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I'm Still Not Over... Pete's death on 'Private Practice'

There are several ways a character can exit ShondaLand: They might simply pick a new path in life. They might move to Switzerland. Or more than likely, they’ll die. But when it comes to how they’ll die, the options are limitless. Rhimes has killed characters in plane crashes and hospital bombings. She’s shot people point blank between the eyes. She’s drawn out a character’s death to give them ample time to say goodbye. She’s shocked viewers by killing others in the blink of an eye (and with a bus, no less). So years ago, when word got out that Tim Daly was leaving Private Practice after the show’s fifth season, fans instantly started to gossip.

The first question: Will Pete be killed? It actually felt unlikely, considering that Pete ended season five having been arrested for murder after illegally unplugging a patient at the request of the patient’s partner. All signs more or less pointed to Pete either going to jail or going on the run indefinitely. And one of those theories wasn’t all that far off. READ FULL STORY

From 'Grey's Anatomy' to 'Scandal,' we rank ShondaLand's 20 most romantic speeches

Shonda Rhimes is known for a lot of things. She’s the woman behind some of television’s most shocking twists. She’s an expert at season finales. And perhaps more than anything, she — and her writers — knows what it takes to make a speech go from good to great. Specifically, nobody knows how to say “I love you” like she does. This is the woman who invented McDreamy, after all.

And with last week’s Cristina-Burke reunion on Grey’s Anatomy, we were reminded of just how great those love confessions could be. So in honor of that moment and all the ones we’ve yet to experience, we’ve ranked ShondaLand’s 20 most romantic speeches from Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. (Sorry, Private Practice fans. This list is current shows only.) Enjoy: READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy's' Meredith Grey vs. 'Scandal's' Olivia Pope: Battle of Shondaland's worst parents -- POLL

Welcome to Shondaland, the world of strong female characters, complicated love stories, and absolutely horrible parents. It’s a world in which being the leading lady means a few things are certain: You will have an epic love, you will be excellent at your job, and you will have atrocious parents who will cause you tremendous amounts of pain. Take Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith Grey and Scandal‘s Olivia Pope, for example. Mer has McDreamy; Olivia has Fitz. Mer is a respected surgeon; Olivia is the best “fixer” around. Mer’s parents are/were awful; Olivia’s parents are/were awful.

And after Thursday night’s Scandal, in which we learned the truth about Olivia’s mom, I couldn’t help but ask myself: Whose parents are worse? Meredith’s or Olivia’s? Let’s break it down.

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