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Pepsi named official sponsor of 'The X Factor'

cowell-pepsi_320.jpg Image Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosThe days of seeing Simon Cowell at the American Idol judges table sitting behind a large Coke glass are really gone. Fox has announced Pepsi as the official beverage sponsor of The X Factor. “The comprehensive sponsorship of The X Factor by Pepsi includes an extensive, multi-platform off-air marketing partnership; weekly in-show integrations and placements; and an immersive content experience online. Pepsi will be the exclusive beverage sponsor of The X Factor both on and off-air,” the release says. Why is the partnership perfect, besides sticking it to Idol? Pepsi is quick to remind you of its “historic, unforgettable campaigns with pop icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, and more recently, Snoop Dogg.” That’s actually a decent argument. If Pepsi is smart, they’ll ask Cowell to film some videos in which he critiques the performances in those commercials. With some creative editing, that could be fun, right?

Personally, I would hate to be on a show sponsored by Pepsi because I am a Coke girl. Yes, I can tell the difference, and I remember having a strong preference (unlike Cowell, apparently) by the time I was a freshman in college (and arguing about it in COM 101). Today, if I’m someplace that carries Pepsi products, I’ll order a Sierra Mist, not a Pepsi — unless I’m in desperate need of caffeine. (Editor’s note: Mandi, you’re crazy. Pepsi is the choice of a new generation! Again.) It’s smart of the soft drinks to target shows with a young audience, because I imagine most of us have established loyalty by the time we’re adults. Let’s take it to a poll!

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2010's Most Bizarre Reality TV Moment: What's your pick?

“Most Bizarre” seems like the reality TV equivalent of “Best.” You gotta consider your genre!

Reality-TV-Hills-Idol-StarsImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC; Lifetime; MTV

It’s been a ridiculous year in “reality.” Bristol Palin outlasted fallen pop star Brandy in a televised ballroom dancing popularity contest. Ellen DeGeneres was suddenly sitting on Simon Cowell’s lap and then –poof!– both of them were gone. The Hills may have been fake molehills all along. And bangin’ Gretchen Jones took center stage on Project Runway, transforming the competition series into a riveting character study that often seemed like a senior-year elective for psych majors (PS 801: Raging Narcissism in the Age of Reality Television). READ FULL STORY

'X Factor' winner crowned in the UK, but can Matt Cardle cross over?

matt-cardleImage Credit: Ken McKay/TalkbackThames/Rex/Rex USAMatt Cardle won The X Factor last night in the U.K., topping Rebecca Ferguson, boyband One Direction, and Cher Lloyd. The finale snagged 17.2 million viewers, which is a 55 share, and at its peak, it pulled in more than 19 million viewers, which is a solid 60. It’s the show’s highest-rated finale ever. Somewhere, a Fox executive just soiled themselves: A 55-share is pretty much Super Bowl numbers. This year’s off-its-ratings-game American Idol finale pulled in around 23 million viewers.

The X Factor shares most of its important DNA with American Idol, but one key difference is that each judge mentors a specific group of performers for the entire run — the boys, the girls, the bands, and the people over 28. Matt’s mentor was Dannii Minogue, who presumably coached him through such rad performances as this cover of “Baby One More Time,” which came during Guilty Pleasures week: READ FULL STORY

Life of 'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Paul Potts coming to a theater near you

paul-pottsImage Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty ImagesDeadline is reporting that director David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada) will helm One Chance, the story of unlikely Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts. A cellphone salesman from Wales, Potts wowed notoriously crotchety judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan with his initial audition performance of “Nessun dorma,” and went on to win season 1 of the British reality competition in 2007 before embarking on a successful opera recording career. Cowell was originally slated to produce the film, but has since dropped out (he’s busy working on bringing X-Factor to America … and maybe a Susan Boyle biopic one day?).

While Potts and Boyle are undeniably talented, these “unlikely reality television success stories” drive me crazy — Look, it’s an older, conventionally unattractive person who can actually do something well! Does Potts’ story really deserve the feature film treatment? And how accurate to life will it be? It’s being described as a comedy, which may be the right move. I love a good underdog story, and am a total anglophile, so if One Chance becomes more of a Full Monty-esque tale, I could dig it.

Hopping back across the pond, is there any America’s Got Talent contestant whose life story you would like to see played out on the big screen? Recent finalist Jackie Evancho needs a few more years of life experience to warrant one, while winner Michael Grimm — whose grandparents lost their home after Hurricane Katrina — seems ripe for a major studio’s picking if they’re looking to bank on blubbering idiots like myself. But really, the obvious AGT choice would be Prince Poppycock — if only to gain some insight on his makeup and skincare regimen.

