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Amy Poehler opens up on her maybe-date with John Stamos on 'The Howard Stern Show'

Amy Poehler went on the Howard Stern Show and talked about a whole lot of fun things, including life after divorce and that one time she went on a dinner date with John Stamos.


Watch Dave Grohl and Chelsea Handler's hilarious SiriusXM Town Hall


During the SiriusXM Town Hall on EW Radio, Dave Grohl and Chelsea Handler remembered what happened at the Chelsea Lately goodbye, or, as the Foo Fighters frontman called it, “The most f—ed up Hollywood Squares s–t I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

The pair pointed to the varied (keyword: varied) celebrities who joined them in a “We Are the World” parody: Bobby Brown, Buzz Aldrin, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Springfield, Sammy Hagar, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, and Josh Gad, among others. There were about 100 total.

Handler joked of Cyrus being handed a joint, and a sober Osbourne freaking out, trying not to inhale the smoke. “This is a disaster, an amazing disaster,” Handler said of her goodbye.

She thanked Grohl for his part. “I’m a saint, just so you know,” he joked. “Nicest f—ing guy in the world, that’s me. Nicest guy in rock.” He wasn’t so nice, however, when he heard Gad singing, recognizing him as the voice of Olaf from Frozen

For more on Grohl’s disdain of Frozen—among other funny exchanges with Handler—watch the Town Hall below:


Samuel L. Jackson says 'F-- you' to anyone who criticizes 'Snakes on a Plane' -- LISTEN

Don’t f— with Samuel L. Jackson and his choice to star in 2006 action-thriller Snakes on a Plane. The actor sat down with Entertainment Weekly editor Matt Bean on Wednesday for a SiriusXM Town Hall to not only defend the infamous film, but discuss his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is released nationwide Friday. READ FULL STORY

James Van Der Beek talks Kevin Connolly's broken leg, says 'Don't Trust the B---' is '26 episodes of awesome' -- LISTEN

Ahead of the premiere of his new CBS sitcom Friends With Better Lives on Monday, James Van Der Beek joined EW’s Dalton Ross for EW Morning Live on Entertainment Weekly Radio to talk everything from his co-star Kevin Connolly’s broken leg to the legacy of his failed sitcom Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23.

In the clip below, Van Der Beek recounts how Connolly texted that his “leg was totally broken,” doing his best vocal impression of the Entourage star. “His texts actually sound like that too,” he joked. Van der Beek said Connolly is having surgery Friday, but is shooting the Entourage movie with no cast or crutches, calling him the “toughest guy” he knows.

Van Der Beek also spoke highly of his former ABC sitcom Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23, equating it to the “kid that you really love who is getting bullied.” Although he says no one watched the series while it was on, he noted it “now has a second life on Netflix” and recalled telling the cast, “We are no longer a canceled show; we are now 26 episodes of awesome.”

Listen to the clip below to hear him discuss his fondness for his guest spots on outgoing CBS staple comedy How I Met Your Mother and why the series is the “golden launching pad” for Friends With Better Lives — which debuts directly after the HIMYM series finale Monday at 9 p.m. ET. READ FULL STORY

Comedian Kurt Braunohler on skywriting and terrible auditions

Comedian Kurt Braunohler doesn’t have the most famous face (if you know him, it’s from his IFC game show Bunk), but you know his voice. He has appeared on several episodes of Bob’s Burgers, and he also hosts his own podcast on the Nerdist network called The K Ohle. His new stand-up album How Do I Land? is fantastically funny, and it contains the best of Braunohler’s extra-absurd dives into everything from misdirected text messages to his epically strange run-in with Sacha Baron Cohen.

Braunohler recently stopped by EW’s SiriusXM studio to talk about the album, his podcast, and his experience riffing with his friends on Bob’s Burgers.

EW: The album is called How Do I Land?, which is based on a Kickstarter campaign.
Kurt Braunohler: We skywrote over L.A. “How do I land?” We could only afford the cheap skywriting, which is only done by one plane. By the time it finishes a letter and starts on the next letter, that first one is kind of blown away. So the album cover is a composite of all the letters coming out. I did see on Twitter the next day that a few people had been watching it, but nobody called the cops or anything. I didn’t know until I tried to do this, but if you have 10,000 dollars, you can get five planes that all fly in a row to do the stuff that stays up longer. I wanted the romantic one guy in a biplane doing a flip, but it turns out that kind of sucks. I guess there’s a reason nobody uses this archaic way to communicate any more.

There’s a great bit on How Do I Land? about getting into an argument with a perfect stranger over a text you received by mistake. Do you find yourself going down those rabbit holes because you think there might be some good material in there, or is that just your personality?
It’s a little bit of both. You end up doing those things because it’s in your personality, but as a comedian you look for anything to mine. I have to write all the time, so I really look for anything to happen to me. It just happened to me again: I got a random text out of the blue from a number I’ve never seen that just said “Who is this?” I assumed it was just a kid who was pranking me. So I went with it. I wrote back, “It’s your future self—we need to talk.” We had a whole conversation where I blew his mind. I told him not to marry Elise, and he was like, “Who’s that?” And I was like, “You haven’t met her that.” I saw “Who is this?” and was annoyed, but then I thought, “I don’t have to be annoyed with this. I can engage with this.”


Will and Jaden Smith step into Sirius XM for a Town Hall with EW -- EXCLUSIVE

Filming his new post-apocalyptic film After Earth in Costa Rica last year found Jaden Smith battling both CGI beasties and scaly creatures that were all too real, including crocodiles, snakes, and piranhas. “There were a few moments where questionable parenting tactics were used [during filming],” Jaden’s father (and costar) Will jokingly told EW’s Jess Cagle during a SiriusXM Town Hall filmed in New York City yesterday. “The crocodile — that was the day I was glad your mom wasn’t there.”

Check out a clip from the interview below — and catch the whole thing on EW’s brand-new SiriusXM station, channel 105, today at 3 and 7 p.m. ET.


Hugh Jackman on Jean Valjean, stress fractures, and his Wolverine diet -- VIDEO

Hugh Jackman is no slacker. But that’s no surprise to anyone even passively aware of the great physical and emotional feats the Australian actor puts himself through for roles — whether it’s playing a 19th-century convict on the run in Les Miserables or inhabiting the brutish physicality of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, Jackman commits to his characters without abandon.

To kick off Entertainment Weekly Radio, which launched on SiriusXM (channel 105) today, Entertainment Weekly’s editor-in-chief Jess Cagle spoke to Jackman about his most challenging role to date and his crazy Wolverine diet. READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Weekly to launch SiriusXM radio channel


Starting this spring, you can listen to EW! That’s right, we’re partnering with SiriusXM radio to launch a channel that will broadcast the best (and worst!) in entertainment 24/7. Entertainment Weekly Radio will feature original shows hosted by EW editors and contributors, covering breaking news, opinion, Hollywood scoop, TV recaps, and more.

“We are thrilled that we will be able to expose Entertainment Weekly’s trusted voice and sharp insight to SiriusXM’s passionate and devoted audience,” said Jess Cagle, EW’s managing editor. “Sirius XM’s line-up contains some of the best brands in the world and we are excited to be among them. Entertainment Weekly radio is the latest way in which we’re expanding our brand to engage our fans wherever they are and whenever they want us.”

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