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'The Walking Dead' stars and more share their best Halloween costume stories


Still need some inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume—or want to commiserate about that costume you can’t believe you once wore? Watch the video below. We asked celebs visiting EW‘s video studio to reminisce about their greatest Halloween hits and biggest misses.

In order of appearance: Seth Green, Let’s Make a Deal‘s Wayne Brady, George Takei,  Saturday Night Live‘s Jay Pharoah, Cristela‘s Cristela Alonzo, The Walking Dead‘s Alanna Masterson, Constantine‘s Matt Ryan, TWD‘s Josh McDermitt, TWD‘s Michael Cudlitz, TWD‘s Chad Coleman, Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden, Bones‘ Tamara Taylor, Gene Simmons, Under the Dome‘s Rachelle Lefevre, and Marry Me‘s Dan Bucatinsky.

A tease: Someone got bit by a dog, someone dressed as Crystal the Monkey, and someone needs your help getting a message to Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. READ FULL STORY

Seth Green wouldn't recommend seeing 'Purple Rain' with your mom


Seth Green wants you to know that his new movie, The Identical, isn’t about Elvis Presley. It just uses the fact that Elvis had a stillborn twin brother as inspiration for a nature vs. nurture story revolving around musically gifted twins (both played by Blake Rayne) who are unknowingly separated at birth. “It’s a story about what you’re told your life is meant to be versus what you feel in your heart you want to be,” Green says. “It’s about the identity that you choose, not the one that’s projected on you from the teachings of your parents or their learned trauma from their parents, which I think is such an important message.”

When we invited Green, who plays a best friend/drummer, to take our EW Pop Culture Personality Test, we learned of his childhood trauma—seeing Purple Rain with his mother and being frightened by the Don Knotts comedy Hot Lead and Cold Feet. Watch the video and read the transcript below. READ FULL STORY

There Should Be A Sequel: 'Rat Race'

Every week, EW will imagine a sequel to a movie that we wish would happen — no matter how unlikely the idea really is.

I was a very serious child, and I often found myself confused about what I was supposed to do in public scenarios. For example: I thought you weren’t supposed to scream on roller coasters — you should see that photo — and you weren’t supposed to laugh out loud in movie theaters — there’s no photo of that, sorry. Why did I think this? I have no idea, especially because I come from a family of very loud screamers and even louder laughers (new word alert!). Perhaps I was rebelling? Or I’ll just use the I-didn’t-know-any-better excuse. Either way, the first movie to not only force me to crack a smile but to make me absolutely hysterical was some “stupid movie I didn’t even want to see.” And I give you Rat Race. READ FULL STORY

'Can't Hardly Wait': What the gang's been up to since graduation

Newsflash: Simon Cowell is supposedly interested in booking Jennifer Love Hewitt to replace Britney Spears on The X Factor next season. Yes, that Jennifer Love Hewitt.

On the surface, this idea seems, well, sorta nuts. Despite five recent-ish seasons of Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt hasn’t been particularly relevant since her Party of Five days, and her brief early-aughts singing career was unmemorable at best. (Though you’ve got to admit, “BareNaked” is still pretty catchy.)

Dig a little deeper, though, and suddenly the rumor starts making a weird kind of sense. Hewitt’s certainly as famous as, say, Paula Abdul was in the early days of American Idol. She’s got a reputation for charming self-awareness; see, for instance, how she responded when Slate named her the worst actress of the last 25 years in 2011. And finally, though Hewitt may not be a household name on the same level as Britney, she’s still been working steadily ever since her teen idol days — proving that the cast of 1998’s classic teen movie Can’t Hardly Wait has surprisingly good staying power.


'Robot Chicken' tackles 'Street Fighter'

Leave it to Seth Green and the hoodlums over at Robot Chicken to dredge up old school icons of pop culture. Their latest subject, Street Fighter, hasn’t been topical in a decade, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from stop-motion skewering. This clip imagines what it might actually be like to organize the game’s assortment of beef-headed brawlers and otherworldly ape men. Ryu assumes the unfortunate role of talent agent/tour manager, desperately trying to coordinate the other characters’ fight schedules with the help of an information packet. The other guys, of course, are clueless dimwits and utterly helpless – series baddie M. Bison somehow winds up inside a game of Q*bert – leaving Ryu in a state of Ari Gold-like frustration. Hats off, Robot Chicken, for making Street Fighter relevant (or at least funny) once again.


Seth Green's 'Star Wars: Detours' trailer debuts -- WATCH

The first trailer for Seth Green’s new animated comedy Star Wars: Detours hit the web today.

