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'American Idol': On the scene for Top 9 results night and Big Mike's Big Save

Rihanna-IdolImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxWell, Kara. Don’t ever say Simon never did nothin’ fer ya.

The climax of tonight’s American Idol results show was the judges’ “unanimous” decision to save Big Mike from the jaws of irrelevance for another week, and the scene in the Idoldome as he sang for his survival was like something out of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Verukara Salt wanted a golden goose, she wanted a golden goose now, and she was not going to stop until Daddy gave her one. Kara begged. She pleaded. She cajoled. She clenched her fists and stomped her feet and refused to take no for an answer. It was beautiful to witness, all that emotion coming out of one tiny, overstyled body, trying to rescue a relative stranger from a fate that’s likely to befall him at some point in the next three weeks anyway.

Was this the right time to use The Save, PopWatchers? Was it the right person? Will it matter in the long run? Unless you happen to have Matt Giraud on speed dial, the answer to that third question may forever linger unknown. But it sure did make good entertainment for a second there. THIS…was American Idol.


Tim Urban: 'American Idol' punching bag's favorite pasttime involves...Simon Cowell?

Don’t cry for Tim Urban, Idoloonies. While American Idol‘s judges have frequently expressed their bewilderment that the show’s most maligned contestant maintains a permanent grin even as they’re telling him he’s irrelevant, out-of-tune, and in need of singing lessons, Tim finds his bliss in the angry mob that sits behind the firing squad of Simon, Kara, Ellen, and Randy. “I think my favorite thing is watching Simon’s face, when he says something and someone boos. He’s like [jerks head up, looks around confused]. He’s like, ‘Wait! Come on now, I’m right!’ And they’re like, ‘No you’re not!’ It makes me laugh. I love that,” Tim told EW backstage after last night’s Lennon-McCartney Songbook telecast. “I love when the crowd gets into it,” he added. “It totally boosts us on stage.” –Reporting by Whitney Pastorek

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'American Idol': On the scene at Top 9 performance night

idol-aaron-kellyImage Credit: Michael Becker/Fox“Judges are optional…” – Debbie the Stage Manager

It was generally agreed upon by those of us in the Idoldome that tonight’s Tribute To The Bulletproof Nature Of The Lennon-McCartney Catalog was the most consistent evening of non-offensive music yet to emerge from Your. Top. 9. Thank goodness — because pretty much everything else about the night was coconuts. Bagpipes and didgeridoos! Kara DioGuardi cutting to commercials only she could see! Rogue audience members shouting themselves onto the stage! Plus: “Cougars for Kelly,” Kara’s cousins, Cory self-promoting, Ellen taking a dive, and your Aunt Whittlz missing out on some dreaded TV time by a matter of inches, twice. THIS…was American Idol.


'American Idol': On the scene for the Top 10 results, plus Justin Bieber performs

Justin-Bieber-IdolIt’s night two of my initiation into the art of writing on-the-scene recaps for Idol, and I am already noticing the symptoms of Idol overload syndrome, which includes getting a Justin Bieber song stuck in your head. See, while last night’s results show may have only lasted an hour for you, who were resting on your insanely comfortable couch while eating these treats while having this cat curled up beside you, I was in the Idoldome for more than four hours. The reason? Usher’s performance of “OMG” was taped (twice) before the live show, and after the show, 16-monthyear-old Justin Bieber shot a two-song concert, which will air during a future Idol episode. While it was definitely a long haul, the evening luckily was stuffed with many memorable moments, including a Bieber fan who was tackled by security and what appeared to be some sort of altercation between Crystal and Andrew during the Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy/Diddy Dirty Money thingamajig. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': On the scene for the Top 10 performance night

IDOL-USHER-RYanImage Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroupAs Aunt Whittlz and Adam “The Beav” Vary previously revealed, I’m the Idol on-the-scene newbie. This was the first time I’ve ever stepped inside the Idoldome, which is not so much a dome as a futuristic black box, and let me tell you, I had a blast. As I walked up the stairs to my seat, I couldn’t help but feel a slight tingle on the back on my neck as I caught a glance of the neon American Idol logo. Oh, this place really does exist! The thing is, on television, Idol takes on an almost mythic quality — you watch knowing that you’re one of the 20 million viewers tuning in. But in the Idoldome, it’s just you, the judges, and 1,000 or so fellow human beings, including the 7-year-old girl sitting next to me (Crystal’s stilettos had nothing on this girl’s pink hippopotamus shoes). Simply put, I’ve been to Sigur Rós concerts larger than this, and they don’t even sing in English. Ah, but there goes a camera crane whizzing by, capturing this medium-sized concert and zapping it to TV after TV after TV. That little girl instinctually knew to wave at the camera, and if I wasn’t waving, it was only because I was furiously jotting down notes.

'American Idol': On the scene at Top 11 elimination night

Miley-Cyrus-IdolImage Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroup“We’ll find out what you’ve done, right after this.” — Ryan Seacrest

Credit where credit’s due, America: What you lack in planning, you make up for in execution. Paige Miles should not have stuck around this long, but she’s gone now and we can all stop rocking our children feverishly to sleep. The curse of “Against All Odds” was probably not even necessary in her case — Miles (not Davis) had become so listless and non-factorish that upon her dismissal, those seated around me in the Idoldome’s neon embrace could barely be bothered to awwww, despite having been coached to do so for upwards of two hours.

