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'Ronan Farrow Daily' premiere review: New news for the young youth

Won’t someone save cable news? It’s not just that ratings are down across the board for the Big Three 24-hour networks — although 2013 was unquestionably a bad year for everyone. Far more damaging, I think, is the fact that cable news as an aesthetic — as a compelling method for exploring the important topics of our modern era — has entered what feels like a late-decadent period. The typical news anchor on CNN or MSNBC or Fox News floats across a set built out of touchscreen walls and occasional chat-friendly desks: It’s like all of cable news takes place in a universe where everyone is Tom Cruise in Minority Report and everywhere is a college café. Information has been reduced to talking points, and talking points reduced to hashtags, and hashtags are announced with such reverence that you actually think the newscaster is in the room with you, right now, yelling a hashtag into your face.

Surely someone can break us out of this cycle of inanity! Surely there is still some blood left in the cable news stone! We tried a Baldwin, and that didn’t work. We tried a British person, same result. The huddled masses cry out for a hero, for someone smart enough to recognize the intrinsic power of the form, but also savvy enough to shake off the cobwebs. READ FULL STORY

Ronan Farrow masters the humblebrag on 'The Daily Show' -- VIDEO

Nobody likes a boaster. That’s why God (or self-conscious social media users) invented the humblebrag — a prideful statement couched in a layer of self-deprecation. (You’ll find exhibits A through infinity at Parks and Rec writer Harris Wittels’s eponymous Twitter account.)

Celebrities, particularly, are well-schooled in the art of the humblebrag. They want to seem cool and relatable and down-to-earth, but it’s impossible to keep up that appearance while simultaneously describing what their lives are actually like. After seeing Ronan Farrow’s appearance on last night’s Daily Show, though, I’m convinced that he is to humblebragging what Kanye West is to actual bragging.

Any way you slice it, Farrow’s got an impressive resume. In his 26 years of life, he’s already 1. graduated college at the age of 15, 2. graduated from Yale Law at the age of 21, 3. traveled to Darfur as a UNICEF spokesperson, 4. been a Special Adviser for Humanitarian and NGO Affairs for the Obama Administration, 5. been Director of the State Department’s Office of Global Youth Issues, and 6. snagged a Rhodes Scholarship. And, oh yeah, he’s also about to start hosting his own daily news show on MSNBC. Add in that Farrow has achieved all this despite a family life that’s been… unstable at best, and it’d be easy to forgive him a few straight-up boasts.

Ahh, but that’s not Ronan’s way! Check out how he tries to soften the blow of Jon Stewart’s praise:


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