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Bill O'Reilly defends Ellen DeGeneres in One Million Moms, J.C. Penney controversy

In a surprising move for the conventional Fox News pundit, Bill O’Reilly came to the rescue of Ellen DeGeneres, who is currently facing heat from conservative groups over her recent partnership with J.C. Penney.

On a segment on last night’s The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly took issue with One Million Moms, the group organizing a boycott against the retailer in an effort to force DeGeneres to step down as spokeswoman. Fox News contributor and One Million Moms supporter Sandy Rios explained, “It isn’t about Ellen DeGeneres, but it’s about mainstreaming something that is not acceptable to Christian and traditional family people.” READ FULL STORY

Karl Lagerfeld calls Adele 'too fat,' settles for Lana Del Rey instead

In an interview with Metro US, fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, the outspoken creative director for Chanel, shared his brutally honest thoughts about pop singer Adele and her figure.

“I prefer Adele and Florence Welch,” he told the newspaper. “But as a modern singer [Lana Del Rey] is not bad. The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana Del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She’s not alone with implants.”

Feel free to pick out what part of that statement most offends you. READ FULL STORY

Vanity Fair's 2012 Hollywood cover revealed: Katniss and Lisbeth go glam as issue draws criticism

Katniss’ prep team is going to have a lot to live up to after this. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, embodying an old-school Hollywood look, is just one of the 11 actresses to go very va-va-voom for Vanity Fair (alliteration is fun!) and its 2012 Hollywood issue. Also gracing the cover alongside Lawrence is Albert Nobbs actress Mia Wasikowska making her second appearance, the ubiquitous and unreasonably beautiful Best Supporting Actress nominee Jessica Chastain, and Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara, who undergoes quite the transformation from the sexy-grungy Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to a nearly unrecognizable hybrid of Isabella Rossellini and Judy Davis’ character in The Break-Up.

That embarrassing Christina Aguilera photo that has everyone talking-cringing

Christina Aguilera‘s life in the public eye is starting to play out like every possible nightmare scenario of every kid in high school, isn’t it?  She went through a questionable fashion phase, constantly vied for the spotlight against her rival, messed up the national anthem during a big game, fell down in front of everyone, endured a painful split, was picked on for her weight, and then got in, like, so much trouble. And while Aguilera has graduated to full-fledged adult, the nightmare still hasn’t ended there, seeing as life is one endless loop of high school hell. (No one tells you that, kids!) READ FULL STORY

Wikipedia to go dark on Wednesday for web blackout in response to SOPA, PIPA

If you need to find something on Wikipedia, you’d better do it today. Beginning Wednesday, the free online encyclopedia behemoth, along with websites such as Reddit and Boing Boing will go dark to protest two Congressional bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA.)

According to The New York Times, the controversial bills “have attracted fierce opposition from many corners of the technology industry. Opponents say several of the provisions in the legislation, including those that may force search engines and Internet service providers to block access to Web sites that offer or link to copyrighted material, would stifle innovation, enable censorship, and tamper with the livelihood of businesses on the Internet.”

Michele Bachmann drops out of presidential race: A look back at her time in the spotlight (no, hey, look over here!)

Another one bites the dust. (Hey, better we reference a Queen tune than, say, a Fishbone song.) The campaign trail to the White House ended for GOP candidate/Margaret Thatcher hopeful Michele Bachmann on Wednesday when she announced that she has ended her bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to CNN.com, Bachmann, who suspended her campaign after a dismal sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, told her supporters that in spite of exiting the race, “I will continue fighting to defeat the president’s agenda of socialism.” Watch the Minnesota congresswoman’s concession speech below, in which she states the country (which she instructs Americans to “take back”) is “in very serious trouble.” READ FULL STORY

This Week in Alec Baldwin: An airplane exit, a non-apology apology, and an 'SNL' appearance

It’s been nearly a week since actor/activist/American treasure Alec Baldwin was kicked off of an American Airlines flight after a dispute with a crew member over his refusal to stop playing Words with Friends on a hand-held electronic devise. In addition to ignoring FAA regulations, Baldwin reportedly made a scene by slamming the bathroom door on the plane and became aggressive and rude to the staff. (That’s right, Jack Donaghy went and pulled a Tracy Jordan.) For most celebrities, a headline-grabbing stunt like that would be enough to get them through the week, if not the entire holiday season, but then again, Alec Baldwin is no ordinary celebrity. READ FULL STORY

OWS occupies 'Law & Order: SVU' episode. Where's Benson and Stabler when you need them?

While a large majority of Occupy Wall Street protesters don’t seem to take issue with celebrity support, visits, or participation in the movement, filming at their expense might be another thing entirely.

According to the New York Times, the filming of an episode of Law & Order: SVU was interrupted early Friday morning when more than 100 OWS protesters took over the downtown Manhattan Foley Square set, which was transformed to look like the camps in Zuccotti Park, the home base of the OWS movement, for an upcoming episode. (Can’t you just picture the scenario in which L&O: SVU gang stumbles upon the crime scene now? In my head the dialogue sounds a little something like this: “It looks like he’s occupying… the funeral home.”) READ FULL STORY

Parodies of Rick Perry's controversial campaign ad are going strong

You’ve almost made it too easy, Rick Perry.

In a controversial new campaign ad, the Texas governor, clad in a tan coat — which George Takei wonderfully pointed out on Twitter was almost the same one Heath Ledger wore in Brokeback Mountain (oops!) — complains that “there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.” The “not ashamed” Christian then promises that he’ll “end Obama’s war on religion.”  READ FULL STORY

Queen and Helen Mirren strip down in different ways to help U.K. economy

File this under: Otherwise Inconsequential News Item That Gains Import Because of Barely Tangentially Related News Item

Queen Elizabeth II is feeling the crunch of the British recession. According to ABC News, she and the crown will have to make do with only $50 million of the tax-payers’ money per year — approximately half the family’s take pre-economic downturn. In fact, the royals are renting out St. James palace to corporate bigwigs during next summer’s Olympics to raise funds, and there are even reports that the Queen would welcome some help in paying her high utility bills.

Fortunately, there are loyal subjects who are willing to contribute more than their share during these difficult times. Take Helen Mirren, for example, who won an Oscar for portraying Her Majesty in The Queen. The sexy 66-year-old actress is auctioning off the famous red bikini that reminded so many of the icon’s timeless bodaciousness to raise money for the needy. “It happens to be one of the best bikinis in the world because it fits!,” Mirren told a British morning show. “The minute I bought it I loved it because it’s so hard to find a bikini that fits if you’ve got bosoms like I have.”

Pause. Breathe. Recover.

“I would love it to raise money for an organisation that I support called Age UK,” she continued. “I love the idea of this little flimsy summer thing is going towards helping old people stay warm and comfortable and toasty in the wintertime.”

One queen forced to pinch pennies at Christmas time; the other, baring sharing her god-given gifts in generosity. O. Henry himself would weep!

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