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'The X Factor' on the scene: Simon doesn't know what's happening, but he knows he doesn't like it

“Does it get louder than this?” asked the woman sitting a few seats down from me at The X Factor, after one of the CBS pages asked her if she wanted earplugs before the show. At that point, the pre-show dance mega-mix was pumping through the Xanadome at a volume usually reserved for jet engines or Mary Murphy, but I quickly answered for the page. “Yes. Oh yes. It does.”

I thought about the health of that woman’s eardrums while Drew was singing her save-me song while the Xanadome, as it had been instructed to all night, erupted in a deafening torrent of cheering and cat-calls. READ FULL STORY

Poll: Is it quite time to give thanks for awkward 'X Factor' host Steve Jones? [Pause.] Thanksgiving.

A lot of people seem to dislike this uncomfortable-looking attractive man — whom I’ve been calling Stevecrest — because he’s exceedingly abrupt as he tries and fails to ring around the circus that is the U.S. version of The X Factor. But you guys! I can’t help it. I am beginning to love Steve Jones.

This is a man so endearingly bumbling that he has called 15-year-old Astro “a nice man,” (without sarcasm, but it was a few weeks ago) and Howie Mandel a “top man,” (with just a bit of sarcasm, I believe). One time, after musical guest Rihanna had succeeded in slowly backing away from Steve and finally escaping, he called after her, “You glorious, glorious lady!”

I love that everything he has to come up with on the fly is just so…off. On Tuesday night, faced with the task of getting the judges to stop bickering about Drew, he bellowed, “THIS HAS TO STOP RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.” [Pause.] “THANKSGIVING.” And he bellows EVERYTHING.

As EW.com reader Josh put it, “He’s like a male, Welsh Samantha Harris.” Admittedly, this isn’t the most ringing endorsement I’ve ever read, but I look at it like this: Steve Jones is the only person on The X Factor who consistently makes me giggle. That’s definitely something. (Try harder, Simon Cowell! P.S. I don’t believe anything you ever say.)

If you need a much more convincing reason to give thanks for Steve Jones that might really nail it on the head…. READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell joins Twittah: Read his first tweet, and speculate on what's next

The curiously addicting headache that is The X Factor has taken some heat for its lack of originality, and for good reason. But there’s one thing X has that that other overproduced Fox reality singing competition lacks — detailed instructions on how to use Twitter on its very own website. Or, since this is a show with a relatively high concentration of British people, how to use Twittah on its very own website. Fans can tweet their votes via a direct message to @TheXFactorUSA, and even follow the dastardly deeds of Lakoda Rayne if they’re so inclined. So simple! So very “now.” Simon Cowell, you bloody genius.

And yet, surprisingly, until today, Cowell had never signed on to xfactorusa.com to find out how to use the extremely popular social networking site. Whaaaat? Did he miss host Steve Jones’ 87 reminders? Was he too busy playing the role of creepy uncle to Drew Ryniewicz? Actually, he’s probably been busy tending watching people tend to his meticulously manicured lawn in the French countryside, or mercilessly sending home the best singer on the show for the sake of good television.

Well, have no fear, Factorphiles — @SimonCowell has finally arrived, and he has this to say:  READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor': Is it refreshing or is it way too much?

Last night’s two-and-a-half-hour X Factor — a.k.a. American Idol on Steroids, a.k.a. Simon Cowell Must Think We’re REALLY Stupid — was a big ol’ trainwreck full of flashy lights, over-produced backing tracks, faux-bickering by the judges, rushed eliminations, and the list goes on. Reading over the comments on my recap of the telecast and Adam B. Vary’s hilarious on-the-scene report, it seems people are torn between liking the rawther British, unsentimental, over-the-top gaudiness of the show, and loathing it.

