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James Van Der Beek reminisces about 'Dawson's Creek' stalkers on 'Late Night' -- VIDEO

James Van Der Beek had plenty of fan girls during his Dawson’s Creek days. But the way he tells it, screaming teens were the least of his worries back then.

When visiting Late Night to promote his new show, Friends with Better Lives, on Thursday, Van Der Beek told Seth Meyers that his craziest stalker was a man who made him mix-tapes featuring songs from films and TV shows that the actor appeared in. Seriously. Check out his funny-scary recollection here:


Kanye West drops some wisdom on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' -- VIDEO

“Everything in the world is exactly the same.” This is what Kanye West told us matter-of-factly in his interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers when Meyers asked him the difference between approaching fashion and music. Kanye West, everyone, philosopher of the 21st century.

West made some predictably out-there statements in his 10-minute interview, including the above, but the best part of it was that he laughed at himself.

Meyers brought up how West had an idea for a sketch when he was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live in 2007: The rapper, not yet famous for interrupting Taylor Swift at that point but definitely famous for ranting about his loss at the MTV Europe Music Awards, would interrupt other competitions, including the Kids’ Choice Awards and a pumpkin contest at a state fair in the skit. West started to laugh at the mention of this sketch, and after Meyers showed the pumpkin patch clip, the usually straight-faced West was all smiles. READ FULL STORY

'Late Night with Seth Meyers' premiere review: 'Saturday Night Live' brand extension or analog holdout in a digital era?

So here’s Seth Meyers, former Weekend Update anchor, hosting his first-ever episode of Late Night. He’s following in the footsteps of Jimmy Fallon, another former Weekend Update anchor. The two men are different, kind of. Fallon on Update was adorable and Meyers on Update was adorably rude. (Fallon is to Meyers as Michelangelo is to Raphael.) But they’re also not that different — not when you consider the whole great ecosystem of comedy that has grown lush in this era of cable and internet and podcasts and books based on Tumblrs getting turned into TV shows. On Monday, Fallon’s monologue had Olympics jokes and a Rob Ford joke; one hour later, Meyers’ first-ever monologue started with an Olympics joke and a Rob Ford joke.

This is the Seth Meyers problem, for now. He’s basically the same age as Jimmy Fallon — actually a year older. You could argue that their pre-Late Night careers were radically different. Fallon spent six years at Saturday Night Live before trying, mostly failing at a movie career. Meyers spent thirteen years at SNL, many of them as the show’s head writer. And, as my colleague Hillary Busis pointed out, he had a distinctive writing voice: Weird, unusual, breaking away from the staid rhythms of SNL‘s live sketches. Though you could argue that Meyers presided over those staid rhythms, too. READ FULL STORY

'Late Night With Seth Meyers' premieres tonight: 5 things we want to see

Each iteration of The Tonight Show‘s mischievous younger brother has had its own unique flavor. David Letterman’s pioneering version was cutting-edge and unpredictable; Conan O’Brien’s was cerebral and absurd; Jimmy Fallon’s was goofy and YouTubey, and “wait, you remember the ’90s TOO?!”-y.

Late Night‘s latest host, ex-SNL head writer Seth Meyers, will obviously try to forge his own path. That said, he also has a few things in common with each of his predecessors — and it’s easy to see a scenario in which he synthesizes the strengths of all three previous hosts (Letterman’s innovation, Conan’s surreality, Fallon’s knack for viral content) to create some sort of ultimate Late Night Frankenshow.

Something like that, of course, would only come with time. For now, let’s focus on what we’d like to see from Meyers’ very first Late Night, which airs tonight on NBC at 12:35 a.m. ET. First and foremost: READ FULL STORY

'SNL' made Seth Meyers a heartwarming goodbye video: Watch it here

With less than a week to go before his big Late Night debut, Seth Meyers must be freaking out just the teensiest bit right about now. It’s the perfect time, then, for his old show to release a video guaranteed to put a smile on his face — a surprisingly earnest montage of current SNL cast members and writers all telling Meyers how great he is and how much they’re going to miss him.

Even if you don’t happen to be Seth Meyers — a condition that unfortunately affects the vast majority of the world’s population — the video is pretty delightful. Bobby Moynihan does his segments while clutching a gigantic Hulk fist. Nasim Pedrad remembers how nice Meyers always was to her dad, even when he was giving Seth unnecessary notes. Kenan Thompson shows a display of emotion that’s somewhere between “just for laughs” and “genuine.” Vanessa Bayer reveals that she was in an all-female sketch group in college called “Bloomers,” and that Meyers wore the Bloomers shirt she gave him to his very last table read. Cecily Strong… is conspicuously absent, but maybe that’s just because she wanted to save her feelings for Seth’s last Weekend Update. READ FULL STORY

Stefon on 'Late Night'? Seth Meyers says...

