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Critics' Choice Movie Awards: The kiss heard round the world, and other observations

The producers of the VH1’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards owe Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock big time, for had the two Best Actress winners not interlocked lips, there would have been practically nothing to remember last night’s show by. But when Streep and Bullock tied for the Actress award, for Julie & Julia and The Blind Side, respectively, the two took matters into their own hands and rescued the sinking ship. Actually, if you re-watch the moment, it appears that Bullock initiated the lip-to-lip contact, as Streep hesitated for a second before Bullock basically yanked her head in for the delivery. Here’s the clip (and I love the cut to Matt Damon’s curious-boy expression):

And after the jump, some observations (and video clips) on what worked and didn’t work during the show: READ FULL STORY

Mel B takes over 'Dance Your Ass Off' - who will miss Marissa Jaret Winokur?

The news has emerged that Mel B is now going to host Dance Your Ass Off, replacing season one host Marissa Jaret Winokur. I know it’s not a case of “heavier host gets pushed aside for nameless skinny host” — Mel B certainly brings star power, Spice Girl fans, and honed dancing skills to the job. But I, for one, will miss seeing Marisa as a great curvy role-model herself in all her fa-fa-fa-fabulous sparkly outfits on the show. Winokur’s rep tells People that it was a mutual decision for her to leave the show — partly because of the format’s lack of interaction with the contestants and partly because of “criticism she received from producers regarding her appearance.” Executive producer Dan Cutforth told People that Mel B was a better fit with Oxygen’s core audience.

So what do you think, should a weight loss dance show have a curvier host or can anyone fat or thin do the job just as well?

'Gordon Ramsay Cookalong': Delicious steak and I didn't even call myself 'donkey'

I have two words for Gordon Ramsay: Yes, chef! Even after I volunteered to try to follow along with Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live on Fox Tuesday night, I was a bit skeptical. I have no TV in  my kitchen (thank you, DVR pause button!), the ingredients list was daunting (at least $100 in groceries to feed a family of four), and the menu sounded dated (in 2009, does anyone eat red meat in cream and brandy sauce!?).

But despite all my fears, I found the experience a huge amount of fun, I had a smile on my face watching the show, and I certainly had a great meal to show for it. This Steak Diane was so yummy I might even make it again — if only to use the rest of that brandy I had to buy for the Cookalong. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga at the Jingle Bell Ball: Leather bikinis and reindeer headgear

Lady Gaga took the stage Saturday at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball in London and never one to disappoint in the shocking, often pants-less, fashion department, Gaga performed her six-song set wearing a red leather bikini, fishnet tights, black lace-up boots and her trusted disco stick.

I’m not used to seeing that much midriff from the singer, but that’s because when I think Lady Gaga, I think face masks and frog coats. But this isn’t the first time the singer has appeared on stage in next to nothing, which makes me think that perhaps Gaga, the leader of the uncomfortable fashion revolution, actually considers practicality — sometimes — when she performs. How else would she be able to move like this if she were wearing her bubble dress or that spherical number she wore at the piano on Saturday Night Live?

Red leather is scary, but is it shocking? Not really. We’ve come to expect a lot from Gaga, and this didn’t really meet my expectations. Thankfully, though, her post-show get-up answered my couture prayers.

When leaving the show, Gaga donned a transparent plastic dress with very on-trend sharp shoulders and — wait for it — reindeer antlers (photo after the jump). To me she looks like a mixture of someone from The Jetsons, a creature from Pan’s Labryinth and the essence of holiday spirit. How does she look to you? READ FULL STORY

Lifetime's '12 Men of Christmas': A minute-by-minute guide to Josh Hopkins' beautiful chest!

To quote my short review of Lifetime’s 12 Men of Christmas that ran in EW: “The only reason to watch this trivial holiday movie—with Kristin Chenoweth as an NYC bitch who finds herself after moving to Montana—is to gawk at Cougar Town‘s Josh Hopkins, who plays her love interest, often with a bare (and chiseled!) chest.”

That hasn’t changed, and only struck me more so as I watched the two-hour pic again Saturday, when it premiered at 9 p.m. The movie is supposed to be about Chenoweth’s Amanda Woodward-esque character E.J., who moves to small-town Montana and shakes things up by commissioning a torso-happy calendar featuring the local search-and-rescue guys and, of course, her rocky relationship with town bad boy Will (Hopkins). Despite all that blah-blah-blah plot: This movie is really about Hopkins’ wonderfully maintained upper body. I’m convinced that the producers quickly realized this, too, which is why they so gratuitously featured his man muscles throughout.

For your viewing pleasure—and so you don’t waste time with, you know, the rest of the movie—I’m providing you with a minute-by-minute breakdown of when it’s crucial to stop your DVR and check in on Hopkins’ Very, Very Merry chiseledness:


Matthew McConaughey: Expanding TV one family member at a time

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey seems to have quite the career-changing effect on those around him, and this week has proven pretty sweet for his nearest and dearest. On Monday, it was announced that the “unbelievable” life of his brother, Mike a.k.a. “Rooster,” is being turned into an animated series, and now Matthew’s significant other, model and handbag designer Camilla Alves, has been named the new host of Bravo’s Shear Genius, which debuts its third season Feb. 3.

