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This week has all the necessary pop-culture ingredients: A great book, a great movie, an awards show, and countless television musts. Get ready to set your DVRs, hit up your local bookstore, and cheer on your favorite performances, because we’ve outlined the perfect way for you to say goodbye to January.

Which '90s bombshell was 'Short Term 12' star John Gallagher Jr.'s first celebrity crush?

Newsroom star, Broadway vet, and now indie film darling John Gallagher Jr. may be moving on from Alison Pill’s Maggie in this season of The Newsroom, but he’s still a little hung up on childhood crush Marisa Tomei, as he reveals in the Pop Culture Personality Test below. He even wrote her a fan letter way back when!

His new film Short Term 12 is garnering huge buzz in the indie film world. It focuses on a couple (Gallagher Jr and Brie Larson) who work together at a home for at-risk youth. As Gallagher reveals in the interview below, it was another recent indie that made him cry — the moving Fruitvale Station. Check out his other responses – including revealing his favorite 90s alternative jam — below.

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