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Watch James Franco get punched in the face -- VIDEO

So technically, this video is a promo for James Franco’s upcoming Comedy Central Roast, which airs Sept. 2. But we prefer to think that whoever’s behind that boxing glove (and behind the camera) has a deeper reason for wanting to clock The Francinator — because Lord knows there are enough people dying to do just that.

Maybe it’s the ghost of James Dean. Maybe it’s a struggling MFA grad burning with resentment over Palo Alto. Maybe it’s that angry NYU professor who sued Franco last fall. Maybe it’s Anne Hathaway.

Regardless, we’ve got to give the good people at Comedy Central a round of applause for making a pretty perfect commercial. And then we’ve got to take a moment to ponder how we really feel about James Franco… because between Spring Breakers, This Is the End, and the following clip, it’s becoming a lot harder to hold a grudge against the guy. Damnit, James!

Jack Black is getting a Friars Club roast -- let's get the ball rolling!

Jack Black is the new Betty White.

New York City’s Friars Club announced today that newly-minted Independent Spirit Award nominee Jack Black will be 2013’s official roastee. The event will take place April 5. “We only roast the ones we love,” explained Friars Club Abbot Jerry Lewis in a statement, “and with Jack, we love his comedy, we love his music, and we love his enormous talent.”

Black, meanwhile, is a little worried about what’s in store: “What did I get myself into this time? I’m searching for a loophole in my contract, maybe there’s a way I can weasel myself out of this thing. Those bastards are going to brutalize me, but Jerry Lewis assured me it’s going to be the highlight of my career, so I guess I got to go through with it,” he said.

It’s easy to understand why Black is nervous — voluntarily agreeing to be ripped apart by your friends and professional insult comics doesn’t seem like the best way to keep your self-esteem high. And after Gulliver’s Travels, Black needs all the self-esteem he can get. Zing! So let’s ease the actor into the roast mentality by lobbing a few gentle barbs his way. Here, I’ll start:


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