Could Seth Meyers’s Late Night feature a guest appearance by the comedian’s significant other? By that, of course, I don’t mean his real-life wife Alexi Ashe — I’m talking about his fake-life husband Stefon, a.k.a. Bill Hader’s best-loved SNL character.

The answer? “Bill and I spoke during my last SNL, and we do think he’ll turn up eventually,” Meyers told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday.

We can expect other SNL stars to stop by as well; after all, Meyers’s new studio is just down the hall from the sketch show’s. Just don’t expect a reunion to happen every night; the host added that he doesn’t want to crowd his new show with too many reminders of his old job.

Watch Meyers talk shop in our late-night highlight video below.


Fred Armisen's music career: A pre-'Late Night' primer -- VIDEO

It’s no joke: Comedian Fred Armisen really has joined Seth Meyers’ Late Night as bandleader-slash-music-”curator.” He’ll be helming the talk show’s house band — a talented group that also includes guitarist Seth Jabour of Les Savy Fav, bassist Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav, keyboardist Eli Janney of Girls Against Boys, and drummer Kim Thompson of Beyoncé’s touring band — even when he’s busy with other projects, like IFC’s Portlandia.

For those who know Armisen only as “that weird guy from SNL,” this news may seem more than a little random. But Armisen’s actually got plenty of music industry bona fides — his showbiz career began with a gig as a punk rock drummer, he made his first steady paycheck as a drummer for the Blue Man Group in Chicago, and he’s frequently showed off his multi-instrumental skills on both SNL and Portlandia. So before Armisen picks up his Late Show guitar — he’ll be both strumming and singing for Meyers’ 8G Band — let’s take a look back at his second, slightly more obscure career… which frequently bleeds over into his comedy.


'Saturday Night Live' recap: Seth Meyers (and old friends!) steal Melissa McCarthy's show


Melissa McCarthy will do anything for a laugh.

Fans have known that since Bridesmaids (or, really, Gilmore Girls), and over the past few years she’s become a box-office star who is known for her intense, all-in characters that dominate both the screen and the discussion following the movie. So it was no surprise she’s been a reliably great SNL host the previous two times she hosted, and last night was no exception. If the episode as a whole felt underwhelming, it was only because expectations were sky-high — and laughs-wise, there was an emotional goodbye full of favorite friends to contend with as well.

McCarthy caught viewers off guard right off the bat, appearing in the cold opener as a Broadway performer tapped to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. I’m guessing this skit will be among the most divisive of the night. I personally liked it simply because it wasn’t yet another stale political opener, and, not for nothing, if Broadway wanted to start having a Super Bowl halftime routine, I certainly wouldn’t complain. (Of course, performers like Beyoncé and Prince already bring a level of spectacle to the proceedings that no musical could hope to contend with.) It wasn’t the funniest opener of the season, but it beat last week’s ice-skating Olympics sketch, and it was nice to at least see a couple silly original characters — the most random being Kenan Thompson’s Ben Vereen.

But the cold opener was merely an appetizer for trademark McCarthy. In her monologue, the host pointed out she really didn’t have anything to promote, and that she simply enjoys being on the program. Perhaps the randomness of it all led to the most WTF monologue of the year, with McCarthy and Bobby Moynihan in a feud that needed to be resolved by an onstage fight – in the air, on wires. Check out the results (So many in-air summersaults!) below: READ FULL STORY

Seth Meyers: 10 great moments away from the 'Weekend Update' desk

Imminent Late Night host Seth Meyers is known best for two things: Presiding over Saturday Night Live‘s writers’ room since 2005, and expertly anchoring the Weekend Update desk — with Amy Poehler, alone, and with Cecily Strong — since 2006.

What you may not remember, though, is that Meyers originally joined SNL as a featured player way back in 2001, giving him the second longest tenure of any cast member in SNL history. (He’s outstripped only by go-to impressionist Darrell Hammond, who stuck around for 14 seasons.) And though Meyers only really became a household name when he inherited Tina Fey’s Update seat, his 13 years of Saturday Nights also included plenty of memorable work away from the fake news desk. (And that’s not even counting his behind-the-scenes contributions; Meyers was instrumental in crafting SNL‘s wicked take on Sarah Palin, among countless others.)

So before Meyers departs SNL for good this weekend, let’s take a look back at some of his best non-Update sketches — the type of stuff we likely won’t see much of once he makes the leap to Late Night. After all, if you looked that good in a suit, you’d move away from character work too.


'SNL': Get to know upcoming Weekend Update host Colin Jost

Saturday Night Live‘s “newest addition” isn’t actually a new addition at all. Colin Jost, named today as Seth Meyers’ imminent Weekend Update successor, has been writing for the sketch show since 2005 (shortly after he graduated from Harvard; underachiever) and was named its co-head writer in 2012. True, he’s only appeared on the show a handful of times — in just two sketches, according to IMDB — but that doesn’t mean Jost lacks performing experience: He’s also a seasoned standup comedian who has appeared on stages around the country and on programs including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show.

Want to know more? Of course you do!


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