According to the description, Detours “focuses on the universe’s regular folks and their everyday problems… which, to be fair, do frequently involve famous bounty hunters, crazed Ewoks, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith.” Watch it below.


'Family Guy' season finale: Shouldn't the worst movie of the original 'Star Wars' trilogy make the best spoof?

In the opening crawl of Family Guy‘s third Star Wars spoof, Seth MacFarlane openly admits his fatigue in having to give us a Return of the Jedi parody. Even though there’s a lot of good stuff in “It’s a Trap!,” the writers aren’t entirely joking when they tell us to lower our expectations — it’s clear from the early scenes (Rush Limbaugh as the Rancor … eh) that this episode feels a bit more dutiful and less exuberant than “Blue Harvest” and “Something, Something, Something Dark Side.” READ FULL STORY

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich let viewers pull the strings in 'ControlTV'

Robot Chicken Emmy winners Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are tackling reality TV — on the Internet. They’ve created ControlTV, a show that will follow six weeks in the life of a man in his twenties, as the audience votes, in real time, on decisions in his life — from what he wears and eats, to where he works, to who he dates. The show, which will begin production in Los Angeles this fall, will be distributed by DBG (www.dbg.tv). The highlights of each day’s action will be edited into a webisode, concluding with a vote. The series has partnered with Ford and Sprint, so the Man Puppet (our term) will drive a 2011 Ford Fiesta and use Sprint’s new HTC EVO4G phone. (I’m surprisingly okay with product tie-ins when the whole point of a show is manipulation. But I stand behind my tweet last night after a certain scripted series on USA: “For every BMW/Bud Light product placement shot on Covert Affairs, I’d like an Auggie sex scene.”)

What do you think about ControlTV? I trust Green and Senreich to make this moving Choose Your Own Adventure book fun. And they appear to have aligned themselves with the right people, who will serve as fellow exec producers: Richard Saperstein, former president of Dimension Films; Bachelor director Ken Fuchs; award-winning commercial director Stephen Kessler; and interactive technology expert Craig Ullman. Will you play?

Warren the Ape reaches out to Seth Green: Exclusive clip

In tonight’s episode of Warren The Ape (MTV, 10:30 p.m. ET), the D-list actor and fabricated American reaches out to his old Greg the Bunny costar Seth Green for cash — at the worst possible time. Watch the clip below. Perhaps if Warren had waited until Saturday, after Green’s Robot Chicken had finally won the Emmy for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program, he would’ve had better luck.

As for Warren’s answers to the questions submitted for him last week on PopWatch:

Q: Warren, how can you live with yourself?!? — Jose
A: “Practice,” Warren says. “I’ve been doing it all my life.”

Q: Warren, can I blow you please? — jerryhedrick
A: “Thanks,” Warren says, “but I’ve got enough people around me who suck.” READ FULL STORY

Guest Editor Seth Green: A wear-it-if-you-dare guide to Comic-Con costumes

Seth-green_l Thinking of dressing up for Comic-Con? Do yourself and everyone else a favor: Use this handy guide to determine what might be appropriate. In ascending order of how many hours-per-week you'll need to spend in the gym to pull off. Brought to you by the Robot Chickenstaff: Mike Fasolo, Douglas Goldstein, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick, Hugh Sterbakov, Zeb Wells.

SITH LORD: All the weight-hiding benefits of a robe with the slimming power of black. A go-to if you tend to force-choke Hot Pockets more often than mouthy Admirals.

DOCTOR DOOM: Your cape gets smaller, but you still have full body coverage. If you can fit in the armor, the sculpted muscles will take care of the rest.

THE JOKER: You're not going to win any points for originality, but you're still technically wearing clothes.

SUPERMAN: We're knocking on the door to spandex territory, but there are two layers over your crotch, and there's a belt in there somewhere.

SPIDER-MAN: Now we've entered Spandex territory and are building a house there. We shouldn't have to say this, but every crack and crevice will be visible. Proceed with caution.

VAMPIRELLA: Your naughty bits are all covered, but you're still technically naked in most Southern states.

EMMA FROST: For professional models only, and even then your camel better have very small toes, if you get our drift….

PRINCE NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER: There's a reason this guy lives in the water. The only place this outfit would be remotely acceptable is at the beach.

DR. MANHATTAN:If you've got the guts, go with God, but remember to take into account the shrinkage you'll experience when you're relentlessly tasered by convention security.

(Robot Chicken Season 4.5 premieres on July 26 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. For more info and updates, go to www.adultswimpresents.com.)

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