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A newbie and a superfan discuss 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2.' Will the romance work on a Twi-virgin?

ADAM B. VARY: Last year, I guided my colleague Dan Snierson through his very first experience with a wizard named Harry Potter — Dan had neither read J.K. Rowling’s books nor seen any of the movies, and we both wanted to see what would happen when a Potter newbie watched the final Potter movie. He had fun, I had fun, and I daresay at least four or five readers of our subsequent conversation about the experience had fun too.

And now it would seem the wand is in the other hand, or the the promise ring is on the other finger, or something. Because as I write these words, the final feature film in The Twilight Saga is nigh upon us, but this time, I’m the one who has never read any of Stephenie Meyer’s books nor seen any of the feature films. As I gear up to become the pop-culture guinea pig and see Breaking Dawn — Part 2 with only the second-hand knowledge I’ve absorbed walking the halls of EW, you, Denise Warner, have bravely agreed to escort me through all the vampiric romance and Taylor Lautner shirtlessness. I mean, there will be shirtlessness, right?

DENISE WARNER: You know, I can’t promise shirtlessness. READ FULL STORY

Robert Pattinson totally over 'Twilight' -- VIDEO proof

Twilight haters, you’ve got yourself an ally: Robert Pattinson himself.

The Twilight actor has never exactly raved about the movies to begin with. But that’s what makes this Buzzfeed video of Pattinson — answering questions with a goofy-yet-barely-concealed rage against the franchise — so entertaining.

The video compiles all his best soundbites over the years attempting to explain the things even fans struggle to defend: “If Edward wasn’t a fictional character, he’d be one of those guys who’s an ax-murderer,”he says. “There’s definitely something wrong with [Bella], and there’s obviously something wrong with me.” On his standard look in the film: “It’s a mixture of looking slightly constipated and stoned.”

Now, I’ll say that in all of these clips Pattinson appears to be joking, somewhat (same deal for the Tumblr RobertPattinsonHatesTwilight). Except for the soundbite when he says that the most rewarding part of Twilight was getting SK-II face packs (face cream). I have no excuse for that.

Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2': Let's talk about that ending! [Obligatory spoiler alert]




'Twilight' is a marathon, not a sprint

When I volunteered to watch a five-movie Twilight Saga marathon, I’ll admit I didn’t fully anticipate the challenges and doubts I’d encounter along the way. As the weeks, then days, then hours ticked down, I realized I’d need to get my head in the game. I trained like any marathoner would, honing skills appropriate to the course — subsisting on a diet of carbohydrates, carbonated drinks, and stale air; sitting on my rear for long periods of time, and abandoning all thoughts of age-appropriate content or cinematic quality. Also like any marathoner, I blacked out for long periods of time between the start and finish lines. But! Here’s what I do remember… READ FULL STORY

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2': On-the-scene fan reactions

If you’re at the midnight premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 (well, technically, a 10 p.m. Thursday night show) chances are you’re already more than familiar about what exactly goes down in the finale of the vampire saga. With my colleagues Lanford Beard (who was coming off an all-day Twilight marathon) and Denise Warner, we braved the first public showtime in Manhattan alongside a – no surprise – sold-out crowd. More surprising was how adult and costume-free our group seemed to be.

While our theater clearly was audibly buzzing with anticipation, the dirty little secret is that in the book, not a whole heck of a lot happens in the second half of Breaking Dawn. There’s a Volturi battle, and an arm-wrestling match (What big muscles you have, Emmett!), but there’s also a ton of contemplative stares and thoughts on Jacob’s relationship with Renesmee. So you can forgive fans for being a little skeptical, albeit excited, when I asked them for their thoughts prior to the final film release. READ FULL STORY

'Twilight' Memories: A total 'Eclipse' of the heart

With The Twilight Saga coming to an end, we’re reliving our favorite memories from the first four films. Eclipse is up!

How many times I saw it in theaters: 0

I couldn’t bring myself to watch Bella slobber all over Jacob on a big screen. I saw it for the first time when it came out on demand, and I fast-forwarded through all the Jacob parts.

How many times I’ve seen it since: 1

This time, I forced myself to watch the entire movie.


'Twilight' memories: 'New Moon' rising

With The Twilight Saga coming to an end, we’re reliving our favorite memories from the first four films. New Moon is up!

How many times I saw it in theaters: 2

Surprisingly, a dude I liked wanted to go — so we went the first Sunday it was out.  I saw it the next week with a few girlfriends and one unfortunate guy who happened to be staying with me.

How many times I’ve seen it since: 1

My obsession from the first film wore off by this time. But after re-watching it recently, I realized I liked it better than I remembered.


'Twilight' memories: The saga begins

With The Twilight Saga coming to an end, let’s relive our favorite memories from the first four films. I’ll start with mine from Twilight.

How many times I saw it in theaters: 4

Once on opening day with friends, then again by myself two days later. The next Wednesday, I told my then-boyfriend I had to work late so he wouldn’t make fun of me and went to see it in secret. Finally, my friend from my first showing wanted to see it one more time. And I happily went with her.


'Breaking Dawg'? The 'Twilight' parody you've been waiting for is here -- VIDEO

If you’ve been watching The Twilight Saga all these years and thinking, “This would be so much better if the characters were portrayed by dogs,” then today’s your lucky day! Behold: A nearly shot-for-shot recreation of the Breaking Dawn — Part 2 trailer with a pack of adorable pooches. Check it out below.


Robert Pattinson responds to KStew question: 'Who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?' -- VIDEO

Oh, Robert Pattinson, you gleeful little media troll! It’s always fun when RPattz really lets loose during an on-camera interview — his actual personality seems so different from the brooding, dour hunks he usually plays onscreen. While watching the following clip from The Today Show, you’ll feel a little bad for Savannah Guthrie, who’s just trying to do her job — but you’ll also find it tough not to grin at Pattinson’s cheeky comments. To wit:

On whether it’s awkward to watch a love scene between Kristen Stewart and himself: [Pattinson looks down at his pants, starts brushing them off.] “What have I got all over my legs? I feel like I’ve just fallen in some mud!” He skillfully manages to avoid answering the question altogether.

On the Twilight franchise drawing to a close: “Yeah, it’s the end of my youth. It’s just a slow death from now on.”


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