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'Big Bang Theory' recap: Sheldon and Leonard get robbed, and Sheldon moves away to...Montana?!

First things first: My apologies for missing my Big Bang Theory recap last week, fellow Big Bang Theorists. You can blame the amoebae that have taken up residence in my tummy and fell me but good last Monday night. (I’ll spare y’all any further description other than to relay that, stemming from my best guess for the complicated scientific names for the little buggers based on what my doctor told me, my boyfriend has decided to call the amoebae Butch and Nana. Sheldon would so not approve.) I was especially bummed that I didn’t get to commiserate with you about last week’s Big Bang, too, since a night out as Raj’s wingman brought out a delightfully unexpected flirtatious side of Sheldon Cooper — even if Sheldon himself was completely unaware that he was, in fact, flirting with a co-ed with a rather improbable fetish for super-hero merch. (As opposed to Sheldon’s completely probable fetish for super-hero merch.)

Last night’s episode continued the writers’ fearless trek into the hidden corners of Sheldon’s labyrinthine psyche, although this week’s discoveries weren’t really all that surprising: Sheldon and Leonard got robbed, and Sheldon completely flipped out. That was pretty much the entire episode, too — Sheldon’s reaction to getting robbed, and everyone else’s reactions to Sheldon getting robbed, even though Leonard’s stuff got robbed, too. Heck, Penny couldn’t even muster more than a sympathy glass of wine for her boyfriend’s plight; she saved her real aw-poor-Pooh-bear pity for Sheldon. READ FULL STORY

Couch potatoes rule! New study shows Americans rate TV as top form of entertainment

According to today’s Hollywood Reporter, something called “Deloitte’s fourth annual State of the Media Democracy report” reveals that 34 percent of Americans rate TV as their favorite medium (up from 27 percent last year), with 71 percent listing it in their top three. Second place went to the Internets; third to music; and fourth to books. Meanwhile, only 22 percent of those polled cited going to the movies as their preferred form of entertainment. READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory' recap: Leonard's mother kisses Sheldon. Will life ever be the same?

In honor of our show’s scientific heroes, Big Bang theorists, I’m going to do a bit of an experiment with tonight’s Big Bang Theory recap. The Christmas season visit by Leonard Hofstadter’s mother Beverly, played by the inestimably fabulous Christine Baranski, was overflowing with so many great moments, so many great lines, and so mind-meltingly topped with one whopper of a smooch, I’m simply going to have to walk us through the episode, scene by scene, and highlight the great moments (and, on rare occasion, not-so-great moments) and the best lines.

So let’s start with the cold open, an unusually throwaway scene for a episode so packed with plot, but nonetheless…

Great moment: How perfect was it that Sheldon identifies with the pre-heart-expanding-three-times Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

Not-so-great moment: READ FULL STORY

Hey, I'm watching the Science Channel (to learn about 'True Blood' fangs)!

I’m proud of myself: Last year, I managed to spend more hours watching the Discovery Channel than America’s Next Top Model marathons and learn important things like that the Real Genius house of overflowing popcorn could never have happened. This year, I’m going to try watching the Science Channel for more than Survivorman repeats. After viewing a clip from a six-month-old episode of Nar Williams’ Science of the Movies currently making the Twitter rounds, I’m feeling optimistic. He finds out how they make the fangs on HBO’s True Blood. The secret: They’re lateral incisors (as opposed to canines), and modeled after Diamondback Rattlesnake fangs. (We also find out that the Queen’s ginormous fangs in the season 2 finale weren’t that far-fetched after all, and that props are due to True Blood‘s sound department, which perfectly mimics a pissed-off rattlesnake bite as heard at 4:57 in the clip below.)

Anyone got a Science Channel show they’d like to recommend?

P.S. For Longshadow’s death and Bill’s walk in the sun, watch Part I.

P.P.S. On this Thursday’s episode, Nar helps FXPERTS reconstruct a 20-foot replica of Bumblebee from Transformers and morphs into a video game character at Image Metrics. He also digs into the science of 3D moviemaking at Stereoscope and gets his brain waves read by neuromarketing company fMRI.

'Big Bang Theory' recap: Sheldon tries to teach Penny physics, barely succeeds

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, last night’s Big Bang Theory locked down this iron-clad axiom: Sheldon + Penny > Practically anything else on the show. This is no knock on Leonard, Howard, or poor Raj, who was especially MIA last night, and especially missed. It’s just that the improbable platonic friendship between this persnickety Texan and down-to-earth Nebraskan is undeniably the show’s beating heart, and any episode that advances that relationship is all the better for it. For one thing, through them, we learned that Fig Newtons were named for a small town in Massachusetts and not Isaac Newton. Go fig. (Sorry, I had to.)

That lovely factoid was the fruit of Sheldon’s agreement to teach Penny physics, so that she could actually understand what it is her boyfriend does for a living. Apparently, until Howard’s new microbiologist girlfriend Bernadette took a real interest in Leonard’s upcoming experiment, this cognitive disparity had never really bothered Penny, but I am beyond grateful that the writers didn’t use this moment to launch into the tired cliché of the-girlfriend-who-gets-instantly-jealous-of-female-competition. Nope, when Bernadette asked Leonard if he’s going to “try to set up the voltages using tunnel junctions” (ahem), Howard was the one with the little green monster — which is as it should be, really. READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory' recap: Wolowitz takes a bath with Katee Sackhoff

Barry Kripke, you have made a new enemy. Not only are your bratty antics a permanent thorn in Sheldon Cooper’s side. Not only is your speech impediment transparently designed to make you more annoying, which therefore actually does make you more annoying in a kind of post-modern, meta way. Not only does your mere presence in an episode of The Big Bang Theory certifiably guarantee unremitting lameness. But last night, you almost single-handedly torpedoed the Big Bang episode featuring very special guest star Katee Sackhoff, known to sci-fi geeks everywhere as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace of the late, great Battlestar Galactica. Which is to say, Kripke, that you have sinned against your own kind, and that is something I personally can never forgive. If you could see my face right now, in fact, it would be not all that dissimilar from Alyson Hannigan’s “You’re Dead To Me” stare from last night’s far superior episode of How I Met Your Mother. That’s right, Kripke; my brain is making you go boom.