I can see both sides, and in my recap I said that The X Factor‘s quick pace and unsentimental approach was a refreshing change from American Idol. I miss Idol too, but this is a different show. Simon is clearly aiming for pure spectacle here, and if the U.S. X Factor is supposed to be as campy-bordering-on-idiotic as the British version or something like America’s Got Talent, then mission accomplished. But if it’s supposed to be a singing competition, it’s largely a joke. The question is, are we willing to let it be what it is and have some escapist fun, or does Simon’s idea of fun make us want to throw ourselves off a cliff? READ FULL STORY

EW's Bite of the Night for Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011

We at EW scoured the TV line-up last night to find the best quotable lines from your favorite shows. Did our pick emerge from the lips of A.) One of the schemers from Ringer? B.) A Dancing With the Stars contestant? Or was it C.) The most unexpected admission of error (read: humanity) from the most confident (read: arrogant) man on TV, The X Factor‘s Simon Cowell? (Hint: Always choose C!) Read on…


Teen sensation punks Simon Cowell on 'X Factor'

Simon Cowell has terrified his share of aspiring stars during his years as a judge on American Idol and The X Factor. But last night (check out Annie Barrett’s recap), someone had the nerve to throw it right back at him, and Cowell’s stunned reaction was priceless. Fourteen-year-old Brooklyn phenom Brian Bradley took the air out the arena when he called Cowell out: “Yo, I swear to my life, you lucky we’re ain’t in the streets because if we were in the streets, this is what I’d say to you…”

Cowell was stunned. All the judges were stunned. The crowd went silent. But then Bradley launched into his rap, the oddly adorable “Stop Looking at My Momz.” Watch. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' extended preview: Did it make you feel (like a natural woman)? (VIDEO)

Football fans across the nation rejoiced as an eight-minute extended preview of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor (premiering Sept. 21 on Fox) aired right after tonight’s NFL doubleheader. It’s got everything: Blank stares from L.A. Reid, ‘O’ faces from Nicole Scherzinger, an absolutely absurd backstage hairstyle on Paula Abdul, some dude with his pants pulled down, and — get this — two females who can really sing. (One’s 13. I can’t call her a woman. I just can’t do it.) Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

Well-juiced Simon Cowell talks 'American Idol' fatigue, 'X Factor,' orgasmic IV regimen

In an interview with GQ, Simon Cowell talks about his total disinterest in his last few seasons of American Idol and how a lawsuit citing similarities between Idol and The X Factor forced him to delay plans to bring his show to the U.S. for five years. It’s a great read whether you dig the guy or not, but the thing that will stick with me most is that Simon Cowell has a multi-person team to make sure his “breakfast appears” every day. Breakfast is seven courses, six of them liquid. GQ provides footnoted recipes of his breakfast smoothies, with each fruit serving measured out to the millimeter.

It’s all very scientific. At this point, his entire life is so immaculately curated that Simon Cowell just doesn’t have to deal. With anything. Ever. He wakes up late, watches The Jetsons, absorbs nutrients, and avoids people. He’s my hero. And here’s something very unfortunate for a person who is not a multimillionaire media mogul: Simon Cowell has brainwashed me into believing I should be on an orgasm-inducing IV at all times. (I should, right?) READ FULL STORY

Who's winning this 'X Factor' group balancing act?

I know who you think it is, but check it out: Simon’s being grounded by three hands. I’ve been staring at this image long enough (minute and a half): It’s time to rank these bobbleheads in order of how well they could potentially hold themselves at a fully upright angle. Like, do or die: This is the order in which they would die.

5. Pixy Abdul-Stix

4. Gray suit

3. L.A. Reid

2. Simon Cowell

1. Nicole Stiltzinger

And she only needs one leg! The talent on The X Factor is looking fierce so far.

Hey, that’s not fair. Why would I dismiss perfectly pleasant and attractive host Steve Jones like that? Is it because he’s so tall and in my History of Current Reality Television textbook (which is actually just an endless series of Stickies on my computer), hosts are supposed to be short and bouncy? I think it’s that. Look at him. What is he looking at? Are his pointer and middle fingers about to take a walk somewhere? Is he going to tilt himself slightly like that the whole time?

Luckily I have an entire month and change to get over this super-serious pre-season vendetta against X Factor host Steve Jones.

Got any super-serious pre-season vendettas of your own? By all means, sway me.

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'The X Factor': Are you intrigued or fatigued?

Simon Cowell’s The X Factor got its “world premiere sneak peek preview” just before last night’s MLB all-star game. So I guess this thing is really happening! Still hard to believe, considering the glut of singing reality competitions on network TV and the fact that it’s July and since when is Simon Cowell anywhere near TV in JULY? Watch the preview below. Try not to get lost in the pink cable-knit cloud of Simon’s faux-fluffy new image! READ FULL STORY

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