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'Shameless' shocker: Even the cast didn't know about [spoiler]'s return!

Did you catch Sunday night’s shocking season finale of Shameless? If you did, you likely gasped at the bad-ass return of (SPOILER!) the previously-thought-dead Jimmy/Steve—and hey, you weren’t the only one to clutch your pearls.

Judging by the cast’s reactions on Twitter, not even the actors in the Gallagher clan were aware that Justin Chatwin’s perennially troubled rich kid would turn out alive, after the season three finale found him presumably dead in the water after he was escorted onto the yacht of a Brazilian mafioso who had every reason to murder him. In Sunday’s post-credits scene, it was revealed that Jimmy/Steve is alive and well and driving in Chicago with a strange woman (as one does). But what does he WANT!? READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Star-Crossed', premieres, Matthew McConaughey joins 'Inside the Actors Studio', more

Another week full of the Winter Olympics means another week spent missing some of your favorite shows. But luckily, this week is not without its moments. For one, The CW’s new series Star-Crossed is premiering, along with The Amazing Race: All-Stars. See, it could be worse.

Check out what this week has going on in the world of pop culture: READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'House of Cards' returns, 'Pretty Little Liars' goes black and white, and more

Newsflash: This week is all about the Olympics. So if at any point, you feel the need for a good sports fix, simply change the channel to see what’s happening in Sochi. It is always acceptable, and often encouraged. That being said, we wanted to make sure you had a list of entertainment options that didn’t involve skin-tight uniforms and/or Bob Costas’ pinkeye.

Olympics aside, here’s what you’re looking at for your upcoming week of pop culture adventures:

This Week's Cover: 'Downton Abbey' keeps our Winter TV Preview classy

It’s the biggest PBS phenomenon since Sesame Street, and might very well be the classiest thing you do every Sunday night. Yes, Downton Abbey is returning on Jan. 5, and Entertainment Weekly was on the set for season four of the British TV phenomenon. Creator Julian Fellowes’ wildly popular period drama about life on a decadent English countryside estate shocked viewers last season with two major character deaths (we’ll never forget you, Matthew and Sybil!), and the show’s anticipated fourth season promises to be nothing short of shocking, exciting, and traumatic — which is just what we’ve come to expect of the Grantham and Crawley clan. Even guest star Shirley MacLaine was floored by the show’s drama: “When Matthew died I nearly threw a chair at the television. I thought, what is Julian Fellowes doing? It took me a few days to get over it.” READ FULL STORY

Character Rehab: How to fix Frank Gallagher on 'Shameless'

Here at EW, we have a weekly series in which we — and readers — weigh in on ways to rehab much-maligned characters on some of our favorite shows.

Frank Gallagher is a shameless bastard. (Pun intended.) He always has been, and that’s why Shameless viewers love him, hate him, and love to hate him. But what makes this drunken vagrant of a father to Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam Gallagher such an interesting character to watch is also one of the show’s biggest problems. The Showtime dramedy, so far, has shown three seasons of the impish William H. Macy manipulate, scheme, and use anyone and anything to serve his own purposes, which mainly consists of drinking, ingesting drugs, and having sex.

With season 4’s premiere on Jan. 12, another 12 episodes of Macy acting drunk, self-serving, and occasionally funny will be repetitive and dull. By now, we get who Frank is and how he operates. So what else is there? Although Frank is due for a visit to an actual rehab, he can also use a character rehab to make him more complex and compelling. Before Showtime’s dysfunctional family dramedy returns early next year, here are four fixes to make the Gallagher patriarch a more dynamic — and watchable — character.

EWwys voting is on! Races are close -- like 10 votes close


Yes, it’s the weekend, which means you should have plenty of time to scroll through the nominees for the 6th Annual EWwy Awards, which honor the Emmy-snubbed, and vote for your favorites. As I’m typing this, 10 votes separate first and second place in one category; 46 votes in another, and 194 votes in a third. You could be the difference between someone having to explain why they have a tiny statue of a black gold sheep on their mantle and someone not having that pleasure.  Vote now!

'Shameless' season finale: How would you grade the second season?

Shameless closed out its second season tonight with an overall quiet ending.

It seems strange to call the finale a “quiet” episode, considering it featured a break-out, the beginning of a family scandal, and two major character departures (though, they could always come back). But it was all weaved so artfully into the structure of the episode that it didn’t seem like anything special. Fitting, I suppose. Life for the Gallaghers, rocky as it is, always seems to go on despite everything around them, and that’s very much the tone that was struck in the episode.

Above all, I’m interested to see how this ending serves the story going into season 3. In tonight’s finale, Monica (the children’s mother) took off with a lesbian lover after Frank and Debbie broke her out of the psychiatric ward. Ian learned that his one-night-stand from the previous episode was none other that Steve/Jimmy’s father! And Karen left home after her mother decided to keep her baby — despite her wishes. (Good riddance to her, by the way. I had no sympathy for that character and was glad to see her go. My blood pressure couldn’t take looking at her for a one more second.)

So will Monica return? How will Ian’s revelation play out in the third season? What will Fiona do with her life now that she has her GED? And will I ever stop breaking down into tears every time Debbie cries? These and more questions linger, but while we ponder those, I have a reflective question for Shameless fans: What did you think of the season now that you’ve seen it all?

Admittedly, I felt like it took a while to get on its feet. Everything I enjoyed about season one was there: Deplorable human behavior tinged with drama, pillar of strength Fiona, and uncomfortable sex scenes. But it took a few episodes for me to see where the season was going. So after a bit of a slow start, I’m please with where we ended up. What about you? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in comments.

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman to receive rare double star on the Walk of Fame

UPDATE: If you find yourself walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, be sure to stop and look down: Today is the day William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are awarded their double star, with David Mamet and Aaron Sorkin serving as guest speakers at the ceremony. Let’s all be immediately jealous that we’re not as cool or adorable as these two.

EARLIER: Adorable, functional Hollywood couple news? You betcha! William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are getting the rare double star (all the way!) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that the famous pair will join a distinguished few who get to take part in a double ceremony. Macy and Huffman, who have been married since 1997 and have two children, will become the second married couple to be honored with their stars on the same day. (The last time was in 2008 for film producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Richard Donner.)

Macy, who currently appears on Shameless, and Huffman, who is wrapping up the final season of Desperate Housewives, have two Oscar nominations, two Emmy wins, and seven Globe nominations between them. The adorable duo, who worked together on the beloved Sports Night, all but stole the Golden Globes earlier this year with their charming little ditty.

Sunday Night TV: Which show do YOU watch live? -- POLL

Sometimes, in life, we have tough decisions to make: Chocolate or vanilla? Peeta or Gale? Linsanity or Tebowing? Or, for TV junkies like us, live TV or DVR?

With the return of midseason TV, our DVRs have been brimming to capacity (yes, I see you, 98% full ticker), and it’s easy to struggle with deciding between competing timeslots. What to choose on Monday nights when How I Met Your Mother faces off against The Bachelor and Alcatraz? Why must I decide between Survivor, American Idol, and One Tree Hill on Wednesdays? I love them the same! READ FULL STORY

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