remake to a unique documentary and an incredible art exhibit, believe it or not, there is more to life than the Olympics this week. Check out the picks below and have a great week!


Olympics Primetime: Women’s Gymnastics Day 1, NBC 7 p.m.

The women’s gymnastics team takes the floor for the first time in Day 1 of the team competition. Spoilers already abound online, so we’ll stay quiet here, but it’s sure to be nerve-wracking watching the high-flying techniques of U.S. gymnasts Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman and the rest of the team taking on the competition for the first time in London.  READ FULL STORY

Mary Murphy on 'SYTYCD': Second week of eliminations

Mary Murphy is blogging for EW.com this season of So You Think You Can Dance.

This show was over before I knew it.  It was a great night of dancing with some with some hills and valleys, with some of the top dancers struggling in ballroom..  With so many ballroom dances used on the show, I’ll never know why contestants don’t run to the ballroom schools!

Among the couples that struggled were Janelle and Dareian, starring in their first cha-cha.  It was a tough routine by Pasha, and they executed the choreography but had a tough time latching on to the technique.  In the same boat, Audrey and Matthew danced their first salsa.  I think both of those guys had some brilliant moments, with Audrey looking very good in her action.  Matthew looked more relaxed as he went along.  PLEASE shoot the person who put Matthew in red pants and black shoes – NOT GOOD!

The highlight of the night was Whitney and Chehon, and yes, I mean Whitney!  I know they’re like sisters and certainly I got caught up in the moment of that beautiful routine by Stacey Tookey (to whom Nigel gave high marks and said she was “Oscar-nominated!”).  Sorry Whitney.  To think this couple almost went home last week…what a defining moment for them on the show.

Probably the most perplexing moment for me was, when on the night I felt Brandon and Amber had their best night starring in a Ray Leeper jazz piece, they were sent home.  With input from all the choreographers and judges, it was a tough decision to make.

Don’t forget, National Dance Day is this Saturday, so do a little dance for us!

Oh, and my dress is Lanvin and of course that beautiful butterfly ring was by Zorab!

Stepping off for now…


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Mary Murphy on ‘SYTYCD': Catching up on this season

Mary Murphy on 'SYTYCD': The first cut of the season

Mary Murphy is blogging for EW.com this season of So You Think You Can Dance!

The first cut is always the hardest, but as you know we have to whittle our way down to only two champions this season. It would be great if everyone could stay, but even though we are enjoying great artists, this is a competition. I found it interesting who did not receive enough votes to stay out of danger, but let’s talk about some of the numbers first.

Sonya was the talk of the show and was right on point. Her first number starring Will and Amelia was mesmerizing. With the weight of the world on their shoulders, I felt their struggle and internal turmoil throughout the entire piece. Of course, it was all in their own style and it was exquisite. Sonya’s other piece starred Matthew and Audrey. For two of the smaller contestants, they pack a serious punch! Nobody can say they don’t use their bodies to the fullest extent – they are certainly a dream team.


Mary Murphy on 'SYTYCD': Catching up on this season

Mary Murphy is blogging for EW.com this season! Catch up with her and her thoughts on the past few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance.


Hello everybody and yes we’re back and better than ever!  Each year I have no idea what will be ahead.  Will this season’s dancers possibly be as good as last season’s?  I believe they are.  I’m always filled with so much excitement as my car picks me for the first audition city and the auditions this year did not let me down.

Highlights on the road were for sure Dragonhouse in Atlanta, where a crew of four boys broke it down for me and Nigel.  We felt like we saw hip hop move to another level that day and couldn’t wait to see how they would cope in Las Vegas.   Of course who could forget the Dance Exorcist from Dallas?  What I was happy to hear was that I was not the only one so affected by this young man.  Even the cameramen were crying after this one.  One thing is for sure: anyone who was in that audience that day saw magic happen before their very eyes.  And one of the most touching moments for me was the Utah mother who put her dance career on hold to have her children.  When she danced, it hit me how much she gave up because she was truly an amazing dancer.  But anyone that has children knows all too well that it becomes the most important thing in their life.  After she danced so beautifully, her 2-and-a-half-year old gave her the tickets to Vegas.  The little girl then said “My turn, mommy!”  I was so touched by that scene I couldn’t stop crying even after I went on break.  I think I always played out that scene in my mind because I always wanted a child; it just didn’t work out that way for me.


'So You Think You Can Dance': 200 Moves in 200 Seconds -- HYPNOTIC VIDEO

Fox has put together a mesmerizing supercut of 200 memorable So You Think You Can Dance moves — spanning all eight seasons — in preparation for Wednesday night’s 200th episode celebration (8-10 p.m. ET). This video’s got everything: crotch thrusts, nerd costumes, a dominatrix slapping a man in a sequined vest, presidential candidates debating furiously in sync, partial nudity, and a table. Highly recommended. Watch: READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance' Vegas callbacks: 35 advance, Alexa Anderson gets singled out

There’s nothing like the “Vegas Callbacks” round to make So You Think You Can Dance look like a common pool party!

Thirty-five dancers moved on after a grueling Vegas Callbacks round. Contestants had to make it through four routines: Broadway with Tyce Diorio, Jazz with Sonya Tayeh, Ballroom with Jason Gilkinson, and Contemporary with season 2 runner-up and frequent choreographer Travis Wall. We barely saw any names on-screen (so I’m sorry I can’t give you the official list of 35), but the editors did make sure to give us one complete Vegas story arc: that of Blake Lively lookalike Alexa Anderson.

The judges pulled that sneaky move where they single out a contestant to over-criticize about “not connecting”…and then she has a major redemption scene and a killer full-length solo and suddenly she’s the most prominent dancer of the season in everyone’s minds. It’s almost like…they WANT HER TO WIN! Well, that would be fine with me.

Alexa, who was cut right before the Top 20 last season (the judges went with Ryan Ramirez) and has “learned to relax and breathe” since then, fell short in the Broadway performance, prompting perpetual chair sobber Adam Shankman to complain, “I’m sick of saving you. We’re debating putting you through because you are dead.” She died! Oh no wait. “There’s absolutely no light. Dance like you want it, honey. Connect with your partner because you can.” Later, Alexa turned it on and delivered a plethora of what I like to call “jazz faces” — the visual equivalents of “I’m having a blast and being sensual.” Suddenly the judges started writhing around in their seats, growling “Alexa!” “Ahhh!” “Alexa!”

“You’ve got a little star by your name,” Nigel Lythgoe assured the 19-year-old from Arizona. “This child could win,” trilled Debbie Allen (of course) during Alexa’s solo. Pretty big turnaround from the whole group.

Do you think the judges singled her out to pick on with an ulterior motive in mind or was Alexa really lacking in those first two dances?

Favoritism or not, I think she’s wonderful — practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins. I kind of want to BE her. But then who would be me? I bet she’d be really dissatisfied with my mostly sedentary life and the last thing I’d want to do is make Alexa Anderson sad.

Who were your favorites tonight? Can Amelia Lowe a.k.a. short-haired Krysten Ritter eventually connect with a partner? Would Danielle Dominguez have survived the callbacks had she not been struck in the head by a foot? And were you as surprised as I was to see returning hopeful Adrian Lee go?

Stay tuned for EW’s full So You Think You Can Dance recap later on.

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