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'Inception': What was the best scene?

INCEPTIONImage Credit: Stephen VaughanIt’s been three days since I saw Inception, and I am still marveling at what Christopher Nolan was able to accomplish. Whenever a writer can construct a totally new world — with its own set of rules, its own fundamental logic — I am in awe. The way Christopher Nolan created and deeply understood every inch of his urban, surprisingly un-surrealistic dream world reminded me of J.R.R. Tolkien’s complete knowledge of Middle Earth . You might call him the architect of Inception. Making brilliant use of his talented cast, fascinating script, and $175 million budget, Nolan dreamt up a number of truly breathtaking scenes, each of which contributed to the movie’s  grand, epic tone. Three particular scenes have been on my mind (or is it my subconscious?) since I saw the film, and each impressed me for totally different reasons: (Major spoilers ahead) READ FULL STORY

Kathy Griffin on Emmy nom: 'I am now pitted against my archnemesis, Ryan f-ing Seacrest'

Kathy-GriffinAlready a two-time Emmy winner, Kathy Griffin earned another two nods (Outstanding Reality Program and Outstanding Picture Editing for a Special) yesterday when the ballots were announced. We checked in with the My Life of the D-List star, who took time out of a drop-in visit from Flipping Out‘s Jeff Lewis to talk to us about the nods, her competition, and what we can expect from her speech if she wins. (For inquiring minds, her celebrating mother is still on her first box of wine.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where were you when you got the news?
KATHY GRIFFIN: I was in bed and — I don’t know how to say this delicately, but I think your publication can handle anything — but I feel like winning an Emmy award is more important than love or family or health. Like, you know when people say, “You’ve got your health”? I disagree. I say, when you got your third Emmy, then you have everything. So, I take the Emmys very seriously. I feel that they define me. When people say that it’s about the work or creating art, I disagree — it’s about getting an Emmy.

So it’s not really about the whole cast and crew, right?
Yeah, screw them. It’s about getting the statue in your hot little hands and then bringing it to your high school reunion. Before you make fun of my little dog and pony half-a–ed reality show on my little fake network where Housewives just throw tables at each other, [realize] my category is f—ing difficult and kickass.

Speaking of, let’s talk about your competition. Let’s start with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. READ FULL STORY

'Eclipse' L.A. premiere: Rob, Kristen and Taylor hit the red carpet

pattinson-stewart-lautnerFans were waiting with bated breath — some since Monday at 6 a.m. — for the big L.A. premiere of Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight series, for those of you living under rocks. The franchise’s trio, Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner walked the red carpet, and, I must say, their fashion choices have me feeling mixed.

On the one hand, Pattinson dared to be different in a maroon (!) Gucci suit. The risk had a huge payoff though, since the actor looked dashingly dapper, which was thanks, in part, to his new ‘do. (Though you could tell he, or someone from his team, made sure to get maximum height out of his new cropped look for the sake of all the Twi-Hards.)

Stewart’s asymmetrical Elie Saab mini was nice in theory — its cut was edgy and, more importantly, it wasn’t black — but overall, it looked more like she was missing a sleeve than making a statement, not to mention the fact that, for someone with porcelain skin like that, ivory isn’t really the go-to color. I wish she would’ve worked a brighter hue, which we know she can most certainly do.

Meanwhile, Lautner was clearly on his way to a meeting with J.P. Morgan, judging by his business-style suit suit. Isn’t he the one with the most red carpet charisma?

Elsewhere on the red carpet, Dakota Fanning looked, once again, lovely, but, once again, the same.

What do you guys think of the Eclipse fashion? Who has the best look?

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com

'Little Fockers' trailer: Riding a 'Christmas Vacation' vibe

little-fockers“I am so excited to see those little Fockers!” Blythe Danner, aka Dina Byrnes, intones while heading to see her two Focker grandchildren in the Little Fockers trailer. Now that we’re moving into the kids phase of this movie series, I’m wondering if we can expect lots of “little Fockers”-type jokes in this latest flick. Seems like that could be inappropriate, but honestly, with a movie titled like Little Fockers—which is genius, BTW—isn’t that sort of required? I sort of hope so. I couldn’t help but smile when Danner said that line.

But I digress… Before I go further, why don’t you focus and watch the Little Fockers trailer here: READ FULL STORY

In shirtless hunk news: New 'Conan the Barbarian' still released

conan-Nu-Boyana-studiosIn the grand tradition of shirtless warriors — see: Brad Pitt (Troy) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) — today we add a new hunk to that list: Jason Momoa as Conan the Barbarian 2.0. The founding father of muscle, Governor Schwarzenegger, originated the role in the 1982 film, about a child sold into slavery who must avenge the massacre of his tribe.

This is the first still the studio has released for the film (due out next year), and judging by the long hair, biceps, and steel-cold face, I think Momoa fits the part quite nicely. For those of you less focused on his pecs, what do you think of this first image? Does it fit the bill for you?

