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100 things that apparently happened, as told by 'The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story'

On Monday, September 1, Lifetime ushered in a new generation of unauthorized biopics with its behind the scenes look at what really happened on the 1990s hit Saved by the Bell. The cast has largely disavowed themselves from the project and/or Dustin Diamond’s scandalous memoir Behind the Bell, and considering that the movie is based on that biography, it’s safe to say most of the things that happened in this movie didn’t really happen that way at all.

But still, we watch. We learn. We cringe. We tweet.

Here are 100 things that APPARENTLY happened, if we’re to believe that the Diamond-produced Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story was based on truthfacts and actualhonests and was in no way, shape, or form a gross embellishment of events: READ FULL STORY

Watch the first 5 minutes of Lifetime's 'Unauthorized Saved by the Bell' movie

It looks like Lifetime has decided to start school a little early this year.

Before its premiere on Sept. 1, the network has released the first five minutes of the highly anticipated and already much-talked about The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. After barely giving us a real trailer, releasing the opening sequence on Facebook is an interesting way to capture viewers’ attention. Before the full title credits roll, we meet Zach, Screech, and the whole gang in a limo en route to what appears to be their first big public appearance after the premiere of Saved by the Bell. In that brief car ride, they question if anyone will even like the show—cute plot device since we obviously know what happens next. They don’t make Lifetime movies for unlikable people! (Murderers not included.)

Zach Morris—or rather Mark-Paul Gosselaar, or really Dylan Everett, the young Canadian actor taking on the part(s)—even has a signature moment of breaking the fourth wall and talking directly into the camera. That is until Screech (Sam Kindseth) takes over, confirming the rumors that the film will in fact be told from Dustin Diamond’s point of view. (It’s based on his book, Behind the Bell.)

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story airs on Lifetime on Labor Day, Monday Sept. 1 at 9 p.m. ET.

How 'Saved by the Bell' changed after the pilot

Twenty-five years ago, Saved by the Bell began teaching teens important life lessons, and that didn’t just include how to “get yourself a look” or be on time for school. Rather, it demonstrated what it meant to be a true friend, how caffeine pills are always a bad idea, and of course, that wearing jean-on-jean is always acceptable.

But reflecting back on how the series began, it wasn’t always about Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, Kelly Kapowski, and the gang. In fact, the kids were more of a secondary storyline.

In honor of the show’s anniversary, I went back and rewatched the pilot that started it all. Here are the biggest differences between the show it started as and the one we all remember it to be. UPDATE: While Good Morning, Miss Bliss was conceived as an entirely different show, it’s now more or less considered to be season 1 of Saved By the Bell. On Netflix, an episode of Good Morning, Miss Bliss is listed as episode 1 of Saved by the Bell; it even uses the Saved by the Bell theme song. READ FULL STORY

Maisie Williams, other teens see 'Saved by the Bell' for the first time


“It’s like Gilligan’s Island… I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never seen it.”

What show would you guess this teen is talking about—M.A.S.H.I Love Lucy? Nope. It’s Saved by the Bell.

As part of their popular “Teens React” series, YouTube users The Fine Bros collected together some teens (including Game of Thrones‘s Maisie Williams) and previewed some highlights from the classic ’90s teen comedy (well, at least one of them thinks it’s from the ’80s).


This Week on Stage: 'Aladdin' flies onto the Great White Way

Disney can show you the world. Shining. Shimmering. Splendid. And given the mid-show standing ovation for “Friend Like Me” at every performance of Broadway’s Aladdin and the oohs and aahs of the young children who witness the literal magic carpet ride the show depicts, it’s safe to assume that Disney has its latest long-runner. (Now whether it can ever unseat The Lion King as the fourth longest-running show ever is another question.) In other news this week, Chris Pine and Lauren Ambrose will be taking on Sam Shepard’s lovers-in-squabble drama Fool for Love for three weeks in Williamstown, Mass. this summer, Daniel Radcliffe spoke to EW about his return to the NYC stage as the lead in Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan, Norm Lewis will become the first African-American to star as Broadway’s  Phantom of the Opera, beginning May 12 (opposite his Little Mermaid costar Sierra Boggess), and Tony winner Nina Arianda makes a long-awaited return to the stage (Off Broadway this time) in a new period play (click on the links below for reviews of this and other new productions of the week below). READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Elizabeth Berkley finally channels Jessie Spano in an 'I'm So Excited' jive

Have my 17 (SEVENTEEN!) seasons of watching Dancing With the Stars just been validated? Don’t you dare answer that realistically. On tonight’s “Most Memorable Year of My Life” show (read our full recap), Elizabeth Berkley Lauren paid homage to the finest and fiercest caffeine pill dance party in television history: Jessie Spano’s “I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!” breakdown in a 1990 episode of Saved by the Bell.

Young Jessie and A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez, visiting from the Extra! set nearby) could never have predicted…that Zack Morris would be tweeting @ them, 23 years later, as they re-proclaimed their love in a televised ballroom! (Last part did not happen.)

Revel in the nostalgia/weep for humanity below. Don’t be scared! You need it to study. Here’s the video: READ FULL STORY

'Boy Meets World' and 'Saved By The Bell' coming to DVD

Ready to feel old?

Just in time for the 20th anniversary (!!) of Boy Meets World premiering on ABC, all seven seasons of the show are coming to DVD as a boxed set for the first time. This means that for those who haven’t yet discovered the wonders of YouTube all your favorite footage — from Adam Scott guest appearances to The Feeny Call — is all in one place. A behind-the-scenes feature “Back To the Beginning” will also be included and features the cast talking about their characters; it’s not clear if this was taped recently or put together from archival footage.

If that’s not enough to quench your ’90s nostalgia, the entire run of Saved By the Bell is also coming to DVD. Relive your favorite Bayside High moments — and decide when exactly Screech was at his creepiest — when that program makes its boxed set debut. Special features include a documentary about the creation as well as featurette about how the show changed what was shown on Saturday mornings. READ FULL STORY

'Saved by the Bell' flashback: Mr. Belding is now a karaoke crooner -- VIDEO

Whatever happened to Saved by the Bell‘s Mr. Belding? In short: He’s now a karaoke crooner. Well, at least the guy who played him, Dennis Haskins, is, as is revealed in tonight’s coming episode of VH1’s new update-on-pop-culture-stars-of-yesteryear series Miss U Much. READ FULL STORY

'Saved by the Bell' mini-reunion: Mr. Belding quizzes Kelly on TV trivia -- VIDEO

The stars of the ’80s and ’90s are usually happy to play along when talk show hosts insist on referencing their beloved, long-dead projects. But sometimes, those stars just don’t feel like dwelling on the past.

Take, for example, Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen, who was unpleasantly surprised this morning when her Today show appearance was interrupted by a surprise guest: Dennis Haskins, a.k.a. goofy Mr. Belding. Please note Thiessen’s face, which looks just how you’d look if your high school principal showed up at your birthday party:


'Saved by the Bell' spinoff -- would you watch? POLL

Time out!

The Internet freaked out last fall when it was announced that TGIF favorite Boy Meets World was getting a spinoff, Girl Meets World. But apparently that was only the beginning for ‘90s-loving nostalgia fans.

In an interview with TMZ, Saved by the Bell‘s Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a.k.a Zach Morris, a.k.a your boyfriend in 1992 said, “We’ll see how [Girl Meets World does], maybe we’ll do a reunion as well.” Now, to be fair, this was a total off-the-cuff remark with absolutely no network promise behind it. But this is the Internet! We can dream! Long live The Max! READ FULL STORY

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