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From the makers of 'Friday': Finally, an alphabet song for the YOLO generation! -- VIDEO


Are you an entitled millennial who never learned to read good? (Are you making your overprotective helicopter dad read this post to you right now?) If so, Internet “hitmaker” Patrice Wilson has just the “song” for you.

In “Friday,” he taught you the days of the week. In “It’s Thanksgiving,” he taught you that there is a holiday called Thanksgiving. And now, with this latest purposefully terrible wannabe viral music video, he’ll teach you something even more basic: The letters of the alphabet. Or at least everything before “Q.”

The new song’s title, no joke, is just “ABCDEFG.” (Somehow, I feel like we should give props to Patrice for managing to get the order right.) It’s sung by Alison Gold of questionable “Chinese Food” fame, and its faux-inspirational nonsense lyrics make “Friday” sound like Faulkner. Seriously, don’t play this song for anyone hoping to learn English; it’ll only confuse them.

Also, the video features Wilson peering into 11-year-old Alison’s bedroom window, and the tween confusedly flipping through an ancient paperback dictionary before getting into a strange van that has just pulled up outside her front door, which takes her to a club where she drinks a glass of punch that Patrice Wilson has drugged. With “Puppet Potion.” Also, at one point, she sings solfège syllables without tying them to any recognizable diatonic scale, which is super confusing.

I guess you can watch it if you really want:

Alison Gold's 'Chinese Food': Singing about food proves worse than Instagramming about food -- VIDEO


The Rebecca Black Corollary — a.k.a. Ark Music Factory — has spawned another evil, and this time she’s hungry (for more than just milk and cereal).

Any artist has been told to write/paint/sing what you know. Our girl Alison Gold (hopefully a stage name, so this won’t haunt her LinkedIn when she’s trying to land an entry-level marketing job in eight years) is just singing about her passion: “Chinese Food.” And more disturbing than this song’s terrible Auto-Tune is its cracked-out music video. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Rebecca Black does acoustic Miley Cyrus cover, actually sounds pretty great -- VIDEO

A song by viral video star Rebecca Black that won’t make your ears bleed? A song by viral video star Rebecca Black that is, in fact, supremely pleasant, well-sung, and catchy?

Well, now I’ve heard everything.

For real, though: Black has clearly come a long way from “Friday.” (Which makes sense, since it’s Tuesday.) Like her infamous first single, this gentle, acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” — a duet between Black and “Jon D.,” her shaggy-haired guitar player — is a serious earworm. But unlike “Friday,” it’s the type of tune you won’t mind having in your head all day long… or all week… or all of 2011. Theoretically.


Happy Thursday! We chat with Rebecca Black about bullying and her new sound

“Gangnam Style” may have stolen Rebecca Black’s YouTube crown — but the 15-year-old Californian doesn’t begrudge PSY his success. “I love that song!” she told EW enthusiastically earlier this week. “I have it on my phone. We rock out to it all the time.”

But all things considered, Black doesn’t have much time for rocking out. She’s too busy performing in concert, recording new songs, and otherwise trying to spin her viral video stardom into a legitimate music career. In her spare time, she’s also speaking out against bullying on behalf of a new campaign called “Be Good To Each Other.” Black — along with other celebs like gymnast Nastia Liukin and Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish — designed an anti-bullying t-shirt that’s being sold throughout October, also known as National Bullying Prevention Month. All proceeds from the shirts will be donated to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Clearly, Black knows a thing or two about being teased; her “Friday” music video made her a national punchline everywhere from late night TV to, uh, this magazine. So as the teen’s new campaign began, we chatted with Rebecca over the phone about dealing with “Friday” backlash, facing ridiculous rumors, and trying to launch a music career in spite of it all. Warning: Do not read if having “fun fun fun fun” stuck in your head doesn’t sound like, well, fun.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Since it’s 11:37 a.m. in California right now, I’m guessing you’re not in school. Are you homeschooled?
Yeah. There was a lot of press out there about, you know, “Rebecca Black gets homeschooled [because of] bullying.” But I wouldn’t say that I began homeschooling because of bullying. There’s so much time involved in this industry, and I just found myself missing lots of school. And yeah, there are a few mean kids at school, but…

Even if bullying didn’t directly lead to your leaving school, you’ve obviously faced a ton of negative attention. Can you take me through your experience with bullying?
It was pretty much right off the bat.  READ FULL STORY

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