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Robert Rodriguez reveals the movie that scared him as a kid in our Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez is ready to take on his next venture as founder of the El Rey network, which is described on its website as “a white-knuckled suicide leap into a chum bucket filled with the sex, gore, and fist-pumping action that’ll have you screaming.”

And Tuesday night, the network will premiere a new TV version of Rodriguez’s 1996 film, also titled From Dusk Till Dawn. But first, we sat down with the director/founder to talk about the movie that scared him as a child, his first celebrity crush, and more. To get you warmed up, here’s one answer you won’t see in the video: When asked about something in pop culture that he knows nothing about, Rodriguez replied, “What’s Snooki?”

Watch Rodriguez take our Pop Culture Personality Test below:


Entertainment Geekly: What has Robert Rodriguez done to movies?


Robert Rodriguez is a paradox. He makes extremely violent action movies and he makes extremely saccharine kids’ movies. He doesn’t want to work in the studio system, but you could argue that his output is incredibly studio-friendly: Sequels, spin-offs, comic book adaptations. Over the last decade, Rodriguez has created an infrastructure around himself that would theoretically allow him to make any movie he wants — and in 2011, he really wanted to make Spy Kids 4.

Rodriguez was a pioneer in HD filmmaking and digital backlots and 3-D technology, which also makes him a pioneer in Things Film Lovers Despise. He is a hero of the independent-film movement, and he is sponsored by BlackBerry. He calls himself a “rebel,” but that might just be because he’s an excellent salesman. He is one of the most important Latino filmmakers ever, and the arrival of Machete in the midst of the anti-immigration wave vibed at the time like an outright political statement, but Machete Kills sands down those political hard edges and makes you wonder if they were ever even there in the first place. (If you take Once Upon a Time in Mexico seriously, it appears to be arguing that the way to get rid of drug cartels is to fight them with cooler guns.)

Sofia Vergara's bra racks up 'Machete Kills' body count -- EXCLUSIVE

Well, finally, a Hollywood movie that bends over backwards to give big gun supporters a fair shake.

Yes, that’s Sofía Vergara who – as Lady Desdemona, a femme fatale in Machete Kills – straps herself into a weaponized wardrobe that lifts, separates and mows down rivals.

It’s all from the impact-splatter imagination of Robert Rodriguez, the filmmaker who alternates between bloody (Sin City, El Mariachi) and fizzy (four Spy Kids films, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl) without aesthetic shift or ethical distress. READ FULL STORY

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