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Tale of the tape: Bradley Cooper vs. Ryan Gosling

When People Magazine unveils its highly anticipated Sexiest Man Alive issue each year, it is generally a celebration of one of Hollywood’s most debonair stars that everyone is invited to share in — and stare at. But when Bradley Cooper became the newest member of this exclusive club earlier this week, his coronation was marred just a bit by disgruntled fans of one Ryan Gosling. The Internet that adored the “Hey, Girl” meme rushed to Gosling’s defense, and a group of about 15 self-promoters even showed up on the sidewalk in front of People‘s offices, chanting “Bradley Cooper is just fine, but Ryan Gosling is divine!” Even George Clooney, Sexiest Man emeritus, admitted that he had been rooting for his Ides of March co-star, saying “It’s gotta be Ryan, don’t you think?”

People‘s executive editor Liz Sporkin, though, is not second-guessing herself. “We stand by our man!” she said. “Bradley Cooper is the whole package. He’s gorgeous, talented, brainy, loves his mom, can cook up a storm, and speaks fluent French! Who can argue with that?”

In a sexy-man contest between two uber-handsome actors, there can only be one winner. And that is us. So, in light of the “controversy,” let’s look at the Tale of the Tape: READ FULL STORY

Ryan Gosling is strong, silent type in new spoof: Watch here!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of Ryan Gosling? That’s worth its weight in Internet gold.

Web darling of the moment Gosling has struck again, this time unwittingly starring in a FunnyOrDie trailer for the fake film, Quiet Ryan — rated M for mute, of course. The clip dramatically reads, “In a world with constant communication, it can be hard to find your voice.” The trailer then goes into a compilation of every lingering glance, pregnant pause and dramatic gaze the actor takes in films such as Blue Valentine, Ides of March and, obviously, Drive. Gosling doesn’t speak a word in the entire two minute clip.

The spoof sells his actual acting ability short, but you really can’t argue with the movie’s tagline: “He’s just nice to look at.” Cue Gosling taking off his Crazy, Stupid shirt (silently).

Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

Make 'em laugh: Our favorite celebrity crack-ups

In honor of EW’s Comedy issue (on newsstands now), we’ve put together a compilation of our favorite celebrity crack-ups. From Ryan Gosling’s giggle to Britney Spears’ snort, Natalie Portman’s adorkable Golden Globes guffaw, “serious newsman” Anderson Cooper’s show-stopping hysterics, and everything in between, we’ve hand-picked stars’ best funny haha moments. Check out the unexpected — and infectious — video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Top 5 signs your Ryan Gosling crush is getting out of control

Ryan Gosling is perfect.

There’s no room for debate on that. Disagree? I’m sorry, you’re just wrong. Did you even see the Dirty Dancing scene with Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love.? Were you born without a pulse? He won our collective hearts in The Notebook, challenged our way of thinking (I loved Lars and the Real Girl, Ryan! I get you!), and officially hit A-list status this year with Love, Drive, and Ides of March.

And that’s just onscreen; his off-screen antics — hey girl! — are certainly not helping my borderline-stalking behavior. (Story of my life… ) So I get it. I’m right there with you, PopWatchers. But to not be ostracized by your friends — and not to mention to avoid police interest — here is my handy guide outlining warning signs that your Ryan Gosling love may be out of control.*  READ FULL STORY

Man who pelted Tiger Woods with hot dog blames 'Drive'

Ryan Gosling can make grown men do strange things. After Crazy, Stupid, Love. opened in July, I know several average middle-aged dads from the neighborhood who purged their wardrobe and went to the barbershop on a rejuvenation mission. Gosling’s suave svengali was a little cartoonish, but he was undeniably cool — and it had only a little to do with his Photoshopped abs. But 31-year-old Brandon Kelly went a bit further than a wardrobe upgrade last Sunday at the Frys.com Open golf tournament, when he was arrested for throwing a hot dog at Tiger Woods.

He threw a hot dog (and the bun). At Tiger Woods. Why, you ask? Kelly’s excuse: “I threw the hot dog toward Tiger Woods because I was inspired by the movie Drive,” Kelly told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.’” READ FULL STORY

George Clooney talks with TIME, jokes about why he cast Ryan Gosling in 'Ides of March': 'He was cheaper'

There are plenty of reasons to want to cast Ryan Gosling in a movie: He’s good-looking, charming, capable of driving ticket sales and stopping street fights (not simultaneously, although we wouldn’t be surprised), and, of course, inspiring Tumblers... the list goes on. But for The Ides of March director (and star) George Clooney, the decision to cast Gosling in his film came down to something much more basic: “He was cheaper,” Clooney quipped, responding to an audience member during a live 10 Questions interview with TIME’s Rick Stengel on Wednesday. “He hasn’t worked in awhile. I felt bad for him.”

During the sit-down, which also touched the star’s views on politics, advocacy, and the journalism industry, Clooney revealed that Gosling caught his attention early on. READ FULL STORY

White jacket from 'Drive' available in November. Can I give the delivery guys a 5-minute window?

: They ranged from This movie is awesome! to Wouldn’t it hurt your foot to kick in someone’s face? to even WOAH! There goes her head. There was one thought, though, that recurred throughout the film and has come back to me even now as I reminisce about Drive‘s finer moments: Ryan Gosling’s white scorpion jacket was totally sweet.

Shortly after seeing the film, I decided that the nameless “Driver,” a simultaneously savage and loveable stunt driver/vigilante, would be the perfect costume for Halloween 2011. READ FULL STORY

U.S. Postal Service to make stamps with living celebrities on them: Who would you like to lick the most?

On Monday, the U.S. Postal Service announced that, for the first time ever, they will make commemorative stamps that feature living celebrities on them. Typically, the standard rule is that you have to be dead at least five years to get the prestigious honor of being licked and sent to exotic locations like… Milwaukee, but in an attempt to boost sales and interests (stamp collecting is cool, you guys), the U.S. Postal Service is now open to suggestions on Facebook and Twitter for which living stars should be put on a stamp. Their only stipulation? That the star has “made enduring contributions to the United States of America.” Ah, so close Kim Kardashian!

Since we love any opportunity to honor our favorite celebrities and decide which of them we’d like to lick without getting in serious trouble (we’ve been putting some thought into that for quite a long time), we came up with some of our own suggestions (Jon Hamm, Betty White, Robert Pattinson, Tina Fey, Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.) We also wanted to see who you think should be sitting pretty on the right hand corner of your envelopes. Check out our dream stamp gallery and vote in our poll below! READ FULL STORY

Ryan Gosling lets Conan O'Brien in on a dirty Disney secret

Wouldn’t it be nice if Ryan Gosling made the talk-show rounds at least once a week? Granted, it’s certainly starting to feel that way considering he’s had three movies to promote (Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, The Ides of March) over the past few months, but the guy is one seriously entertaining talk-show guest. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes, if you catch my drift. (Pssst, it means he’s very, very handsome.)

Gosling proved all this once again Monday night when he visited Conan and chatted about, among other things, his gripe with Disney (which, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with The Mickey Mouse Club.) READ FULL STORY

Which scene in 'Drive' shocked you the most?

With a box office-topping 3-D re-release, the animated classic The Lion King roared back into theaters, ushering in a whole new generation of fans… who can be just as horrified and upset as the rest of us were by Simba’s father’s terrible death when we saw it back in 1994. Of course, as far as shocking deaths at the movies went this weekend, nothing held a candle (or a crowbar… or a speeding car) to the spectacular, but unquestionably nowhere-near-kid-friendly flick, Drive. CAUTION: DANGEROUS CURVES AND MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. READ FULL STORY

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