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Kim Zolciak wedding photo: The bride wore...

…everything but the kitchen sink, apparently. Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak seems to have taken the approach of fellow Georgian Scarlett O’Hara with her ornate wedding gown. In pics released to Life & Style, Kim shows off her new husband (as of last Friday) Kroy Biermann and the gown to end all gowns. Covered in beading, embroidery, and hand-carved crystal roses, Kim spared no detail with her Double Duchess Satin Baracci number. She even wore a custom veil with matching beads and embroidered lace. Who says Southerners don’t understand subtlety? READ FULL STORY

Was there anything more exciting on TV last night than baseball?

The most exciting TV last night came unscripted. But unlike much of the Wednesday reality TV lineup, it didn’t involve histrionic singers or immunity idols. The drama came from a little game called baseball. And what drama!

If you were a Red Sox fan, your season’s sudden end felt apocalyptically anti-climactic. To put it into EW-friendly pop culture terms, the Sox missing the playoffs after entering September with a nine-game Wild Card lead is a bigger disappointment for the Nation than the respective bummer factors of The Phantom Menace, the Matrix sequels, that Roseanne finale, Chinese Democracy, and the oeuvre of Kevin Costner combined. And if you were a Rays fan, last night felt something like this. READ FULL STORY

The new new Facebook: What do you think of 'Timeline'?

As expected, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a raft of high-profile media partnerships at today’s f8 summit, including deals with Hulu, Spotify, and Netflix. But Zuckerberg also announced a new aesthetic for the Facebook profile that is, to my eyes, the most complete redesign that the social networking website has ever experienced. Zuckerberg discussed the fact that, in the current design, status updates fall away into the abyss after a few days: A message that someone left on your wall in 2008 requires you to scroll down, down, down through the years. Timeline changes all of that, allowing you to navigate through months and years of your life, essentially “remembering” things for you. READ FULL STORY

'2 Broke Girls': Promising series nailed twentysomething poverty. NYC, not so much.

After the chock-full-of-surprises season premiere of How I Met Your Mother and the hyped debut of Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men, CBS rolled out its brand-new Monday night sitcom, 2 Broke Girls, an odd couple tale as old as time… with a young, hip twist.

The influence of creators Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) and Whitney Cummings (Whitney) was felt throughout last night’s show, in which a sassy Brooklyn waitress named Max (Kat Dennings, channeling her sassy New York-savvy Nick and Norah character) meets a prissy socialite named Caroline (Beth Behrs) who has fallen on hard times and begins working at her restaurant (and subsequently becomes her roommate).

The pilot for the series, which was named one of the EW’s most anticipated Fall TV shows, managed to both feel comfortably familiar (mismatched pals living and working in New York, quirky supporting characters like Earl the cashier and Ryce the manager, that laugh track) and boundary-pushing. READ FULL STORY

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's new show 'Angels Among Us': What did you think?


Let’s get the main problem surrounding CMT’s new show Angels Among Us, which premiered last night, out of the way: It airs on Country Music Television, yet makes absolutely NO reference to the classic Alabama song “Angels Among Us.” What’s up with that?!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck hosts the re-enactment series, which highlights those who believe their lives were saved because of divine intervention by angels. The View co-host only appeared in the premiere episode for a total of about two minutes, but she struck a very odd tone during her brief segments. (For the record, I really do like Hasselbeck. In a sea of daytime hosts that are all too willing to smile and nod with any statement that sounds nice, she’s willing to confront people face-to-face.)

Hasselbeck, with her overly affected presentation style and serious stare, seemed like she was playing dress-up as a news anchor — especially in front of the evening news-ish green screen. READ FULL STORY

'Torchwood' season finale: Blood is thicker than logic, or 'Death Wish V: The Face of Death'

Based on that globetrotting, apocalypse-flirting season finale of Torchwood, it’s hard to believe that this series began as just a Doctor Who spinoff on BBC Three about a black ops unit fighting aliens in apparently extraterrestrial-packed Cardiff, Wales. No, it still hasn’t come close to fulfilling its original mandate to give a more “adult” spin to the Who formula. Not by a mile. But what Torchwood still lacks in maturity it almost makes up with sheer expansiveness.

Take Series Four, subtitled “Miracle Day,” which wrapped up last night. It was in some respects a season-long deconstruction of most television series’ biggest conceit: that your main characters are never going to die, or at least have a much, much lower mortality rate than the general population. On the titular Miracle Day, not a single human being on the planet died. But then, none died on the day after, or the day after that, and so on, like some cancerous antipode to Children of Men’s sterility epidemic. After that non-Apocalypse Apocalypse, humanity became an immortal race of gods subjected to an increasingly crowded planet—except for those “Category One” individuals who should have died but haven’t and now linger on in some kind of limbo. READ FULL STORY

Dane Cook to try his hand at drama again in 'Answers to Nothing'. Could this be the role that changes everyone's mind?

Did you hear the one about Dane Cook trying his hand, once again, at a serious acting career? Now, don’t go setting up a punchline just yet, PopWatchers.

Roadside Attractions confirmed to EW that their upcoming indie drama Answers to Nothing will be released nationwide on Dec. 2. The film, about a group of people seeking redemption in the midst of a child kidnapping case, stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Julie Benz, Zach Gilford, Barbara Hershey, and, yes, Cook. Mitchell explained to EW back in 2009 that the movie, “Is a little bit like Magnolia, where you get this glimpse into people’s lives and it may not be exactly what you want to see, but it is accurate.”

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty safe assumption that many of you stopped reading around “Dane Cook” or made up your mind about his part in Answers to Nothing right around, well, “Dane Cook.” READ FULL STORY

Samantha Ronson smirks after DUI arrest

Did you expect anything less of Samantha Ronson? The perpetually sour-mugged DJ stayed true to form during the intake process for her DUI arrest Monday in California. It’s the kind of smirk that could only come from someone allegedly caught driving drunk (at 89 m.p.h.) at 10:30 in the morning: “Frankly my dear, I’m too sauced to give a damn.” Or perhaps she was hoping, given the limited range of expression in a mugshot, that this could be a suitable approximation of throwing her arms out wide and yelling “What?!” The daughter of That Guy From Foreigner will certainly need some street cred in the county jail and on the ankle monitor circuit where her ex has become the queen. What do you think, Popwatchers?

James Spader's addition to 'The Office': Does he make you interested in the show again?

When Steve Carell opted to bow out of The Office and took the irreplaceable (both in our hearts and at Dunder Mifflin) Michael Scott with him, many fans of the series, myself included, all but wrote the show off. His departure was beyond words, really. It was incalculable.

Then came the season seven finale, and with it a bevy of guest stars, all of which were vying for the Regional Manager position and, perhaps, the opportunity to be last saving grace for the struggling sitcom.

It seems none of them made a bigger impression on Dunder Mifflin, or The Office‘s still-hopeful fans for that matter, more than James Spader and his intimidating, overly confident candidate Robert California. Of course, the Spader-eqsue swagger once again worked its magic, as it was announced today that the actor would be joining the cast in the upcoming eighth season. So does this mark a revival — or first beacon of hope since Carell’s departure — for the series?  READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' (season?) finale: And the pregnancy test belongs to...


After the intense ending of last week’s episode and the still uncertain season three looming, you’d be naive not to expect some heavy emotions from Parenthood‘s season finale. SPOILERS ahead! If you don’t want to know about Parenthood‘s season finale, click away! MVP Awards go to Alex (Michael B. Jordan),  Amber (Mae Whitman), Max (Max Burkholder), and Sarah (Lauren Graham), all of whom managed to make my heart swell even larger than normal, and break out my very best ugly cry.


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