Results night is always an adventure; unlike the assembly line of performance night (sing, judge, commercial, repeat), Wednesdays are more like a pinball machine. Everything dings and lights up. There’s often a pre-tape — for example, Miley Cyrus did not sing live — followed by an in-person star turn. The contestants are on stage at all times, and are allowed to speak as freely as their little hearts desire, which, when you’ve got f—ing weirdos like Siobhan Magnus in the mix, tends to be an adventure. To reiterate: I mean “f—ing weirdo” in the very most complimentary sense. That girl is crackers. I want to take a road trip with her, just to see where we end up.

Since my job on these recaps is to cover what you might not have seen on TV — you can read Slezak’s column if you want the broadcast minutia — and about 85 percent of the interesting things that happen on results nights take place off-camera, we’ve got a lot to tear into tonight. So much for “write short.” Onward, Idol soldiers!


'American Idol': Worst performance ever?

american_idolImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOXOn last night’s American Idol, Kara called Paige Miles’ rendition of “Against All Odds” the worst vocal of the season. “That song just killed you,” Simon informed Paige, who was then dead. Now, I’m not Slezak and don’t have a carefully organized (by hair color) brain database of 8.3 seasons of performances at the ready, but I dunno, Dawg — I think Paige’s warble might have been the worst Idol performance EVER. And I saw that bird dance by the blond tattoo lady last year. This was like a million billion times worse than that. Which ear-sore gets your vote for Worst Idol Performance Ever? Do you have recurring Oz-based nightmares of Camile Velasco’s sensational(ly awful) ”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” like poor Slezak?

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'American Idol': On the scene for Top 11 'performance' night

Idol-SiobhanImage Credit: Michael Becker/Fox“I don’t get the song choices tonight. I really don’t.” – Ellen Degeneres

Your Aunt Whittlz took her first steps into Idoldome Oh-Ten this afternoon with what could tentatively be termed optimism, PopWatchers. I have learned my lesson after yea these many years of writing blogs on this here website: You commenters can be tough, but you are never more cutting than when the author expresses a certain weary disdain for the subject at hand. New Season, New Attitude! was my TLC-reality-show-style motto today, fueled by the gorgeous L.A. weather and a meeting we had with the editors earlier in the year where they told us to stop writing so much about the damn Idol live broadcasts and just focus on what the people at home didn’t see on TV, because there’s no reason why anyone other than Slezak should have his personal life ruined enhanced by this travesty. I was going to get in, get out, write short, and then catch up on last week’s Lost, which I missed thanks to my annual trip to SXSW.

But you know, Idol is a cruel mistress. And because I feel confident that America got to see the full brunt of the heinocity they hath wrought on stage tonight, I’m sure you won’t mind when I answer my colleague Mandi Bierly’s rhetorical tweet question, “Worst night of Idol ever?” with a hearty “Probably, but how can you even tell anymore?”

Great job, speed-dialing Americans. We now get to spend the next 10 weeks with these yahoos. Hollywood, are you ready to make some noise? READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Should Simon fake it a little harder?

Can’t Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell just get along? Well, no — their faux “rivalry” tinged with faux sexual tension is one of the pop cultural pillars of our time. But during last night’s “spat” on American Idol, Simon wasn’t even trying. Look at Kara, so hopeful for a front-row/shoulder-leaning position for a juicy battle of the brains. Even Ryan’s eyes are wide, puppy-like. He wants to play! He openly disagreed with Simon when Simon sluggishly asked if they could agree “not to cross the line”! But no. Grumpy Gramps will simply not throw his pet a bone. He’s out of there in a few months, what does he care? See ya, suckers.

I’ve never bought that there’s any real Simon-Ryan hostility at play on Idol — and in this morning’s on-the-scene recap, Adam mentions “Simon, Ryan, and Randy were back to their old shenanigans, huddled around Simon’s chair and talking” through at least half of David Cook’s performance. Now that sounds more like it — why can’t Simon transfer such a blatant combo of rudeness and camaraderie to his love-hate relationship with Ryan? Important poll below. For much more about last night’s American Idol Top 12 results night, read Michael Slezak’s recap: Sympathy for the Bedeviled.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'American Idol': On the scene at the Top 12 results night -- you could cut the tension with a body pillow!

Idol-Seacrest-OrianthiImage Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroupI should tell you up front, I did not get to see Ke$ha perform at last night’s American Idol results show. Or, rather, I did not get to see her perform live. The pop tartlet pre-taped her performance a few hours before the live show, and I couldn’t make it over to CBS Television City in time to see it. So I have no fun anecdotes to share about how her dancers managed those oversized TV-screen headdresses, or whether the production had trouble getting the shot of Sarah Chalke in an SNL skit Ke$ha kicking in that TV set like the iconoclast she is. I know, I know; my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin is disappointed too. He was so looking forward to foraging through Ke$ha’s hair for crumpled Red Bull cans and dried chunks of glitter paint. READ FULL STORY

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