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'Idolatry': Lee's win, Simon's exit, Crystal's 'moment,' and the future of female contestants on 'American Idol'

idol-finaleImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox/PictureGroup (3); Michaels & CaseThe ninth season of American Idol is over, and huge questions about the future of the franchise hang heavy in the air: Can a female contestant ever again win this show? Will Idol‘s producers admit their failings when it comes to theme nights and song lists? Will Ellen DeGeneres stop behaving like a kindly pre-school teacher and start behaving like a reality TV judge? And can Idol stay relevant after Simon Cowell’s exit? My cohost Jessica Shaw and I tackle these topics, and take a look at the final performances of newly crowned champ Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox, on the season finale of Idolatry. Plus, READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': On the scene for the finale

Simon-Idol-finaleImage Credit: Kristian Dowling/PictureGroupWell, at least he’s a nice guy. Say what you want about Lee DeWyze winning American Idol (to my ears, Crystal Bowersox outperformed him the entire season), but at least the guy sincerely appreciated the love America showered upon him. Fox ended the finale telecast while Lee was still belting out U2’s “Beautiful Day,” which is too bad because the sweetest (as in, awww, that’s sweet) part of the show occurred right after his victory song. Lee, with mic still in hand, took a moment to personally thank the audience in the Nokia Theatre. “You have no idea how much this means to me,” Lee said. “Everyone, all of you guys up top (on the balcony), I love you! And another round of applause for Simon, too!” Lee could have simply walked off the stage and started what will surely be hours upon hours of media interviews and photo ops, but instead he took an off-camera moment to thank those responsible for his ascent to stardom — a classy move. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': We live-blogged the Crystal Bowersox-Lee DeWyze season 9 finale!

idol-bowersox-dewyze_320.jpg Image Credit: Michael Becker/FoxBrace yourselves, Idoloonies! After five months, 43 episodes, and one brutal garroting of Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” we’ve arrived at our final destination: Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. Tonight, either Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox will take home the title previously held by Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, and Kris Allen. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Crystal steals the show, alumni pack the Nokia, and Simon sorta rescues a swaybot on the scene for Top 2 performance night

Idol-finaleImage Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroupSo let’s just call this thing: Crystal killed it, and Lee kinda choked. Having discussed last night’s American Idol finale performance night with EW.com’s preeminent Idoloonie Michael Slezak, I know that was also his assessment of the evening from the vantage point of his living room couch. From my seat inside the IdolDeathStar — a.k.a. the Nokia Theater LA Live — the difference between Crystal’s often effortless excellence and Lee’s unfocused striving was even more stark. I don’t think I’ve experienced an Idol finale, on TV or in person, this lopsidedly obvious since the days of Fantasia Barrino and That One Girl Who Does Broadway Now. Crystal owned that gargantuan room like it was a small bar in Toledo, Ohio and not packed with 7,000 screaming fans. Lee just barely borrowed it.

Before you scream “omigodyouaresooooobiased!!!!” at me in the comments, please know I truly have no dog in this hunt. Really, my job here is to report back to you what the experience was like at the show itself, so I’m honestly just telling you, as a reporter, that Crystal was simply better. Now, the Crystal and Lee t-shirts being sold outside the Nokia before the show were an entirely different matter. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' performance-night finale: How did Lee and Crystal do?

idol-bowersox-dewyzeImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxThere are certain things we’ve come to expect from an American Idol performance-night finale: Copious boxing metaphors from the judges. Misty eyes and beaming smiles from the contestants’ parents. And “coronation songs” that would make even the kindliest grandma want to spit cynical bile into a bucket. Tonight’s season 9 installation, however, only delivered on two of those counts, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. [SPOILERS ahead, west-coast friends! Don’t say you weren’t warned!] READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Simon and Randy predict Lee DeWyze will win season 9, but should they?

simon-randyImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxSimon Cowell called it on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Randy Jackson did the same on Lopez Tonight. Yes, Idoloonies, as they’ve done in the past, the American Idol judges went public with their season-finale predictions, this time declaring that Lee DeWyze will roll to victory over Crystal Bowersox when the show’s ninth season comes to an end Wednesday night at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. [Check out the videos here.]

