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'American Idol': Which new face would you most like to see at the judges' table?

american-idol-new-judgesImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; A. Gilbert/PR Photos; Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Janet Mayer/PR PhotosNo news is good news, as the old adage goes. And therefore it must be good news in the world of American Idol. Indeed, Fox chairman Peter Rice offered little in the way of breaking information about who’ll be sitting at the judging panel when the network’s ratings juggernaut begins season 10 callback auditions in September (which will air, of course, in January 2011). “No one has signed a deal on either side of the camera who wasn’t on the show last year,” said Rice. (Read my colleague Lynette Rice’s full report here.) While that statement could very well be interpreted as “we’re 99 percent done with judges’ contracts, but we’re gonna drag this news out for another week or two of free publicity,” I like to think of the glass as half in need of a scientific poll! Since I’ve already yammered on in the past week about J.Lo, Elton, Mr. Connick, and the woman who did terrible things to “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” I’m gonna put a lid on it for now and simply ask for your votes. Please use the PopWatch poll liberally, yet thoughtfully. Thank you. [Realted: For all my Idol-related news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.]

Kara DioGuardi: Still no official word on her 'American Idol' fate

Kara-DioGuardiImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxIn all the rampant speculation about the shape and size of American Idol‘s season 10 judging panel — Ellen is out! Jennifer Lopez is (possibly) in! Steven Tyler is dropping hints! — Kara DioGuardi’s ouster has been all but treated as a foregone conclusion. But it’s worth noting that a Fox spokesperson again declined comment this morning on DioGuardi’s future with the show. [Fox’s session at the TCA Press Tour is slated for this morning in Los Angeles, although sources close to the show said on Friday that an announcement about the season 10 panel won’t be happening there.]

Is it possible that the woman who went from squawking about “package artists” and dropping “early Aerosmith” gaffes in season 8 to offering tangible constructive advice to contestants in season 9 might be able to hold onto her position at Fox’s ratings juggernaut? And just as importantly, should she? While I’m definitely in the camp that thinks J.Lo could turn out to be a terrific addition to the show — if she avoids Ellen’s laundry list of mistakes — I’m also slightly worried that a panel free of both Simon Cowell and Kara would lack the business-minded feedback and I’m-not-worried-about-my-public persona honesty that Idol‘s crop of aspiring young singers so desperately needs. If Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, & Co. feel it’s absolutely necessary to keep at least one veteran judge on the show for its upcoming tenth season, maybe they should gamble on the polarizing woman with some of her own compositions currently on Billboard’s Hot 100 rather than the former Journey session player who hasn’t found a synonym for “pitchy” after almost a decade of live Idol telecasts. What do you think?

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'American Idol': Jennifer Lopez can be a great judge -- if she avoids Ellen DeGeneres' mistakes

jlo-Ellen-DeGeneresImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosFor an American Idol fan like myself, the flurry of staffing shakeups this week at The House That Kelly Clarkson Built have been the emotional equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to an outdated kitchen wall. Yeah, you knew it had to be done — and quickly — but still…with all the dust and destruction and a possible contractor named Nigel who you’re still not entirely sure you trust, it’s hard to know whether to be terrified, excited, or a little of both.

That said, I’m genuinely optimistic about the widely reported rumor (still not officially confirmed by Fox brass) that Jennifer Lopez has snagged a permanent seat in this high-stakes game of musical judges. If I’m going to carry the “renovation” theme into this paragraph — and you know that I am, of course — then J.Lo is like that slab of luxurious marble that you can only hope will be a perfect fit for your countertop. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Jessica Simpson met with execs; Fox 'dream scenario' is to reveal judges Monday

Simpson-Timberlake-EltonImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos(2); Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosHer boots are made for…judging? Reality TV staple and singer Jessica Simpson has met with American Idol producers about joining the show’s judging panel, a source close to the show tells EW, confirming a report on TMZ this afternoon. “I’m not sure whether her people approached Idol, or if it was the other way around,” said the source, who added that Simpson is just one of “dozens” of candidates who’ve been considered for an Idol gig when it returns to the air in January 2011.

As was widely reported yesterday, former Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is all but certain to return to the show for its tenth season, and he went on the record last spring saying he favored an entirely new slate of judges for Fox’s ratings juggernaut. Translation? The network may be looking for more than a replacement for the departing Simon Cowell, who jumped ship at the end of Idol‘s ninth season in order to launch a U.S.-based version of his popular British series The X Factor. Complicating matters could be the fact that current judge Randy Jackson is reportedly signed through next year, and his colleague Ellen DeGeneres has only completed the first year of a multi-year deal.

“The network’s dream scenario would be to make a splashy announcement at TCA on Monday morning,” said the source, referring to Fox’s presentation at the 2010 TCA Press Tour that is scheduled for August 2. “They’d be the talk of TCA, and the message to other networks would essentially be, ‘Follow that!'”

EW has also learned that despite their names surfacing as potential Cowell replacements earlier this week, both Justin Timberlake and Elton John’s meetings with Idol producers took place “a couple months ago.”

[Related: ‘American Idol’ 15 Ways to Fix It; ‘Idolatry': Allison Iraheta performs acoustic ‘Holiday,’ talks ‘Glam Nation’ tour; ‘American Idol’ season 9 tour review: Newark, we have a problem!; follow Slezak on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.]

