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Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily: Controversial 'Pan' casting protested in online petition

The backlash continues.

After news broke that Rooney Mara had been cast to play the character Tiger Lily in Joe Wright’s live-action Pan, an online petition surfaced urging Warner Bros. to stop casting white actors to play people of color.

“This casting choice is particularly shameful for a children’s movie,” the petitioner wrote. “Telling children their role models must all be white is unacceptable.” They hope to get 5,000 signatures. (At press time, they’d reached 4,785.) READ FULL STORY

Rooney Mara as 'Peter Pan's' Tiger Lily: A look at the controversy

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Princess Tiger Lily is not a real person. Tiger Lily lives in Neverland (also not real).

Tiger Lily is also Native American.

So, when news broke that Patrician-featured actress Rooney Mara would be playing the character in Joe Wright’s live-action Peter Pan re-telling, Pan, the whitewashing accusations started to fly (particularly in our comments section).

Out of all of Hollywood’s sins, their egregious history of offensive portraits of Native Americans on film is one of the more shameful — a sore spot that is only exaggerated when caucasian actors continue to be cast in these roles. It’s not surprising that people are getting riled up about the news. From Johnny Depp’s Tonto to Michelle Williams’ controversial magazine cover, the portrayal of Native Americans in the media is always going to be a hot-button issue. But, it’s possibly more complex in Pan’s case because Tiger Lily is fundamentally problematic, and no casting is going to make up for that.

Shall we dig in?


Rooney Mara and Steven Soderbergh have hilarious Q&A in 'Interview'

Watching her movies – particularly her Oscar-nominated turn in the chilling The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – people may not think Rooney Mara has much of a sense of humor. But they would be oh-so-wrong, as her Q&A with Steven Soderbergh (who directed the actress in Side Effects) in the March issue of Interview quickly establishes.  The two are quick to insult each other while delving into their respective pasts as well as their working relationship.

As an editor’s addition before the piece notes, “This interview was conducted via e-mail, and contains coarse language, discussions of nudity, and exorbitant amounts of biting sarcasm. Reader discretion is advised.”

Below, the five best non-sequitur-filled exchanges from the two’s back-and-forth, which you can — and should — read in full over on Interview’s web site. READ FULL STORY

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