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'Forever' star Ioan Gruffudd recalls a Sarah Michelle Gellar prank

Just because his freshman ABC drama Forever has scored a full season order doesn’t mean star Ioan Gruffudd has forgotten about his one-season wonder Ringer on The CW. Visiting EW Radio’s TV Hour earlier today, Gruffudd told the story of how costar Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated his birthday.

Listen below—you’ll also hear him embrace the fact that host Jessica Shaw insisted the pronunciation guide on his Wikipedia page say his Welsh name whenever it needed to be spoken.  READ FULL STORY

'Cruel Intentions,' 15 years later: A definitive power list

The messed-up machinations of bored, oversexed stepsiblings Kathryn Merteuil and Sebastian Valmont aren’t quite as shocking in 2014 as they were when Cruel Intentions was released on March 5, 1999. (Blame Gossip GirlPretty Little Liars, and a zillion other glitzy/scandalous imitators.)

That said, Cruel Intentions is still an enormously entertaining teen movie, even 15 years (gulp) after its initial release — thanks to an uncommonly sharp script, a killer soundtrack, and, most importantly, an impeccable cast, which featured future Oscar winners and future Sharknado stars alike. Well, one of each, but you get the picture. Whoever headed up this franchise had a serious eye for talent: One of five-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams’ first roles was as the lead of a spin-off TV show that never made it past the pilot stage and was subsequently marketed as Cruel Intentions 2. NEVER FORGET.

But back to the original. Cruel Intentions‘ pretty young things — the interesting ones, anyway — spend the film’s 97-minute run time both screwing with each other and being screwed with. By the final frame, the status quo established at the beginning of the movie has been turned on its head: reformed bad boy Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) is dead, while good girls Annette and Cecile (Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair) have triumphed over alpha bitch Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar, never better). In real life, though, basically everyone affiliated with the movie came out a winner: All went on to find some degree of stardom on screens big and small, and most are still fairly relevant today.

Of course, some are a little bit more relevant than others. Which is why I’m taking this opportunity to reevaluate the careers of the Cruel Intentions gang in a modern context. Who ended up being the cast’s real Queen Bee — and who basically got dumped by Hollywood over Fourth of July weekend? The answers may surprise you! READ FULL STORY

'The Crazy Ones' react: 'Icons don't want to sing about meat'

Before watching Thursday night’s premiere of The Crazy Ones, I hoped to find answers to these two questions:

1. Will Robin Williams make me genuinely laugh without thinking about Patch Adams or The Birdcage or Mrs. Doubtfire?

2. Will Sarah Michelle Gellar make me laugh in general?

The short answers, judging from the first episode? No and unfortunately, no. READ FULL STORY

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to 'All My Children,' makes us pine for soaps' good ol' days

Sarah Michelle Gellar made her triumphant return to daytime TV today (just one week after making her triumphant return to all of TV in Ringer!), appearing in one episode of her old stomping ground, All My Children, which goes off the air for good Friday. (Sob.)

Despite saying she would be playing a whole new character, Gellar appeared as a hospital patient with amnesia who can’t remember anything about herself — except that she is Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) daughter, the role she originated nearly 20 years ago. One highlight? While chatting with the nurse, Gellar describes her unique condition and alludes to her future star-making role in a tongue-in-cheek way:


Fall TV Tuesdays: What to watch? What to DVR?

It all comes down to a heartbroken hipster and an ex-vampire slayer. For me, Tuesdays have generally been non-essential TV nights (sorry Gleeks!), but that changes this year thanks to New Girl and Ringer, two shows that are as promising as they are different. Unfortunately, they fall into the same time slot, which means one must inevitably end up on my DVR. Find out which one below and then share what you plan to watch on Tuesday nights in the comments!

8 p.m. – 9 p.m.
LIVE: Glee (Fox): OK, so I haven’t been the best Glee fan, but with all the talk about how this season could be the last for some characters, a nightly tune-in may prove worthwhile, no? (Premieres Sept. 20)
DVR: Nothing: Don’t get me wrong, there are some perfectly good shows on during this time-slot (NCIS, Biggest Loser and 90210 to name a few…), but I haven’t been keeping up with any them. Maybe they made it on to your list though? READ FULL STORY

'Ringer' star Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV tonight -- how pumped are you?

Tonight the Cult of Buffy can rejoice as Sarah Michelle Gellar makes her long-awaited return to TV. In neo-noir saga Ringer, Gellar plays both Bridget, an ex-stripper hiding from an FBI agent (Nestor Carbonell) and a mobster (Zahn McClarnon), and her wealthy identical twin Siobhan, whom she believes to be dead. (She’s not.) Gellar, who was last seen on the small screen in the 2003 finale of cult megahit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told EW in our cover story, ”Ringer is the perfect balance of what audiences want to see me do. It’s Cruel Intentions-meets-Buffy.” Count us in!

So what do you think PopWatchers? How are you preparing for Gellar’s TV return? Has your interest been sufficiently piqued by the sexy ads? Do you think Ringer has any chance of measuring up to Buffy? Will the addition of Veronica Mars’ Logan and Lost‘s Carbonell bring in some more cult cred? Sound off below.

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