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Spanish-style ridiculata: Old lady's 'restored' fresco becomes must-see painting (VIDEO)

Retirees have to find a way to keep busy. Some take up knitting; others make multi-million dollar explosion-fests. Cecilia Giménez of Borja, Spain, has a different hobby: She spent hours attempting to restore a water damaged, century-old fresco of Jesus in Borja’s Santuario de la Misericordia church. Giménez’s finished product has inspired headlines and a flurry of tourist activity — but not for the reasons the artist would hope. Take it away, Today!


'Real Housewives of Orange County' season 7 premiere react: Wine not?

It was all about the red wine in the Real Housewives of Orange County‘s season 7 opener. You see, the memory of Tamra lobbing a glass of wine in former Housewife Jeana’s face still hung heavy in the air, and no one — not even Tamra — would let the incident go quietly into that good night. As such, there were many, many shots of the Housewives setting out red wine glasses in advance of a much-hyped party that we won’t even see until week 2. So what did we see? In short: An unexpected alliance between enemies, the first glimpses of new girl Heather (she’s an actress, in case you didn’t know), Vicki’s psychotic fluffing of throw pillows, and Alexis hoisting her pelvis to the sky for the sake of “journalism,” to name a few highlights. Read all about it below…


Steven Seagal could be sued for killing a puppy

This story isn’t as ridiculous as the title implies. Oh wait… it totally is. While filming the next season of Steven Seagal: Lawman, the martial arts master teamed up with Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio — himself no stranger to reality television — to raid the house of alleged cockfighter Jesus Llovera. According to The Onion AV Club, Seagal commandeered a SWAT tank and led dozens of officers in riot gear into the house, where they set off explosives, basically ripped apart the house from the outside in, and killed about 100 chickens in the process. Also a casualty of the raid: Llovera’s 11-month-old puppy. READ FULL STORY

'X Factor' overhaul: Who should replace Nicole, Paula, and Steve?

With this morning’s news that Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and Steve Jones will not be returning to The X Factor next season, it would appear the cheese (Simon Cowell) stands alone. Well, mostly alone. There’s still L.A. Reid, hanging on to his Pepsi cup like a barnacle on a cruise ship. The show is clearly undergoing a major overhaul, probably so Simon Cowell can clinch those 20 million viewers he boldly projected last fall… and that a Cowell-less Idol scored just last week. It got us thinking: Who should host and judge the next edition of X Factor. We pose some suggestions below… READ FULL STORY

Contrarian Corner: Money can't buy me class, but it can buy a whole lot of 'Real Housewives' music

Confession: When Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Shereé Whitfield gave Watch What Happens Live viewers a first listen to her new single “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?” on Dec. 18, I may have reflexively let out a squeal of exhilaration. May have. Okay… I totally did. Yes, PopWatchers, I am coming out with it once and for all: I am a “Closet Freak” for Real Housewives music (shout-out to Miss Lawrence, heeeeeey!). READ FULL STORY

Product placement rankings: last-place NBC is the shilliest network; Fox and ABC tie for second

Welcome to the fold, X Factor! In a list just released by Nielsen, Simon Cowell’s latest endeavor was the only newbie to rank among 2011’s top 10 shows in terms of product placement tie-ins. Then again, it’s no surprise since Cowell’s former stomping grounds American Idol ranked first, with an egregious 577 advertiser-friendly placements over the course of season 10 — and that’s even without Cowell.

Interestingly, Fox wasn’t the most product-laden network. That dubious honor went to NBC, where The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, America’s Got Talent, and even beloved drama Friday Night Lights (the only non-reality show on the list) all found a place in the top 10. Which other shows shamelessly pimped their advertisers’ merch this year? Read on… READ FULL STORY

'X Factor' finale: What tips can it take from 'Idol' and 'The Voice' to improve for season 2?

As the first season of The X Factor enters the homestretch, it’s time to take stock of the reality newbie. What did the show do right, and where could it improve next season? What lessons can it learn from returning titan American Idol — still strong after 10 seasons and countless judge switch-ups? And where does sophomore series The Voice (returning Feb. 5) figure into the equation? We offer a few thoughts and suggestions below. READ FULL STORY

Barbara Walters announces 2011 Most Fascinating Person. It's...

Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 just aired, and in addition to previously announced honorees such as the Kardashians and Herman Cain, the number one spot, as is the standard, was left secret until the broadcast. SPOILER ALERT! The 2011 Most Fascinating Person was (drumroll please)…


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