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FHM names Jennifer Lawrence 'Sexiest Woman in the World'

In today’s least surprising news, Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest woman in the world. Duh.

FHM, a British men’s magazine, awarded Lawrence the honor of the number one spot on their annual ‘Sexiest Women’ list, full of other beauties like Sofía Vergara and Emma Roberts. To prove Lawrence’s appeal, FHM included an interactive timeline of the Oscar winner’s charm, so we can review all the great things Lawrence has done — like call her armpit fat an “armpit vagina” and trip (again) at the Oscars. What a woman.


And the Sexiest Woman Alive is...Mila Kunis? At least, that's what 'Esquire' says

It seems like just yesterday she was little Jackie on That ’70s Show. And now Mila Kunis has been crowned as the Sexiest Woman Alive.

At least that’s what the dapper folks over at Esquire have decided in their down time from teaching us how to tie the perfect four-in-hand tie knot and what month is the most appropriate one to enjoy that impertinent bottle of Riesling in your wine rack.

You’ll get no argument from us about Kunis’ easy-on-the-eyes sexiness. The 29-year-old, who was born in Ukraine and moved to California at age 7, has been bewitching audiences for a while now with her dark-eyed looks, frisky sense of on-screen humor  (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ted), and ever-impressive, capital-A acting chops (Black Swan).

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