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Is Spike Lee right for the 'Oldboy' remake?

Spike Lee is having a moment. Mandate Pictures confirmed rumors today that the director would helm the remake of the 2003 Korean cult classic, Oldboy. The announcement came only hours after Lee tweeted that he was heading to the set of the next yet-to-be-announced Spike Lee joint. This would be a big day for any director, nevertheless one who hasn’t had a film in theaters since Miracle at St. Anna flopped three years ago.

The remake has gone through a host of directors over the course of its development. READ FULL STORY

MGM readying 'WarGames' remake: Who should log-on to star?

The world has changed since WarGames was the fifth biggest blockbuster of 1983. The cold war ended. Suicidal terrorists replaced nuclear mutually assured destruction as the ultimate nightmare. And computers, thankfully, got much, much, much smaller. In other words, it’s a great time to resurrect the story of a mischievous American teenager who nearly starts a war when he hacks into the military’s most powerful computer, as Deadline reported that MGM has decided to do. For one thing, Matthew Broderick’s whiz kid isn’t some rare oddball anymore. Hackers have long since become a staple of techno-thrillers, and you only have to look to recent headlines — like the 19-year-old British kid who cracked the CIA computers — for evidence of our real-world technological vulnerability. In addition, today’s audience is much-more computer savvy; even your parents can follow a complex plot full of high-tech mumbo-jumbo. READ FULL STORY

Somewhere, someone is thinking of casting Blake Lively in a 'Splash' remake. Don't.

Blake Lively has gone red for her new movie Hick, and stepping out at last night’s Time 100 Gala in a form-fitting aquamarine gown, she told People, “I feel like Ariel.” First thought: this is Lively’s second recent Disney reference. (She told WWD, “When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the Lion King soundtrack.”) Second thought: She could do worse. Ariel ranked No. 1 on our countdown of Disney princess hair. Third thought: Lively would look great in Ariel’s seashell cups. Fourth thought: Should she play a mermaid? Fifth thought: Imagine her in a remake of Splash. Sixth thought: No.


Read more:
Blake Lively is a mystery. Plus, what’s your pick-me-up song?

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' debuts four-second clip: Dramatic Ape!

The first footage of Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a five-second video cut that looks like a high-budget, dramatic ape-retelling of “Dramatic Chipmunk.” (The clip was first posted to the film’s Facebook page.) But what we can gauge from the footage is a sense of realism missing from the original Planet of the Apes films and Tim Burton’s 2001 ill-advised remake (…and Troy McClure’s musical.) Dude looks like monkey! And a nefarious, shifty-eyed one, at that. Or is this just how he felt watching Rise co-star James Franco’s Oscar hosting duties? Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'Arthur' is a disappointing remake. But does it rank among the worst of all time?

The new Russell Brand-fronted Arthur is, in my humble opinion, a mediocre update of a wonderfully funny time capsule of ’80s hedonism starring Dudley Moore. I can’t say I was all that into it. (Nor was EW critic Owen Gleiberman.) There are plenty of things wrong with the movie (like the ghastly lack of chemistry between Brand and his love interest Greta Gerwig) and I don’t think I’ll be encouraging any friends to rush out and spend their hard-earned money on it. But does it rank among the worst remakes of all time? This was the question I asked myself as I watched a graffiti-covered billboard for it whiz by me on my subway ride home Friday night. (Some expressive New Yorker with a Sharpie thinks Mr. Katy Perry is a “TOOL.”)

My answer? No, Arthur does not rank among the worst. READ FULL STORY

Can sinking the 'Titanic' salvage the network miniseries?

Esteemed miniseries still get produced by PBS, like last year’s Return to Cranford, but the major broadcast networks abandoned the genre after cable proved so adept at it (See: Band of Brothers, Angels in America, Broken Trail). A network miniseries hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy since 2005 (Elvis) or won since 2001 (Anne Frank: The Whole Story). But now ABC plans to bring back the spectacle of those must-see events. Not only is the network developing an eight-hour version of Wicked with Salma Hayek, but ABC recently announced it’s producing a four-parter about the doomed voyage of the Titanic, scripted by Julian Fellowes, who gifted us PBS’s recent prize, Downton Abbey. READ FULL STORY

'Soapdish' remake moving forward. That's depressing and it's expensive -- two words I hate.

soapdishHollywood loves its remakes. It’s a reality we’ve all got to live with. But does that mean we have to accept it? I say, “Hell to the no!” — especially in the light of news that Paramount is going forward with its remake of the 1991 comedy Soapdish, which was first reported last May. This totally underrated gem about the backstage drama at a daytime soap opera does not deserve to have its memory defiled by what could very well be a pale and lackluster update. (Of course, maybe it will be great — because sometimes, on rare occasions, remakes don’t totally suck.) But honestly, can you improve on perfection? Can you improve on a cast that includes Sally Field, Robert Downey Jr. (at his manic best — see clip after the jump), Whoopi Goldberg (once upon a time she was quite a funny lady) and Kevin Kline? When I try to imagine other people playing Celeste Talbert and Jeffrey Anderson, I feel like my brain will literally explode within the next three hours. Tell me, Dish fans, am I overreacting? READ FULL STORY

Why I'm not repelled by the idea of a 'Mr. Mom' remake

mr-momImage Credit: Everett CollectionNormally, I’m morally opposed to any remake of a 1980s film, even ones based on forgettable originals. First off, those are my movies. I grew up with them. Secondly, the fact that they’re being considered for remakes can only mean that a significant amount of time has passed — a fact that  I don’t need to be reminded of. But I have to admit that I wasn’t offended by the news that MGM has discussed dusting off Mr. Mom, the Reagan-era comedy written by John Hughes. Michael Keaton’s auto exec, who’s forced to become the clueless caregiver for his three kids after he’s fired by his Detroit company, reflected the economic downtown that wounded and frightened American families during the early ’80s. READ FULL STORY

Kids reenact five Oscar nominated films!

I’m not sure why the Internet is rampant with kids reenacting stuff. Oh, wait. Because it’s adorable! From Kanye’s tweets to Project Runway, these children keep us entertained with their mini (ha) versions of what’s hot in pop culture.

The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning, and it didn’t take long for the kiddos to reenact five of the Best Picture nominees. If you haven’t seen 127 Hours, Black Swan, The Fighter, The King’s Speech, or The Social Network you’ve still got time before Oscar night to catch up. But if you don’t think you’re going to make it through all the films, fear not. These reenactments will suffice. And did I mention they’re adorable?

(Spoiler alert! These shorts give up some important plot points. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)  READ FULL STORY

'Being Human': How did it compare to the British version? Will you continue watching?

being-human-101Image Credit: Philipe Bosse/SyfyI have never wanted an answer to a question in a PopWatch headline more than I do now — the former inquiry being the most pressing. The reason for my eagerness is because I’m not one of those cool people who has seen the British version of Being Human and can offer you up this bit-by-nitpicky-bit comparison of the two — and I say that admirably of those who can. (People who have time for British TV and American TV are my heroes, in fact.) So, I’m sorry. All I have for you is a take on the boring ol’ American version. Except, the thing is, I didn’t think it was boring at all. READ FULL STORY

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