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'Disney Epic Mickey': Are licensed videogames doomed to well-produced mediocrity?

I’m now several hours deep into Disney Epic Mickey, the dark-but-not-too-dark fantasy adventure which sends Disney’s icon on a journey through the Waste Land, armed only with a paintbrush. The game is an enjoyable diversion. It features enough contemporary videogame tropes — a “good”/”evil” choice system, motion-control gameplay, a reward system for exploring every nook and cranny of the game’s landscape — to keep you interested. I imagine that a casual gamer would enjoy the game a little for about five hours, and a five-year-old would absolutely love the game for about two hours. For the rest of us, the question becomes: Is this the best we can hope for out of licensed videogames?

The bargain bins at GameStop are littered with movie/TV-to-game adaptations like Clash of the Titans and (gag) 24: The Game. You can blame plenty of these games on a lack of development time or a simple dearth of creativity. (It’s hard to imagine a world where 24 wasn’t going to turn out terrible: Remember the “torture” mini-game?) But there are just as many licensed videogames that come primed with plenty of high expectations. Disney Epic Mickey comes from Warren Spector, the iconic game designer behind Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows. It’s a purposeful character reboot: You could argue it’s the first time Disney has allowed Mickey to be interesting (or at least not creepily bland) in two generations. It’s lovingly steeped in Disney arcana — some levels actually take the form of old Disney shorts like Steamboat Willie and Mickey and the Beanstalk. READ FULL STORY

'Conan' night three: Jon Hamm, Charlyne Yi, and few more TBS jokes

Conan-Jon-HammImage Credit: Meghan Sinclair/Team CocoConan O’Brien’s third night on TBS was … fine? While his new show is nearly a carbon copy of his old gig, there were still a couple growing pains on display last night. The most notable, and self-referential: more of the “I’m on TBS” gags that he’s been working this week. “I am of course Conan O’Brien,” he told the audience by way of introduction. “Or, as I’m now contractually obligated to call myself since joining TBS, Tyler Perry’s Conan O’Brien.” Har har. He also shared some clever working titles for his show, including Plan B with Conan O’Brien, One Hour to Lopez, S— a Tall Irish Attention Whore Says, and Taller and Gayer Ellen. (Check out this bit in the clip below.) Then he jumped into standard talk show fare — Bush jokes, Obama jokes, lions, tigers and ligers, oh my! — before bringing out guests, which we’ll tackle one by one: READ FULL STORY

'What To Expect When You're Expecting' heading to the big screen: Who would you cast?

Jon-HammLionsgate has confirmed that they will adapt the bestselling pregnancy bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting and intend to give it the Love Actually and Valentine’s Day treatment. In other words, we’ll see a series of intertwining vingnettes with enough star wattage to blind most any moviegoer.

The film is still in the early planning stages, but we wanted to throw out our own casting recommendations — and hopefully Lionsgate is listening.

Dreamboat status aside, Jon Hamm would be perfect as frazzled father of three whose wife is expecting again. Mad Men gives him drama cred, 30 Rock gives him comedy cred, and really, who doesn’t want to see Don Draper play a fumbling, ultimately loving father? We all know Sally Draper would!

But Hamm would need someone to grab beers with at the local bar, and that’s where he can turn to Jason Bateman, who might play dad to an awkward teen, if only to remedy my Arrested Development separation anxiety.

As for the women, Rachel McAdams would nail nervous-mother-to-be, no? And may we suggest Jane Lynch as one part of a lesbian couple who is expecting via sperm donor? Considering Lynch’s storied career (Best in Show, Julie & Julia, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin) we know she has more up her sleeve than a red tracksuit.

Who do you think should be cast? We’re taking your suggestions below!

Photo: Tina Gill/PR Photos

Heidi Klum and Brad Garrett to host rival 'Kids Say the Darndest Things'-esque series: Who's the better host?

Heidi-Klum-and-Brad-GarretImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Brian To/FilmMagic.comWith the fall TV season well underway, I never stopped to think that perhaps we were missing something in the real-kids-saying-funny-things department. But apparently both Heidi Klum and Brad Garrett did, as each announced this week that they’d take on separate series in the vein of Kids Say the Darndest Things, a feature on Art Linkletter’s House Party from 1952-69 that Bill Cosby revived in 1998.

Klum, a mother-of-four who will also serve as co-producer of Lifetime‘s tentatively titled, Seriously Funny Kids, has in her favor the paparazzi-proven fact that she can get down with the little ones, not to mention the fact that “auf Wiedersehen” will probably elicit a giggle or two. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' takes on 'Rocky Horror': See Kurt as Riff Raff!

glee-rocky-horrorImage Credit: FoxWe already revealed that Glee would be paying tribute to the great musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but now the first photos of the cast in their ghoulish get-up are finally out. Click here for pictures of Dianna Agron donning a pink bob and tuxedo suit as a “Time Warp” dancer, John Stamos’ Carl as Eddie (the Meatloaf character!), and — thanks to that wry smile and creepy stare — Chris Colfer as a definitively spooky Riff Raff.

