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Enter EW's Pop Culture Pumpkin Contest!


For a few years now, my friend Jen and I have taken great pride in pumpkin creativity. It started years ago when we found ourselves hanging out at a local church pumpkin patch after a particularly crap-tastic day of high school. (Give me a break, this was Texas and, for your information, there’s no better way to make yourself feel good than going somewhere as joy-filled as a pumpkin patch.) In our frustration, we decided to buy some pumpkins to paint — for art therapy — when we spotted a sign about a contest. Not only was there a cast prize (maybe $25?), but we figured we’d be up against mostly children, so WE HAD TO WIN! Yes, this was pathetic, but hey, we’d had a bad day! READ FULL STORY

Rated Arrrrr! Top 10 most pirated movies of all time

In response to Netflix’s recently released list of the “Top 10 Movie Rentals of All Time,” BitTorrent has release its own — albeit utterly illegal — list of the “Top 10 Most Pirated Movies” of all time. The usual suspects were there, with Avatar (21 million downloads) taking top (dis?)honors, and The Dark Knight tying for second place with Transformers at 19 million downloads apiece. And, yes, of course there’s a Pirates of the Caribbean installment on there. It’s only right.

Still, there is surprisingly little overlap between the lists (only Inception and The Departed). Apparently Netflix users favor Oscar bait while Internet thieves go for tentpole popcorn movies, with the Venn Diagram overlap between those two strangely being Leonardo DiCaprio. So what other movies made the list, and which were the most head scratch-inducing? See the full list after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien visits Jimmy Fallon in his old studio: Watch!

Conan O’Brien, who’ll return to New York City to host his TBS show there the week of Oct. 31, made an advance trip to visit with Jimmy Fallon, who now shoots in O’Brien’s old studio. “That’s right, you were here for 16 years,” Fallon said on last night’s Late Night. “And then… what happened?” Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

Kellie Pickler brings s'more laughter on her latest 'Ellen' appearance

I always make a point of catching The Ellen Degeneres Show when Kellie Pickler is the guest. Those two are a riot!

Yesterday, Kellie stopped by Ellen’s chatfest to promote her new country single “Tough” as well as her upcoming appearance on 90210. The results were hilarious.

After a playful chat about her marriage, her Minnesoooota mother-in-law, and her tendency to get easily startled, Kellie was treated to a “relaxing” chocolate spa facial by Ellen. The whole segment felt like a scene straight out of I Love Lucy.

Trust me, these clips will brighten up your day: READ FULL STORY

Kardashians to co-host fourth hour of 'Today' all next week. Who else needs a drink?

Prepare yourselves: Next week on the fourth hour of Today, Khloe Kardashian will co-host with Hoda Kotb on Funday, Bruce Jenner on Boozeday, Kris Jenner on Winesday, Kourtney Kardashian on Thirstday, and Kim Kardashian on Dryday. But who will join me when I marathon the shows on KillMyselfday?

You gotta hand it to the Kardashians. If they’re not appearing in the news, they’ll literally make themselves appear on the news. First person to convince me there’s still hope for this world wins permission to destroy my television on Oct. 10.

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Has 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger reached her tipping point with her comments about gay men?

Anyone who’s ever seen an episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker knows self-proclaimed love guru Patti Stanger is an acquired taste akin to wasabi peas. She comes on strong and leaves your insides feelings raw. But Stanger’s frank, loud-mouthed, know-it-all persona has become her signature, the reason people watch her show in the first place. Who doesn’t want to see a paunchy, balding, middle-aged entrepreneur get put in his place for insisting that he will settle for nothing less than a Perfect 10? This past Sunday, however, Stanger crossed a line. Dishing out dating advice on Bravos’ Watch What Happens Live, she effectively characterized all gays as “queeny,” oral-sex-obsessed Grindr disciples incapable of monogamy, and even laughed in beloved host Andy Cohen’s face when he dared disagree with her perspective. Despite apologizing late yesterday, Stanger is still facing serious backlash. Is it possible she has gone from someone we love to hate to someone we just hate? READ FULL STORY

Jonah Hill calls out Matthew Morrison: 'I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one!'

Well, it’s official: Nobody likes Mr. Schuester.

Especially not Jonah Hill, who all but declared war on Matthew Morrison, the actor who plays Glee‘s oft-maligned teacher/occasional rapper, during his visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. The newly-svelte Moneyball star recalled a recent incident in which he attended a “douchey Hollywood party” where he tried to eavesdrop on a conversation between “Gossip Girl guy” Chace Crawford and Morrison, who had previously ridiculed him at a Fox television event (here’s that part of the story), only to hear that the Glee actor made a joke in which “Jonah Hill” was the uproarious punchline. It is on, PopWatchers.

Not only did Hill call Morrison out on national television with some flowery Sitter-like language (“Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your s— next time I see you”), but he also earned some major street cred from the Roots (Questlove gave him a standing-O!). Check out the full clip below in which Hill draws the battle lines of this latest celebrity feud (“I’d like to see him sing his way out of this one!”). READ FULL STORY

Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' only made me miss 'My Boys'

Image credit: Fox

An impressive total of 10.1 million people watched Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl premiere last night. I was one of them. And an extraordinarily large number of people enjoyed the show. I was not one of them.

Admittedly, I was predisposed to not liking it. Though I enjoyed blonde Deschanel in Elf, I have disliked mostly everything brunette Deschanel has done in recent years. That is, besides The Happening, because it’s impossible to dislike a movie that awesomely awful. So while my love for The Happening led me to laugh at the sight of Deschanel falling over a plant in New Girl last night (she’s just there to use the bathroom, guys), I just couldn’t bring myself to crack a smile during any other hijinx during the premiere. Especially since New Girl only made me sad that My Boys is no longer on the air. READ FULL STORY

Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls leaves a bad taste in an American Family Association group's mouth

The American Family Association affiliate One Million Moms is vehemently against Fair Trade vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of rum, fudge covered rum balls, and milk chocolate malt balls. That can be the only reasonable explanation for their crusade against Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor, the Saturday Night Live-inspired ice cream Schweddy Balls.

Actually, One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the flavor for because of its “vulgar” title. In the opening paragraph, the group complains, “Schweddy Balls is the best they could come up with.” Valid point, “No one can resist my Schweddy Balls” would have been way funnier. READ FULL STORY

Ryan Gosling lets Conan O'Brien in on a dirty Disney secret

Wouldn’t it be nice if Ryan Gosling made the talk-show rounds at least once a week? Granted, it’s certainly starting to feel that way considering he’s had three movies to promote (Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, The Ides of March) over the past few months, but the guy is one seriously entertaining talk-show guest. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes, if you catch my drift. (Pssst, it means he’s very, very handsome.)

Gosling proved all this once again Monday night when he visited Conan and chatted about, among other things, his gripe with Disney (which, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with The Mickey Mouse Club.) READ FULL STORY

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