Granted, before Kripke even showed up, things were headed in an unfortunately meh direction. On the bright side, it turns out Howard’s blind date with Penny’s Cheesecake Factory co-worker Bernadette from a few episodes back wasn’t a one time thing. On the dim side, it turns out she’s actually, well, kinda dim. Then again, she may not get any of Howard’s jokes, but at least she’s sharp enough to know that the third date = sex. You’d think a man who’s as much of a brainy horndog spaz as Howard is would be wise to that particular coital edict, but I guess not. READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory' recap: Sheldon gets to second base with Penny. That's not a typo.

I can’t say I’m a Sheldon/Penny ‘shipper myself, so I’m not entirely sure whether last night’s episode was cause to rejoice or not for those rather insistent Big Bang Theory fans who subscribe to the notion that the otherwise asexual quantum physicist should shack up with the rather sweet blonde Cheesecake Factory waitress who lives across the hall. True, Sheldon quite clearly, if accidentally, got to second base with Penny. And a drug-addled Penny did coyly joke at the end of the episode about Sheldon helping her to bed. But the vibe between them felt pretty much little sister/big brother all the way to me, right up to the climactic moment when Penny asked Sheldon to sing “Soft Kitty” with her. Then again, their in-the-round duet of Sheldon’s “when you’re sick” song did cause the studio audience to explode with such rowdy excitement that I can only attribute it to some serious pent up sexual tension.

And I’ve gotta concede there was certainly some sort of frisson when Sheldon first came upon Penny, clad only in her shower curtain, lying in her bathtub, wet from a running shower, looking like a character out of a Skinamax flick. He’d raced there after hearing her calls for help — not before partaking in his regular three-knocks-and-a-“Penny?” ritual, of course — and when he finally saw her, helpless and compromised, the way Jim Parsons paused and uttered a quizzical “Hello” made it clear he and Penny were entering brand new territory. READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory': Everybody's fighting!

Don’t let that sweet and cuddly photo from the end of last night’s Big Bang Theory fool you; this episode was packed to the rafters with one full bore fight after another, and, thank jeebus, the result was maybe the funniest ep of the season thus far. Which means I owe Pennard an apology. For weeks now, I’ve used this space to gripe and gripe and gripe about their peripheral, inconsistently funny, and obviously doomed relationship, but last night, for the first time, not only was Pennard the catalyst for most of the comedy, but I actually could picture these two crazy kids making it after all. (Speaking of shaky fall romances on CBS Monday sitcoms — and kids, consider this your SPOILER ALERT — let us take a quick moment of silence for the end of How I Met Your Mother‘s Robney last night, and let’s use that time to privately hope for the return of Fat Barney.) (Silence over.)

The verbal brawling began on Big Bang during the inaugural game of Research Lab, Sheldon’s DIY board game where “the physics is theoretical, but the fun is real!” Penny casually mentioned that her friend Justin, a budding musician from back home, was flying into LA and crashing on her couch for a few weeks. This was, by all appearances, the first Leonard had heard this news, and when Penny further allowed that Justin was an old fling — doing so by explaining that he’s “definitely not gay” — well, that was enough to flip Leonard’s lid something fierce. Which put Penny on the defense about her intelligence and independence. Which launched Sheldon on his gut-busting emotional regression, goaded by this simple, primal fear: Mommy and Daddy won’t stop fighting! Even when it’s just Daddy, fighting with himself! READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory': Sheldon and Leonard talk football, fly kites

In NFL football, when a team takes a scheduled week off from the season, it’s called a bye week. I know this because my boyfriend, a diehard Denver Broncos fan, was yelling at the TV calmly explaining to me this past Sunday that the rather lackluster performance of his beloved, and heretofore undefeated, team against the Baltimore Ravens was due in large part to the fact the Broncos took five days off during their bye week, derailing their machine-like momentum and causing them to play like, well, I can’t really reprint what he said next on a family website. But you get the idea: Bye weeks = Serious trouble.

I kept thinking about all this during last night’s Big Bang Theory, which was both about a boyfriend’s struggle to understand the cult of the pigskin (ahem), and the show’s first new episode back after its bye week, i.e. last week’s repeat episode. And much like the Broncos last Sunday, the Big Bang team only managed to hit a single last week instead of their usual string of three-point-nothin’-but-net shots from the double-fault wicket posts. Or, um, something. After two episodes of solid jokes about Penny and Leonard’s odd-couple relationship, it was like the writers were back at square one with these two, scratching their noggins over how to make them interesting — something they all but conceded in the cold open, when Sheldon admitted to drifting off during Penny and Leonard’s talk about watching football and kite fighting on each other’s respective Saturday afternoons.


Clip du jour: Autotune the scientists

This “Symphony of Science” video is completely enchanting, and I’m a little surprised Carl Sagan’s “The cosmos is also within us / We’re made of star stuff” line hasn’t made it into more songs. Enjoy, nerds.

I really want to see Sheldon dance to this on Big Bang Theory, don’t you, PopWatchers?

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