What do you guys think of the interpretation? Does it get you excited for some Halloween-timed Rocky Horror fun?

Read more:
‘Glee': Comic-Con panel reveals some spoilers for Season 2

Lisa Rinna reduces upper lip: Will she be the same soap-reality star to you?

Lisa-RinnaWhen you think Lisa Rinna, you may think Dancing With the Stars, Melrose Place or Days of Our Lives. But more than likely, when you hear the star’s name, you think lips. Thanks to a recent procedure, however, Rinna’s signature plumped-up pout, courtesy of a 1986 lip injection, is a thing of silicon past.

The actress and new star of TV Land’s Harry Loves Lisa, went under the knife in August, People reports, to reduce the size of her famously large upper lip after years of ridicule. The actress said: “I took a big hit for being honest. It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings.”

Rinna, who’ll have to wait six months for a full recovery, also acknowledged that she didn’t want her lips to define her anymore. But much like game-changing surgeries of the past (think Jennifer Grey’s rhinoplasty), will she be the same Lisa Rinna to you? What other plastic surgeries have forever changed celebrities in your eyes?

Photo: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

'American Idol' judges meet the press: Why their answers should (and shouldn't) worry us

american-idol-jersey-cityImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup/FoxIt was news to the cabbie who drove me to and from today’s American Idol press conference in Jersey City, NJ, that Simon Cowell had left the show.

“Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler — the guy from Aerosmith — are taking his place,” I told him.
“Yup. What do you think of that?”
“I don’t know. I like her music and stuff. But I’ve never seen her do that, and I don’t know what her personality is like, you know? So I can’t judge.”

To be fair, none of us really can. And after the press’ first meet-and-greet with the new judges on the scene at Day Two of the New York-area callback auditions, the outlook is still a little cloudy, dawgs. This is why:

Steven Tyler may already be channeling Ellen DeGeneres. “I take my cues from you,” Tyler replied to Jennifer Lopez when she asked what his judging style was. And that’s troubling. He needs to form his own opinions — and fast.

Randy Jackson appears to be taking on the de facto role of Head Dawg. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp: Sexier in cornrows, or in rows of corn?

johnny-depp-cornrowsImage Credit: Luca/Rodriguez/bauergriffinonline.com; Rick Lew/Riser/Getty Images; Solarpix/PR PhotosYesterday, Johnny Depp broke countless laws of logic by keeping 100 percent of his gravitas and sex appeal even while sporting family-vacation-to-Jamaica cornrows. (Somewhere, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are admitting defeat.) Apparently the new look isn’t just for fun: It’s part of Depp’s Jack Sparrow costume for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it for a random, vaguely nonsensical poll. You know, for fun! Here goes: Is Johnny Depp sexier in cornrows, or in rows of corn?

Pros: Caribbean vibe, potential for beading, goes with those purple glasses he always wears
Cons: Hard to wash, potential for beading, inevitability of Bo Derek jokes

Rows of corn
Pros: Outdoorsy chic, corny (in a good way!), implication that Johnny cares about our nation’s farmland
Cons: Lack of visible scalp, potential for use as a scarecrow, photoshopped image that we made just for this post

Let’s bring it to a vote!

Rachel Bilson signs onto Josh Schwartz-produced romantic comedy TV series

Rachel-BilsonHer character arc on How I Met Your Mother might have ended, but Rachel Bilson might be headed back to the small screen: Deadline announced today that the actress is re-teaming with her O.C. producer Josh Schwartz for an NBC rom-com pilot. Though details are scant at the moment, the series is reportedly titled Ghost Angeles and is about an L.A. woman (Bilson) who can see dead people.

In the meantime, Bilson is keeping herself quite the busy bee; she has signed on to the indie comedy BFF Baby an will star opposite Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter, who penned the script.

Ghost Angeles makes me ponder what other O.C. pairings might work. Perhaps a Benjamin McKenzie-Adam Brody buddy cop show? What about a Peter Gallagher-Mischa Barton melodrama?

What do you guys think? Does Ghost Angeles sound promising? How do you feel about the Bilson-Schwartz reunion?

Photo: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Madonna's juniors line for Macy's launches: Do you want to be a Material Girl?

lourdes-madonnaMadonna famously told us in the 80s that we’re all just material girls living in a material world, but after looking at the selection of tutu skirts, shredded leggings, furry vests, and metallic bandeau tops in her new juniors line, I’m just not sure I want to be part of the MG club anymore.

Lady M debuted her juniors line, Material Girl, at New York City’s Macy’s last night, joined by design partner (and daughter) Lola Leon and the line’s spokesmodel, Taylor Momsen, who looked happy as a clam to be there. The women walked the pink carpet (so tween!) to celebrate the launch of the line that’s big on faux leather, the ’80s. and bustiers that seem mighty inappropriate for a 13-year-old.

What do you guys think of the line? Do you think Madonna has another career up her sleeve?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage.com

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