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Nominated for Nothing: Why the Academy should go back in time to honor 'Looper'

Just about every year, brilliant movies are utterly ignored by the Oscars. The Searchers, Groundhog Day, Breathless, King Kong, Casino Royale, Touch of Evil, Caddyshack, Mean Streets, The Big Lebowski — the Academy has a long history of overlooking comedies, action movies, horror flicks, hard-boiled genre pics, artsy foreign films, and documentaries that aren’t about World War II. This year, we’ll be taking a closer look at films that were too small, too weird, or perhaps simply too awesome for the Academy Awards. These are the Non-Nominees.

The Film: Looper, writer-director Rian Johnson’s head-twisty sci-fi tale of Joe, a mob assassin (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who kills marks sent back from the future — until one day his future self (played by Bruce Willis) zaps back from the past as Joe’s latest mark. Then things get really freaky.  READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Prison plotline Minimates toys to be released this spring -- EXCLUSIVE


Would young Carl Grimes be less traumatized by the undead apocalypse featured in the Walking Dead comics if he could play with compact, zombie-themed toys? Alas, we’ll probably never know. But we do know that Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman‘s Skybound comics imprint and Diamond Select Toys have announced that Series 3 of their Walking Dead Minimates will hit stores this spring. The series will feature characters from the franchise’s prison storyline including Rick, Tyreese, and Hershel (all of which you can see below). READ FULL STORY

Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan? Or are the 'Star Trek' folks playing with us? -- VIDEO

If you’re a Star Trek fan of pretty much any stripe — a Trekkie, a Trekker, a Bonesy-come-lately fan of J.J. Abrams’ high style 2009 reboot — then the last few weeks and months have likely included some heated debate over who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in next summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness. From the moment he was cast as the ostensible villain in the film, the geekosphere has been humming over whether Benny Batch would be taking on the ne plus ultra of Trek Big Bads, Khan Noonien Singh. And pretty much from that same moment, J.J. Abrams, Paramount, and most everyone involved with the film have been disabusing fans of this notion. Except when they’ve been doing the opposite.  READ FULL STORY

Check out 'Walking Dead' artist Charlie Adlard's alternate cover for 'Invincible' #100 -- EXCLUSIVE


As regular EW readers know, Robert Kirkman is both an executive producer on the Walking Dead TV show and the creator-writer of the long-running comic upon which it is based. But Kirkman doesn’t just enjoy dramatically tormenting characters in the zombie apocalypse. Oh, no! He also gets a kick out of doing so in an array of other titles, including Thief of Thieves – on which Kirkman collaborates with a string of other scribes — and the almost-as-long-running-as-the-Walking Dead superhero saga Invincible, which he cocreated with artist Cory Walker and whose hundredth issue is being published by Kirkman’s Skybound imprint Jan. 23, 2013. And to celebrate that latter landmark Kirkman has recruited regular Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard to create an alternate cover (Ryan Ottley is now the title’s main artist). “Charlie Adlard and I have been working together on the Walking Dead for near a decade at this point and he still manages to surprise me,” says Kirkman. “I don’t think Charlie’s drawn a superhero in a while, so seeing his take on Invincible was a lot of fun.”

You can check out Adlard’s variant artwork — which was colored by John Rauch — above and in larger form below.


A sequel to 'TRON: Legacy' is in development. Is this a good idea?

The following is a conversation between EW staffers Adam B. Vary and Darren Franich about the potential for a TRON sequel. 

ADAM B. VARY: DARREN! Being as you’re already on the record with your feelings about a sequel to TRON: Legacy, I wanted to check back in with you given the news that an actual sequel to TRON: Legacy looks like it’s gaining traction at Disney. A new screenwriter’s been hired, and director Joseph Kosinski is attached to helm again — but are you still excited by the idea of returning to The Grid?

DARREN FRANICH: I wanna make something clear off the bat, Adam: I am right now listening to Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack for maybe the 5,000th time. So yes, I am excited about the idea of a new movie. Legacy had problems — Jeff Bridges, God love him, gave two bad performances in the same movie — but I got the vibe that it could be a warm-up for something great, a la Spider-Man 1 leading into Spider-Man 2.

