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Left side, strong side: 7 tear-jerking scenes from football movies (and a TV show)

This year’s Super Bowl pits brother against brother (49ers coach Jim Harbaugh vs. Ravens coach John Harbaugh). When this story inevitably becomes a movie (or, probably, made-for-TV-movie), we’re betting there will be a scene of mutual acceptance where one brother says he’s sorry he underestimated the other and the other responds “having you for a brother is greater than any Super Bowl ring.” And we predict we will need tissues.

There’s something about football (and football movies) that heightens emotions. Maybe it’s the competition, the agony of defeat, the glory of victory, the metaphors of what bringing a team together really mean, but whatever it is we find ourselves uncontrollably sobbing after every major touchdown, career-ending injury, or life-affirming gesture. Here are seven (well really nine) moments that left us reaching for the tissues.


Fake 23 blast, 90 razor, X-out and other great football plays

This year’s Super Bowl — if it’s a good one — will feature 60 minutes of complex back-and-forth between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers: sneaks and feints and breaks from the pocket.

(Oh, and a Beyoncé concert.)

That sort of x’s-and-o’s talk also fills football-themed entertainment. And, sometimes, some of the great plays they pull off on-screen are actually, y’know, great. Here’s a round-up of some of the greatest — if either team, or its fans, need a refresher.


Taking things one inch at a time with clear eyes, full hearts ... can't lose: 10 memorable football speeches

“This is our house!” “This is our time!” “It all comes down to this.” They’re phrases we’ve all heard before, and they’re phrases we’ve come to expect from sports movies and television shows, along with an epic training sequence and at least one injured player. But every now and then, a sports production steps up its game with a speech that makes us cheer and, at least briefly, want to get off the couch and do something athletic.

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, here are the 10 movie and television football speeches that we can’t —that we won’t — stop rooting for: READ FULL STORY

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