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Justin Timberlake's introspective 'T Magazine' profile: His five best quotes

Justin Timberlake — the former NSYNCer-turned-pop culture Renaissance man — isn’t going away anytime soon.

At least that’s the takeaway from his T Magazine profile by Michael Hirschorn in the New York Times. Tracking his days from a child star and standout boy bander to his current pop/comedy dominance, Hirschorn describes Timberlake thusly: “He is his generation’s dapper master of ceremonies, turning up as a reliable good time on everything from Saturday Night Live, to Jimmy Fallon, to the MTV Video Music Awards and, of course, the Super Bowl.”

In the interview, we see a more ruminative side of the 32-year-old Timberlake, musing on his unusually long career.

Here, we’ve collected his best quotes from the interview. And if reading his words isn’t your thing, at least check out T Magazine‘s slick black-and-white photo shoot of Timberlake lookin’ Wuthering Heights-moody wearing a nearly $3,000 shirt.

That awkward moment when a role on HBO sounds a lot like porn -- VIDEO

The letters “H,” “B,” and “O,” when combined, create a certain legacy. It’s a legacy known for many great television shows, but one that nowadays is often most talked about for its explicit sex scenes — some scenes being so explicit that getting “caught” watching them could be just as embarrassing as getting caught watching porn. Come to think of it, what is the difference between HBO and porn? Well, HBO actors are certainly paid better than porn stars. They’re also typically prettier than porn stars. And oh right, they’re acting.

But just because HBO scenes aren’t porn doesn’t mean they don’t really sound like porn, and here’s proof. Watch the hilarious video below as “actors” describe their upcoming HBO roles to their loved ones (a few of which are obviously inspired by True Blood):

'Fifty Shades of Grey' audition script was 'intense,' says 'Carrie Diaries' star Chloe Bridges

We spent so much time thinking about the actors we wanted to play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation that we never stopped to think about what would actually go into the audition process. Which scene would the actors have to read? Perhaps the first time Christian and Ana meet? Or maybe the final scene of the book (you know the one)?

And although the details are still unknown, Carrie Diaries star Chloe Bridges recently told Cosmopolitan a little something about the script she was given to read in the audition room.

“There were three pages of sides that I was going to audition with,” Bridges said. “I read them and then was like, ‘I really can’t do this.'”

So of the two options we proposed, it certainly sounds like the scene was closer in nature to the latter. “If you read these three pages of asides, you would die,” said Bridges, who plays the saucy Donna LaDonna on Diaries and has had her fair share of racy scenes — just not this racy. “I still like to show them to my friends for fun,” Bridges said.

John Stamos on gathering celeb sex stories -- for a new web series

Admit it: If you had to tell one member of Full House‘s cast the story of how you lost your virginity, you’d obviously choose Uncle Jesse. (Or maybe Aunt Becky — you know she wouldn’t judge.)

That’s the basic idea behind Losing It With John Stamos, a new series of shorts that debuted earlier this week on Yahoo Screen. The premise is simple: Stamos sits down with a celebrity, who regales him with a story about turning in his or her v-card. Occasionally, bits are re-enacted by cute cartoon characters or puppets. (That’s got to be the stamp of documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who serves with Stamos as co-EP.)

Where did Stamos get the idea for Losing It? More importantly, how does he convince his famous pals to participate? The ex-Full Houser spills all in our interview — and also reveals whether Joey Gladstone is next in line.

'The Vampire Diaries' turns 4 today! Here are 20 things we're thankful it gave us -- VIDEOS

Four years ago today, something supernatural happened: The Vampire Diaries premiered on The CW. And just like that, we fell into the world of Mystic Falls, Va., where the hot new guy in town had a sexy (albeit dangerous) secret, Bonnie was “psychic,” Jeremy was in his drug phase, Elena was sick of faking a smile, and no one knew what a  “moonstone” was.

That, of course, would all change, just as we, the viewers, would change right along with it as TVD exposed us to countless wonderful things. Here’s our list of the 20 things we want to thank The Vampire Diaries for giving us:

'Fifty Shades of Grey': Bret Easton Ellis tweets that Robert Pattinson was E. L. James' first choice for Christian

After countless rumors, fake magazine covers, secret conversations, and fan-made movie trailers, Charlie Hunnam has officially been cast as rich-playboy-with-a-secret Christian Grey in the big-screen adaptation of E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. But that doesn’t mean he was the author’s first choice.