What do you think, PopWatchers: Is the life of Paul Potts the kind of underdog story you’d pay money to see? What other reality show contestants deserve their own films?

Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol': Why she needs to be the new Simon Cowell

Simon-Cowell-Jennifer-LopezImage Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic.com; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com“Concentrate on the moment and just live,” declared Jennifer Lopez, looking out on a crowd of American Idol wannabes, moments after Ryan Seacrest announced the “Get Right” singer would be part of the show’s season 10 judging panel at a press conference in Los Angeles earlier today. To which I say, “Oh. No.”

Yeah, I realize you can’t judge a judge on a seven-word sound bite, but J.Lo’s new-agey, everyone-gets-a-gold-star first impression left me wondering if she understands the role she should be playing as Fox’s venerable-but-vulnerable ratings powerhouse enters the post-Simon Cowell era. (“I believe in tough love, but I don’t think I can ever be cruel to another artist. There are definitely better ways to say things,” Lopez later told reporters; read my colleague Lynette Rice’s rundown of the proceedings here.)

As we learned from Ellen DeGeneres’ disastrous stint on Idol last season, it can be tough for a well-established, well-liked celebrity (especially one with an active career) to sit down at the judges’ table and give negative feedback to contestants. “It was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings,” Ellen said when announcing her exit from the show in late July. Perhaps even harder, though, was the idea that viewers might not absolve her of the “sin” of crushing the dreams of so many wannabe music stars in front of 20 million viewers.

But in the words of Kara DioGuardi, “Here’s the thing”: In the Idolverse, it’s not only okay to be unflinchingly tough and brutally honest, it’s absolutely necessary. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' exclusive: 'No deals have fallen through due to unreasonable demands,' says well-placed source

american-idol-tableImage Credit: F Micelotta/Getty ImagesTake this week’s round of rumors about American Idol‘s potential lineup of season 10 judges with a grain of salt. A source close to the negotiations tells EW.com exclusively that “no deals have fallen apart due to unreasonable demands.” The Idol insider staunchly refused to name names, but said that even the most A-list of potential replacements for Simon Cowell’s job have been “really gracious. This is an extremely high-profile gig, and you’d better believe no one — male or female — has been unreasonable at the negotiating table.”

Going into this week, a number of media sources speculated that Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson were the front-runners for seats on Idol‘s season 10 judging panel, but on Monday, several Web sites reported that Lopez’s deal had fallen apart at the eleventh hour. “Don’t believe everything you read,” cautioned the Idol insider. “This may simply be a case of one diva’s rep slinging mud to make another potential candidate look like a diva. There are a million agendas swirling out there, and a lot of camps aren’t above using rumor and speculation to advance their causes.” Indeed, with reps from Fox, Idol, and Fremantle all declining official comment on potential replacements for the exiting Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres, the landscape is ripe for wannabe judges’ confidantes to plant poisonous seeds in the media with regard to their competition. READ FULL STORY

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, or Kara DioGuardi: Who should win 'American Idol' musical chairs?

mariah-jennifer-karaImage Credit: Todd Williamson/FilmMagic, George Napolitano/FilmMagic, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesAnother week, another round of American Idol judges’ table rumors. People.com reported yesterday that (le gasp!) Jennifer Lopez’s much-buzzed-about deal with the show might’ve fallen through. Kara DioGuardi’s dad told Capitol Tonight (file this news using the oh-no-they-did-NOT tab!) that his daughter heard her neck was on the chopping block via media reports only. And Nick Cannon got a little loose-lipped with the Hollywood Reporter and declared that his wife Mariah Carey “would love to” be the next Simon Cowell. (Reps for Fox and FremantleMedia declined to comment on these stories; reps for Lopez, DioGuardi, and Carey did not respond to EW’s interview requests.) But an Idol insider tells me the only thing certain is that Fox is loving the 24/7 cycle of media speculation about a show that’ll enter its tenth season in January 2011. “It’s the perfect position to be in,” says my source, who wouldn’t be surprised if Fox waits till the end of the month to make an announcement about which celebs will play the roles of Randy-Paula-Simon for a new generation of Idoloonies. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Nigel Lythgoe endorses Randy returning, revamping semi-finals: 'I can't wait for the day we take the spotlight off the bloody judges'

nigel-lythgoeImage Credit: Toby Canham/Getty ImagesNigel Lythgoe has certainly had quite a week. After flying to Washington D.C. to celebrate National Dance Day, the So You Think You Can Dance exec producer and judge formally announced his return as an exec producer of American Idol, and then launched right into the penultimate week of SYTYCD‘s seventh season. But when EW caught up with him backstage tonight at CBS Television City after the SYTYCD results show, all that activity still didn’t stop the irrepressibly loquacious Brit from holding forth on several pressing Idol topics. (Expect another post with Lythgoe’s thoughts on the impending SYTYCD finale soon.)