ADAM: [Fires up TRON: Legacy soundtrack on phone.] Ah, Daft Punk. Every time I hear that score, I keep thinking, “Man, whatever movie this is for has gotta be mind-melting.” And then I catch 10 minutes of TRON: Legacy on pay cable, and my mind remains stubbornly non-melty. Which is my way of saying, any new TRON movie has got to use Daft Punk again. Obviously.  READ FULL STORY

This week's cover: 'Star Wars,' the once and future franchise


George Lucas shocked the entertainment world with the announcement of a $4.05 billion deal that would give Lucasfilm –including Luke Skywalker’s home galaxy– to the Walt Disney Company. The news flash represented far more than the latest checkbook chapter in this Disney empire-building era (Pixar, Marvel and the Muppets are already part of the corporate universe) or a colossal moment in the philanthropic world (Lucas will donate most of the money to charity); the Star Wars saga will strike back in 2015 with the opening installment of a new live-action trilogy as the new team–with Jurassic Park and Lincoln producer Kathleen Kennedy Lucasfilm’s president– tries to make magic for Disney shareholders.

Where will the plot go? What characters and actors might be feeling the Force? Who will direct? We offer an inside report on the future of the franchise — as well our own Yoda-like advice about the best path to Jedi glory and the slippery route that could send the Skywalkers tumbling into a conceptual trash compactor. Plus, A-List filmmakers weigh in on the big announcement (and one of them has a bad feeling about this).

For news and analysis on the future Star Wars movies, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands November 16th.

Read more:
Mark Hamill weighs in on the future of ‘Star Wars’ — EXCLUSIVE
Who should direct new ‘Star Wars’ movie? Christopher Nolan? Joss Whedon?
‘Star Wars’ reaction: Abrams, Favreau, Nolfi, and Rodriguez weigh in — EXCLUSIVE

Making the perfect trilogy: What do you want to see in the new 'Star Wars' movies?

Image credit: Lucasfilm

The debates began about three nanoseconds after the announcement was made that there would be a third trilogy of Star Wars films hitting screens beginning in 2015. What should the new films be like? Who should direct? When should they take place? Which characters should be included? And should those characters — like Han, Luke, and Leia — be played by the original actors or recast? Should the new films incorporate some of the more popular people from the expanded universe of Star Wars books and video games, like, say, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade? READ FULL STORY

How should Han Solo die in the new 'Star Wars'?

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Sources close to the just announced Star Wars sequel told EW’s Geoff Boucher that Harrison Ford would be open to the idea of possibly returning to the film franchise as Corellian smuggler-turned-Rebel Alliance hero Han Solo. But we also know that Ford had lobbied during production of the original trilogy for his character to be killed. One might theorize, then, that for Ford to agree to come back, he may insist Solo bite the dust. (Insert despondent Wookiee howl here.) READ FULL STORY

'Prometheus' Blu-ray teases connection to Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner,' but why stop there?

For the last few days, the fanboy Interwebs have been buzzing thanks to a Reddit screengrab from the Prometheus Blu-ray (out in stores today) that teases a possible connection between Ridley Scott’s Alien semi-prequel and his other seminal masterwork of sci-fi cinema, 1982’s Blade Runner. It comes in the form of a text-based communique of sorts from Peter Weyland, the man played in Prometheus (and a viral promotional video) by Guy Pearce who bankrolled the expedition at the heart of the film. You can read an excerpt below:  READ FULL STORY

'Fringe' actors accept their EWwy Awards -- VIDEO

The actors on Fringe may have gotten teary at Comic-Con talking about the end of the series, but on set last week, they sang a stronger tune. They’re about halfway through filming their final season, and the end game still seems like a distant future, most said.

But when EW handed Anna Torv a pair of tiny golden Ewes — her awards for winning Best Actress in a Drama and Best Drama in EW’s 5th annual EWwys — that’s when she began to tear up. And who can blame her? 1) The sheep are adorable. And 2) as you’ll hear her say, the statues come from the people who kept the show alive for five years.

Click below to watch Torv, John Noble, and former executive producer Jeff Pinkner accept their bounty. (Note: We made sure Josh Jackson got his as well!)

UPDATEFringe executive producer/showrunner J.H. Wyman also shared some kind words! “On behalf of everyone involved in Fringe, I want to take a moment to thank all of our incredible fans who voted and have made Fringe the winner of Entertainment Weekly’s Best Drama Series EWwy Award for the third year in a row,” he tells EW. “We are honored to have had such a dedicated and loyal fanbase supporting this show over the years, and we are working overtime to deliver an unforgettable fifth and final season.”

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