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Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, premieres new short, 'Chicken and Futility' -- VIDEO

The bad news: Soon-to-be-ex Community star Donald Glover’s latest short film has 100 percent less Topanga than his previous effort.

The good news: It does, however, feature three and a half minutes of Glover wearing a supremely goofy hat as he reads a particularly dark e e  cummings piece, waxes poetic about a moth’s Sisyphean attempt to find the moon, and ponders the ethical implications of eating Chick-fil-A with his pals Steve and Swank — all while attempting, clumsily, to roll a joint.


Ridley Scott promises 'high octane' sci-fi with new short-film web venture

Ridley Scott was most recently behind last year’s (sadly misunderstood) Prometheus. Next, he’ll tackle the Internet, announcing yesterday that he was partnering with Machinima, a video entertainment company you’ve probably watched on YouTube. (The company reports that its videos were viewed almost 2 billion times… in February.)

The prolific director-producer will executive produce 12 short films in partnership with the company using talent pulled from Scott’s own production company, Ridley Scott and Associates. Each of the films will be “high-octane science fiction.” The most successful of them will be further developed, meaning they could each spawn a feature film or a web series or a line of high-octane greeting cards.


Tropfest 2013: Have a happy Valentine's Day with these short films from down under!

Okay, so in the four loved-themed films from Australia’s iteration of Tropfest featured below, there’s self-amputation, a killer boyfriend, two somewhat creepy kids, and an Amour-style old couple. But deep down, all of the films are about love — and as we all know, sometimes it hurts, literally. In honor of Valentine’s Day (a holiday with somewhat bloody beginnings — St. Valentine himself was supposedly a martyr after all), we have four short film entries that you can watch below: Marry Me, The Mistake, Boo, and The News.

Tropfest, which was founded in Sydney, Australia 20 years ago, narrows down a field of over 700 short films to just 16 in its competition. It bills itself as the world’s largest short film festival and has expanded to cities around the world, including New York. If you’re a filmmaker hoping to enter the New York Tropfest, entries are due by May 9.

Check out the four films about love after the jump.

Look out, Adam Sandler! It's Donkey Kong's Space Invading Frogger!

Adam-Sandler-PixelsImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison has reportedly set veteran Sandler-ite Tim Herlihy (Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer) to pen an adaptation of the 2010 viral video short Pixels for the big screen. The short, by writer-director Patrick Jean, depicts an attack on New York City by a horde of candy-colored ’80s videogame characters that would be rather horrifying if it wasn’t so gosh darned adorable. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Happy Madison is hoping the feature version will be a kind of 21st century Ghostbusters, which is already as smart and welcome a concept as Sandler’s company has ever produced. Check out the original film and tell me you can’t see Sandler, Chris Rock, and Kevin James racing around Manhattan trying to fend off/escape Donkey Kong’s bounding barrels of doom:  READ FULL STORY

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