Although Lythgoe insists that he has not been privy to any negotiations with replacements for Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres’ seats at the Idol judges’ table, he heartily endorsed the return of judge Randy Jackson, who still has one year left on his Idol contract. Expanding on his comment in a Variety interview that Jackson was the show’s “barnacle,” Lythgoe tells EW, “For me, a barnacle is secure, it’s solid.” Lythgoe also batted away criticism that he meant the term disparagingly, chuckling, “[People] said, ‘Oh no, it means that he’s stuck.’ Yeah, he’s stuck, and we need him stuck there. He’s the one person who’s gone through this entire mess, if you’d like.” For Lythgoe, the most important element is the chemistry between the judges, not their individual star wattage. “We’ve seen over the last two years some really great people that haven’t fitted together, as far as I’m concerned,” he says. “Don’t forget, [when Idol first started] we introduced two people you’d never heard of — Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson. It doesn’t always need this, ‘They’ve done this, they’ve done that!'”

One thing Lythgoe wants to make clear, however, is that he would much rather be talking about future contestants than the future of the judging panel. “I can’t wait for the day when we take the spotlight off the bloody judges,” he says, emphatically tapping a nearby table. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' exclusive: Harry Connick Jr., Shania Twain, three others 'highly unlikely' as judges

harry-shania-chrisImage Credit: (FROM LEFT: Connick, Twain, Isaak) Janet Mayer/PR Photos; D/Crisler/Retna ltd; Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosThe list of contenders competing for a spot on the American Idol season 10 judges’ panel continues to shrink. A source close to the talks tells EW that Harry Connick Jr., Shania Twain, Chris Isaak, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Simpson — all of whom have been mentioned in the last two weeks as possible replacements for Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres — are now considered “highly unlikely” to get a full-time gig on Fox’s ratings behemoth.

If the J.Lo deal falls into place, said the source, there’s virtually no chance you’ll see a second woman sitting alongside her. What’s more, the insider added, “the panel really has to appeal to a wide berth — from your 10-year-old niece to your grandmother. I don’t think every person who’s been rumored for the position necessarily fits that bill.”

Fox officially announced this morning that former Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who has previously gone on the record saying he favors a three-person judging panel, is returning to that position for the show’s upcoming season. [Get full details on that announcement on our Hollywood Insider blog.] There are at least two advantages to trimming the number of permanent judges from four (which Idol maintained during its eighth and ninth seasons) to three (the magic number over the show’s initial seven seasons), added the source. READ FULL STORY

Steven Tyler radio interview proves dubious audition for 'American Idol' judging gig

steven-tylerImage Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.comIf Steven Tyler’s interview with the Kidd Kraddick radio show this morning was the equivalent of a first-round audition for the American Idol season 10 judges’ table, I’m not sure he’d have gotten a golden ticket to Hollywood. In fact, given the rambling, ineloquent answers he gave to questions about his rumored Idol gig, it wasn’t hard to envision him as one of those deluded hopefuls who wind up getting dragged from the audition room by security to the general amusement of Simon Cowell & Co.

In other words, if you were at all bummed by Fox chairman Peter Rice’s Press Tour announcement yesterday that there are no finalized deals in place for new judges for Idol‘s upcoming season, now would be the time to take a deep breath, look skyward, and thank the heavens that any ink on Tyler’s rumored contract is damp enough to get washed away.

At least that’s what I’m doing right this second. Here’s just hoping Ken Warwick and Cecile Frot-Coutaz are doing the same. Asked about how he’d approach judging wannabe singers, whether he’d be more like brutally honest Simon or sweetly sugarcoated Paula, Tyler responded: “I would be honest to the ones that think they have it, and I would be truthful and sensitive to those that have it but don’t have it yet enough, and I would tell ‘em exactly why, as i see it, if I was to do that.”

Um, dude sounds like a lady…named Paula Abdul!

Tyler was equally bizarre when he was asked to explain how the possibility of a spot in the Simon Cowell Memorial Chair came to be: READ FULL STORY

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