My question is: Should they? After all, I think it’s fair to say neither Crystal or Lee has completely blown open the competition with back-to-back-to-back-to-back epicness, and with that in mind, I think tonight’s six performances will — and should — have an impact on the final vote. So how come Simon and Randy couldn’t just play it coy on their media tour, let the Tuesday night performance finale play out as organically and dramatically as possible, and then perhaps, when the final note’s been sung and the phone lines are open, put their predictive skills on the line? I know, I know…it’s hard to sit through 13 weeks of live performances and not have some kind of feeling about how the season will shake out. But shouldn’t the judges be held to a different standard than the rest of us? By publicly putting their money (and their egos) on Lee, don’t Randy and Simon now have a rooting interest in the guy? Will their “impartiality” be impaired tonight by their need to see their own predictions come true? It’s certainly a question worth pondering. And as I go into my oxygen chamber snack tank to prepare for tonight’s festivities, I turn the discussion over to you. [Related: My ultimate American Idol season 9 playlist (15 songs total, not ranked); Paula Abdul reportedly joining CBS’ ‘Got to Dance'; let’s hope it resembles her ‘Cold Hearted video; follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.] READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': On the scene for Simon Cowell's last night in the Idoldome (and, oh yeah, the results)

Idol-backstageImage Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroupThere was already a celebration underway on stage when I first walked into the Idoldome last night — the final night this season for the Idoldome, point of fact, as next week the show moves what is sure to be its mildly diverting positively riveting finale to downtown Los Angeles in the behemoth Nokia Theater, a.k.a. the IdolDeathStar. Surveying the scene back in the Idoldome, for a second I surmised the ongoing festivities were for Casey, Crystal, and Lee, since all twelve season 9 finalists were there (including that one with the red hair! and the other one with the color contacts!), as were Ryan Seacrest and Debbie the Stage Manager. But then I spotted several Idol PAs, a few network suit types, and three out of the four American Idol judges, all gathered around a giant cake with candles, and the audience was up on its feet, happily cheering away. “Oh, of course,” I thought, “the Simon Cowell farewell festivities have begun! This is the man’s final night inside the Idoldome, after all. That’s kinda sweet that they actually managed to do something for him off camera.” But wait, then why was Simon nowhere to be seen? And why did the Idoldome’s Thunderscreen read “Happy Birthday Mike” overtop old photos of a kinda nebbish looking kid who looked like he would grow up to become pretty much the exact physical opposite of Big Mike Lynch? READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': On the scene for Top 3 performance night

Casey-James-BowersoxImage Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroupSo we’re approaching the finish line of Lost American Idol, and it’s time to speculate, theorize, and create projections for the approaching finale. From my seat in the Idoldome, one thing was clear: Women adore Lee DeWyze. Whenever Lee sang or walked by, the middle-aged women in my row melted — Amelie style — into a puddle of schoolgirlish infatuation. I heard words such as “awesome” and “incredible” being tossed around the audience at a frequency rivaling a Steve Jobs keynote speech, and a pack of girls in the pit once again got their voices on national television by shouting, “We love you, Lee!” Last week’s results show was when I first noticed the Idoldome’s escalating adoration for the (in case Idol hadn’t reminded you enough) former paint salesman, and last night felt like an official coronation. (I say this from the point-of-view of someone who’s firmly in the Crystal camp). Again, it’s impossible to know whether the Idoldome’s preferences reflect those of the voting public, but if I could only base my finale prediction on what I witnessed last night, I’d say this race is all sewn up. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': The Top 3 fight for a spot in the finals. How did they do?

idol-top-3Image Credit: Michael Becker/FoxIn perhaps the nail-biting-est Top 3 episode in American Idol history…okay, sorry, I was going to try to pull a Simon Cowell-esque bait-and-switch, but I’m just not that good an actor, folks. Not even in print. And so, tomorrow night, we’ll advance to the red ‘X’ in the middle of the forest, the place our collective GPSes have been steering us toward for 41 episodes. [Spoilers ahead, west-coast pals, so quit reading if you haven’t watched your Idol yet!] READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': If you ran the show, what would the Top 3 sing this week?

idol-top-3Image Credit: Michael Becker/FoxAmerican Idol‘s super-strange ninth season continues tomorrow as the Top 3 finalists perform two songs apiece — “judge’s choice” and “contestant’s choice” — with the rest of the hour-long telecast presumably rounded out with footage of hometown visits from Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, and Lee DeWyze. (Forecast calls for a 75 percent chance of me crying like a sentimental foolio by the end of the episode.)

News of the judges’ choices have already leaked, and each one is disappointing in its own way. READ FULL STORY

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