Some might say Alves got her handbag line and hosting gig through her own merit. Others (yes, I’m raising my hand) may be a little more skeptical. Being attached to the the hunky actor can’t hurt her business proposal.

But the larger, more important question is: When will we see McConaughey ink an entertainment deal for his amazingly adorable son Levi? May we suggest playing Diego in the live action version of Dora the Explorer?

What do you guys think of the McConaughey’s selling charm/nepotism? And do you think Alves will make a good host or will you miss Jaclyn Smith? Sound off!

Photo: Reuters/Stefano Rellandini/Landov

'Old Dogs' advertising makes me shrug in a clichéd way

Yes, this poster is in a different language. But that’s not the only reason it’s so confusing. If you, like me, live in New York City, and have walked at least a block, chances are you’ve seen this poster for Old Dogs — in English, of course — which opens Nov. 25. (For whatever reason, the American poster hasn’t made its way onto the Web yet.)

But what does it all mean?! The film is about two friends (John Travolta and Robin Williams) who suddenly find themselves taking care of a set of young twins. Yet, if I were to try to determine the plot from this poster, I would be completely lost, as the photo seems to have no connection whatsoever to the log line (where are the twins?), or the words “Old” and “Dogs.” And really? We’re still laughing at a hugging, affectionate gorilla? And what is Seth Green’s role in any of this? He’s not an “old” dog, right? And why is Travolta shrugging in that clichéd way? (Seriously, that shrug is just as tired as a group of CBS sitcom cast members dancing in an ad.)

I have seen the trailer and TV spots where Travolta and Williams get trapped in a penguin exhibit at the zoo and Green gets cradled by a gorilla, so I guess this poster attempts to drum up an appetite for the movie’s guys-tussle-with-animals humor. Still, if they want to start hanging new posters around my ‘hood, they should probably stick with the gorilla-less original, ‘cuz this lame poster and its hackneyed attempts to tickle my funny bone make me bananas, and not in the good way.

Has this poster or any of the trailers made you want to see this film? What’s the worst movie poster you’ve ever seen? And do you plan on seeing Old Dogs next weekend?

More ‘Old Dogs':
‘Old Dogs’ movie preview
‘Old Dogs’ trailer: Do ball jokes count as new tricks? (No)


SNL: Who makes a better Hoda?

Last night, SNL newbie Jenny Slate was put in the unenviable position of picking up a character created by Michaela Watkins, a one-season castmember who was let go earlier this year. Watkins had carved out a niche for herself on the show with a spot-on impersonation of Today show anchor Hoda Kotb—the straight woman to Kristen Wiig’s boozy, bawdy Kathie Lee Gifford. But the sketch was revived yesterday with Slate in the role, a slightly jarring change to those of us accustomed to seeing Watkins in the chair next to Wiig.

My colleague Ken Tucker thought the sketch was pretty underwhelming and took pity on Slate for having to “compete with the memory of Watkins’ original impersonation and sit by while Wiig did mugging that wasn’t freshened with anything new.” I actually laughed a few times, but I agree that it feels like Slate’s got her work cut out for her if she wants to outshine Watkins. Check out the bit below, and then let us know: Do you miss the old Hoda? Or did Slate manage to make the character her own?

MTV's 'Jersey Shore' -- let the fist pumping commence

When I was (confession) watching The City last night, I saw this promo for Jersey Shore, coming to MTV on Dec. 3. Should be just the thing to chase away the winter blues and pretend you’re drinking a Long Island Iced Tea in a horrible nightclub with sweaty meatheads.

In my own very brief visits to the Jersey Shore (Manasquan, Wildwood) I witnessed some hair-gelled, Red-Bull-and-vodka-slamming guys, but nothing near the level of idiocy seen in this teaser. MTV is promising a whole summer-share house full of the “hottest, tannest, craziest guidos.” Fists are pumping on the dancefloor and fists are flying as couples get into punchups.

Looks like deliciously trashy fun, right? Or are there any Jerseyites who want to defend their honor against these clichés?

Will you 'Dance' with Kathy Griffin?

I’ll admit it: I don’t particularly like to watch celebrities humiliate themselves on the dance floor. Instead, I prefer to watch real dancers who are 100 percent deserving of their screen time show audiences how it’s done. (Can I get a “what what,” fellow SYTYCD fans?)

That being said, I might just have to suck it up and tune into ABC’s Let’s Dance, a weekly dance-off featuring celebs performing classic dance routines from movies, musicals and music videos. Because, really, how is this not appealing? For one thing, who doesn’t like homages? And another bonus? The series is hosted by Kathy freaking Griffin. You know she’s not going to tread as carefully as Tom Bergeron when it comes to the contestants. (And that’s definitely a good thing.)

There is something that gives this dance lover pause, though. ABC claims the dances will be “comedic homage.” Okay, I’ll accept that if the celebrity contestants tackle, say, Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” or Duckie’s “Try a Little Tenderness” from Pretty in Pink, but if a Speidi-like celeb messes with my Gene Kelly, I’m officially placing this show on my F list.

Tell me, PopWatchers, how do you feel about this new series? And what dances would you like to see celebrities re-create? (Hello, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers‘ barn-raising scene!)

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