'American Idol': Nigel Lythgoe, Justin Timberlake top latest rumors. What will the season 10 judges' panel look like?

american-idol-judge-sweepstakesImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Fox; Michael Becker/FoxAs American Idol‘s season 10 cattle-call auditions continue — the show stopped yesterday in New Orleans, and will head to New Jersey next week — and the September call-back rounds in front of the judges draw closer, speculation is heating up about who will fill the Simon Cowell Memorial Chair. According to The Hollywood Reporter, former executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who left the show prior to its eighth season, is thisclose to signing a deal to return to that position for season 10 (alongside Ken Warwick, Simon Fuller, and Cecile Frot-Coutaz); what makes that news especially juicy is the fact that Lythgoe went on the record last spring saying that not only did he prefer a three-judge format for the show (woot!), but that after Cowell’s exit, he favored sweeping the entire judges’ table clean and starting fresh with new panelists (whoa!). The THR story also mentioned that Idol creator Simon Fuller’s current wish list of judges includes Justin Timberlake and Elton John. A Fox spokesperson declined to comment on the Lythgoe rumors or any potential changes at the judges’ table, but here’s a rundown of reported front-runners, along with a few former mentors whose names ought to be included in the conversation. Check ‘em out for yourself, then vote for your favorite in our handy PopWatch poll:

Justin Timberlake Pros: Having successfully navigated the tricky voyage from Mouseketeer to boy-bander to solo phenomenon, he certainly has the necessary industry cred for the job, and his knowledge of music written after 1990 could drag the typically fusty Idol panel into the post-Celine era. Plus, as he’s proven on SNL and the ESPYs, his quick wit doesn’t abandon him in front of a live audience. Cons: Hard to think of any, although he’ll need to show a willingness to crush the dreams of talentless kids harboring delusions of singing stardom. One other caveat: READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell faces claims of 'barbarism' in British lawsuit: Brainstorm your own crazy case against a celebrity!

Simon-CowellImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR PhotosMy name is Michael Slezak, and while I am not a judge, nor do I play one on TV, I cannot help but invoke the all-important “no one held a gun to your head” rule* ™ while reading a story in Variety about a British woman who is suing Simon Cowell and Britain’s Got Talent for $3.8 million, claiming “exploitation, humiliation, degradation, and barbarism.” I mean, look, there are two possibilities here: Either the plaintiff, Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai, saw the show before becoming a contestant, and therefore knew that humiliation was one of several possible outcomes. Or else she blindly marched onto that stage with no knowledge of reality TV, and received a brutal shock. Which would be kind of like me suing a steep mountain because I decided to rappel down it using yarn and a salad fork, and wound up with a broken leg.

Okay, that simile barely makes sense. READ FULL STORY

Bret Michaels continues his campaign for 'American Idol' judge. I continue to be skeptical.

idol-bret-michaelsImage Credit: Michael Becker/Fox; Michael Tran/FilmMagicBret Michaels really wants to inherit the Simon Cowell Memorial V-Neck. In a new interview with Parade.com, the Poison frontman and reality show favorite followed up on comments he made last month about the possibility of joining the American Idol judges’ table: “We have a meeting in L.A. in a couple weeks and we’re going to sit down and talk. They did a poll and I think it was Madonna, P. Diddy, Howard Stern, and myself, and I took 50 percent or 60 percent of the vote and that’s tremendous. I would love to be a judge on American Idol. I think I would bring a lot to the table.”

Hrmm. First things first, reps for Fox, Idol, and FremantleMedia North America all declined to comment on Michaels’ comments. But before we interpret their silence as particularly meaningful, let’s keep a couple things in mind. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' source: Don't necessarily expect Simon Cowell replacement by July 17 audition kickoff

This morning’s news that American Idol will launch its season 10 auditions July 17 in Nashville, Tenn., raised the inevitable question: When will Fox’s venerable ratings warhorse name a replacement for its departing superstar judge Simon Cowell? The cranky Brit, of course, made his Idol swan song during the May 26 season 9 finale, with no plans to return to U.S. television until the fall 2011 debut of the American version of his X Factor singing competition.

But don’t jump to conclusions and assume the July 17 audition kickoff is a hard and fast deadline for a Cowell replacement announcement, says a source close to the show. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Bret Michaels as Simon Cowell's replacement? How about a mentor gig instead?

bret-michaels-idolImage Credit: Vince Bucci/FoxHot off his kick-ass appearance dueting with Casey James on the American Idol season finale, Bret Michaels announced at a concert over the weekend that he “could possibly be a judge” on the show when it returns for its tenth season next January. The good folks at Fox and 19 Entertainment haven’t responded to my requests to see if Michaels’ on-stage chatter means they’ve actually spoken to the Poison frontman about the gig, or if he was merely engaging in some wishful speculation, but I think he’d be a bad fit for the Simon Cowell Memorial Chair.

Think about it: READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell nabs BAFTA award, McG eyes 'The DUFF'


  • Simon Cowell will receive a BAFTA award for his work developing talent in the entertainment industry. Expect Cowell to bring down the mood of the June 6 ceremony when he delivers a speech claiming he’s seen people who can develop better talent on a cruise ship. [THR]
  • Director McG is eying the rights to Kody Keplinger’s coming-of-age novel The DUFF. The title of the film, about a 17-year-old high schooler, stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” Duffman does not approve of acronym. [Variety]
  • In news that will make me 25 times more nauseous, AMC Entertainment and IMAX Corp. will build 25 new theaters, which will open next year in various unspecified locations. [The Wrap]
  • In a press release, the producers behind Trust have announced Zach Braff, Bobby Cannavale, Sutton Foster, and Ari Graynor will join the cast of the show, which begins previews July 23. (Opening night is set for Aug. 12.)

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