According to Bret Easton Ellis, who had once expressed interest in writing the screenplay, James pictured Robert Pattinson in the role of Christian, who’s described in the books as having dark copper-colored hair and, of course, those unforgettable gray eyes.

Ellis tweeted that not only was Pattinson James’ first choice, but that fan favorites Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder were “never in the running.” Check out Ellis’ tweets below: READ FULL STORY

Attention all insane single women: 'The Bachelor' is casting!

Are you looking for someone to share your life with? Do you pepper every other sentence with the words “journey,” “amazing” and “right reasons”? Are your eggs rotting? Then listen up: As you may have heard, rose lovers, Juan Pablo — the sexy, soft-spoken former soccer player whom Desiree dumped on The Bachelorette — will be the star of season 18 of The Bachelor beginning this January. For some of us, this news is bittersweet, as we may already be happily married with a child and therefore theoretically ineligible to compete for Juan Pabs’ heart. But for all the single “ladies” out there, this is your moment. ABC has just released an official casting announcement that also doubles as a fantastic work of comedy writing. Read on for the casting call, as well as our in-depth analysis:


Yes, Ruthie Camden from '7th Heaven' did a 'Maxim' photo shoot

Where can you go when the world don’t treat you right — and your TV show got canceled six years ago?

The answer is Maxim!

Like Danielle Fishel, Amanda Bynes, and Hilary Duff before her — not to mention Alyssa Milano, who pioneered the trend way back in 1998 — 23-year-old Mackenzie Rosman has decided to prove she’s all grown up by posing for a spread in the men’s magazine. (Unfortunately, she didn’t snag a cover of her own; fittingly enough, that honor went to Milano this month.)

The pictures show the onetime child actress posing in her underwear, seductively lifting a cover-up over a beige bikini, and lying topless on a bench in a plaid skirt that sort of looks like a Catholic school uniform, which makes thematic sense until you remember that 7th Heaven‘s Camden family wasn’t Catholic.

Sorry, 'New York Post' -- we're more disappointed in you than Anthony Weiner


Postie. Postie. (Can I call you Postie?)

What happened, dude?

When Anthony Weiner’s first cybersex scandal broke two years ago, your professional punsters went into overdrive. Your June 2, 2011, cover offered a delightful double-header: “Battle of the bulge: Weiner Exposed.” Five days later, you went with something a little classier: “Naked Truth,” superimposed on that now-famous image of Weiner’s bare torso. On June 8, you urged Weiner to “Fall on [His] Sword”; on June 10, you noted that Weiner planned to “stick out” his congressional term. (The cover story’s first line: “He’s taking a hard line.”)

On it went, for what seemed like weeks: “Obama Beats Weiner.” “Weiner’s Rise and Fall.” “Weiner’s Second Coming.” Even after he resigned from Congress and retreated from the spotlight, you couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke fun at Weiner: “A little Weiner,” you crowed when his son Jordan was born. “Weiner shows off his little one,” you blared when he posed with the kid last summer. (Points off for redundancy, but we admire the effort.)


'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All' on the scene: We take the guys speed-dating

After the grueling two-hour Men Tell All special, I thought the boys of The Bachelorette deserved a break. So I let a handful of them try to impress me with the answers to four important speed-dating questions to determine who would be getting a rose from me — you know, if I had roses.

Juan Pablo and I chatted primarily about his favorite subject: his daughter Camilla. He deferred to her love of all the Disney princesses when I asked him his favorite, and in the end he didn’t come up with a straight answer. But now I know Camilla had a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party in February and loves to sing along to the Tangled soundtrack.

His favorite superhero — though he isn’t really into them — is Batman. “I used to like watching the movies, watching the outfits, the guns and everything, that was pretty good,” he said. “The suit that he wore, that guy was freakin’ ripped. I liked it.”

His favorite romantic comedy is a Spanish langugage film from Argentina called El hijo de la novia (Son of the Bride), so we couldn’t connect over that, but he said he’d take me to the jungle on a date. Then he backed up.

“Honestly, any date’s good. Go to dinner, or a soccer game — if you like music, go to a concert,” he suggested. “I’m not high-maintenance at all. I like to be with someone who will get along with doing things, like if I said, ‘Let’s go to a soccer game,’ and they said, ‘Oh, that’s boring, I don’t like that.’ You know, just go and maybe you want to go to a ballet and I’m like, ‘Okay let’s do it. I like that.’ An easygoing woman.”

So that’s not happening.

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