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Jimmy Kimmel challenges Ryan Seacrest to sit still for a whole minute

In between hosting a bajillion New Year’s Eve events, hosting American Idol, and executive-producing a gaggle of reality shows, maybe sometimes Ryan Seacrest just needs to take a break. Or does he?


Ryan Seacrest sings on 'American Idol' for the first time in 13 seasons -- VIDEO

They say those that can, do; those that can’t, host.

Over the past decade, Ryan Seacrest has almost single-handedly reinvented the role of TV host by expanding his brand beyond American Idol, where he got his start in front of the camera. Of course, all of that time with a mic has only been spent introducing singers and performances — and not one of his own. That all changed last night on the two-hour finale of Idol, which drew over 10 million viewers, likely beating out the Survivor finale on CBS (after nationals are released later today). That’s probably because the show featured several all-star musicians like KISS and for the first time ever, a judges musical collaboration. And then this happened. After being introduced by Randy Jackson and his family, for the first time ever, Ryan Seacrest actually sang on American Idol. He performed “Right Here Waiting For You” with Richard Marx, a throwback to Ryan’s first concert when he was younger. Watch and listen below, but not to worry — Ryan already apologized. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' top 13 party, on the scene: Judges and finalists talk format changes, song choices, more

The lucky 13 finalists for season 13 of American Idol were revealed Thursday night, and immediately after, the group got to celebrate together in Hollywood. This week marked the first live shows of the new season, which has seen many format changes from previous years.

One of those changes is the just-finished Rush Week, which featured a workshop with former judge Randy Jackson and the help of Idol alums Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. New judge Harry Connick Jr. also got the first “boo” of the season for his song-choice critiques to some of the female contestants. EW was on the scene and got the judges’ take on the changes to the season, and why Harry said he liked being booed, as the finalists meet the press for the first time. READ FULL STORY

'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve '14 with Ryan Seacrest': Minute-by-minute rundown


First off — Happy New Year! The 42nd Annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014 with Ryan Seacrest on ABC features an extensive run of celebrity performances and interviews leading up to the famous Times Square ball drop midnight in New York. It also features the longest title of any ongoing annual television special. 

Here’s a rundown of all the awkward moments and performances that you may have missed during your NYE festivities:

New Year's Eve specials: Which one is right for you?


It’s that time of year again, when people on TV giggle over the phrase “balls dropping.” As the countdown to 2014 begins, you might choose to binge-watch your way through zombie carnage or Happy Endings reruns. But if you prefer to watch something live — and by “live,” we mean “while guzzling cheap champagne at a safe distance from Times Square’s Port-O-Potties” — we’ve got you covered. Below, check out our rundown of which special might be right for you.

'Million Second Quiz' react: Hourglasses, doublers, and money, oh my!

THIS…is not American Idol. It’s Million Second Quiz — NBC’s latest game show hosted by New King of Media, Ryan Seacrest. Nicknamed MSQ, not to be confused with MSG which my poor eyes in need of a check-up kept seeing instead, the eleven-and-half-day game show event boasts the highest winnings of any game show of all time.

(Side note: this react is taking twice as long as it normally would because I keep typing Million Dollar Quiz before realizing my mistake, deleting Dollar and re-typing Second. The world would be a simple place if it was Million Dollar Quiz — but then the show would be Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?)

Contestants win money, $10 per second, by correctly answering multiple choice questions while sitting on the Money Chair. (Yes, that’s the most creative name they could come up with for a chair in which you can earn money.) The participants in the game are chosen through various means from lining up outside the game’s headquarters in Hell’s Kitchen and passing placement rounds to playing on the MSQ app and being selected to fly into New York City to play. It’s a confusing process that shows a bit too much of the producer influence that is often cleverly hidden in other game shows, but you have to admit — at least the giant hourglass set is pretty cool. READ FULL STORY

'Hollywood Game Night': Ranking the freakishly fascinating facial mashups

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.02.29 PM

On Thursday’s Hollywood Game Night, the teams (Max Greenfield, Ellie Kemper, Kal Penn, and plebian Jill vs. Kenan Thompson, Minnie Driver, Angela Kinsey and plebe Dipal) participated in a riveting round of Celebrity Fusion — in which two celebs with a common name had their faces smeared into each other and presented as art. (So basically, Conan’s “If They Mated,” but on a show with a different title.) I’m VERY ashamed of how long it took me to guess the above beauty, but at least I didn’t say “Boy George..Carlin?” like poor JIll.

Doesn’t take much to fascinate me on a summer Friday! I’m gonna rank these creatures from least horrifying to most:


Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.57.58 PM

Pamela Anderson Cooper (not not hot)

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.01.09 PM

Steven Tyler Perry (yikes, but pedestrian)

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.01.55 PM

Steve Martin Short (Tom Brokaw in a wind tunnel?) READ FULL STORY

Randy Jackson's top 10 'American Idol' legacies

Randy Jackson — who’s officially departing American Idol — gets a bad rep. Just look at him up there. Clearly he has the most productive things to say on the season 12 judging panel! Below, my half-assed tribute to an inflated animal balloon (the producers made me do it!):

Yo, You Feel Me? 10 Things Randy Jackson Always Did Beautifully #InItToWinIt

10. Created Catchphrases: It’s a Comeback Kid story for the ages: The Dawg somehow overcame a severely limited vocabulary to conjure up gorgeous nonsense words and phrases — “Pitchy!” “You can sing the phone book!” “Blow it out the box!” “For me, for you!” — that would flourish for years (due to Randy’s refusal to quit saying them). READ FULL STORY

What's next for Julianne Hough?


Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough broke up over the weekend, and boy, did people have a lot to say about it. While the longtime twosome never seemed to inspire much enthusiasm when they were together, once they broke up everyone had something to say about the man that brought us the Kardashians and the girl from Footloose. READ FULL STORY

'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest': The 5 best moments

“Seacrest, the show must go on.”
-Ryan Seacrest, minutes before midnight in New York, recounting the classic showbiz-ism that Dick Clark used to say to him

To usher in 2013, Ryan Seacrest took the helm on ABC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. Seacrest was the pre-determined heir, having hosted alongside Clark since 2005. While this was the first New Year’s Rockin’ Eve without Clark, who died in April, the longtime host was everywhere – even in the confetti (seriously, people wrote tributes to Clark that were printed on pieces of the confetti that was dumped on Times Square). Other things happened, sure. Jenny McCarthy lost her voice around 10:15pm. Fergie’s hair transitioned from Veronica Lake to Bamm-Bamm as the evening went on. Seacrest almost got pummeled with the balloons everyone was holding. Carly Rae Jepsen performed in Times Square. Justin Bieber performed in Los Angeles. MC Hammer even showed up out of nowhere. But there was no question: the evening belonged to Dick Clark.

And for that reason, many of the best parts of the broadcast were in the two-hour tribute to Dick Clark, when Jenny McCarthy and Fergie hosted a countdown of the top 30 moments in American Bandstand history, interspersed with live performances, celebrity tributes, and great moments from Rockin’ Eve history.


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