Photo: Nu Boyana Studios

Trailer for Sofia Coppola's 'Somewhere': The next 'Lost in Translation'?

somewhereSofia Coppola, the much-lauded director of the 2003 critical hit Lost in Translation, spent a good portion of last summer shooting her new film, Somewhere, in L.A. and Italy — and today, Apple has the trailer for the film, which revolves around a bad-ass actor (Stephen Dorff), his young daughter (Elle Fanning) who shows up unexpectedly, and their blossoming relationship.

It looks like we can expect more of the same from Coppola, but lucky for her, that’s a good thing. We get the melancholy, gray overcast and a tiny flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, not to mention what seems like will be rock solid performances from both actors, particularly Fanning, who now gets the chance to truly shine as someone other than “Dakota’s little sister.”

What do you guys think of the movie? The Chateau Marmont may be Somewhere‘s answer to Lost in Translation‘s Park Hyatt Tokyo, but do you think it’ll be the next big thing?

Read more:
Sophia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere': Why casting the Chateau Marmont is hard
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New Jesse James 'Nightline' footage: 'I still really love her'

Nightline‘s Vicki Mabrey appeared on Good Morning America today and revealed more footage from her exclusive interview tomorrow night with Sandra Bullock’s estranged husband, Jesse James. James admits that he still has feelings for the actress. “I still really love her and care about her,” he says, adding, “I knew I would get caught eventually and I think I wanted to get caught.” Mabrey also revealed that James said he knows that Bullock will definitely divorce him and that the public’s reaction has been hardest on him. READ FULL STORY

Katherine Heigl to get dramatic in 'The Age of Adaline'

katherine-heiglImage Credit: RD/Erik Kabik/Retna Ltd.After the high drama of her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, it seemed like Katherine Heigl made a decision to stick with comedy in her on-screen life. She’s starring in the action comedy Killers (out June 4) and the upcoming child-rearing rom-com Life as We Know It (slated for October), followed by the plum role of Stephanie Plum in an in-development adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money — a potential franchise, since the series has 19 books.

But now The Hollywood Reporter says Heigl is set to star in an “epic love story” about woman who ceases to grow older, entitled The Age of Adaline (or, as it will undoubtedly be known in the EW office, Benjamina Button). Looks like a surefire hankie-drencher, what with all the potential storylines about Adaline’s friends growing old and dying while she’s cursed with immortally smooth skin and sag-resistant cleavage. (Oh, the agony!)

I have to admit, the movie sounds a little melodramatic for me, although I do think it’s a good idea for Heigl to get some heavier roles on her resume if she wants to earn some respect for her work. But what do you think, PopWatchers? Will you buy Heigl as a drama queen on-screen, or would you rather see her stick to fluffy fare?

Conan O'Brien opens up to '60 Minutes' about his NBC exit; is vulnerable -- but still funny -- in the hot seat

conan-60-minutesImage Credit: CBS And on the seventh day, Coco spoke.

Yes, we’d been waiting months-that-felt-like-years to hear from Conan O’Brien about his unplanned, unpleasant exit from NBC and The Tonight Show. Legally prohibited from criticizing the network — and from giving interviews until May 1 — he was left with little choice but to amuse himself (and us) on Twitter and on the stage with his “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour.” Tonight’s 60 Minutes interview was his first real chance to share what was on his mind. At least as much as he legally could. (Non-disparagement agreements, what lurks behind you?)

So, how’d he do? He came across as likable and funny, yet didn’t rely on humor as deflection. He came across as sad, yet didn’t wallow in it. He came across as honest, but also tactful. He showed vulnerability at times — and, yes, hints of defensiveness — but did not resort to turning Jay Leno or NBC into a punching bag. He was also self-aware enough to share his predicament, but to also keep it in perspective. (After all, in the land of $32 million exit packages, is anyone truly getting screwed?) I liked and respected how O’Brien ended his last Tonight Show broadcast on a classy, gracious note — thanking the network for the times that were good and urging his fans not to give into cynicism — and I think he worked hard here to answer Steve Kroft’s to-the-point questions while seeking to uphold that philosophy.

Some highlights from the interview: READ FULL STORY

Rielle Hunter on today's Oprah: Her 'authentic' self?

Rielle-Hunter-Oprah-EdwardsOprah Winfrey had her high-profile interview with John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter this afternoon. It comes as a bit of an anticlimax in the wake of GQ‘s profile of her from last month, if only because a lot of Hunter’s more gossipy bombshells about the endlessly sordid tale of her affair with the one-time presidential candidate have been picked over by now. Still, it made for some compelling TV to watch Oprah walk the line between sympathetic listener and skeptical inquisitor.

As in the GQ interview, Hunter had an endless supply of New-Age nuggets about helping Edwards find “his authentic self” and “live a life of truth.” What struck me as I was watching was how — dare I say — Oprah-esque Hunter often sounded when it came to spirituality. Still, under Oprah’s firm questions, it was not hard to see the limits of Hunter’s brand of mysticism, when anything Edwards did, no matter how unethical or sleazy or dishonest, could be explained away as just another step on a person’s path to enlightenment. I couldn’t help thinking back to a Salon post I’d read post-GQ that defended Hunter, not because the writer thought she was misunderstood or sympathetic, but because Hunter just sounded so dreadfully, terribly naive. Among the Oprah highlights (or, I guess, lowlights, depending on your point of view):


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