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'The Real Housewives of D.C.' recap: Cat cries, Michaele threatens to get butt implants

The show is working a Jedi mind trick on me. Try as I might to hold onto my standards, I dare say I’m coming around to enjoying myself on Thursday nights again. I think it’s because Mary is such reliably fluffy company, and Cat wears ridiculous hats, and Lynda, that sexy leprechaun, pops up every now and again to throw down. It’s so oddly interesting to watch the main dramas play out—the growing tension between Cat and her bags-packed husband Charles, the Salahis’ ridiculous delusions of grandeur and entitlement—when we know the endings already.

When Michaele and Tareq met with their buddy Matt to talk about their tell-all book, the blonde incense stick gooshed about their incredible story. Describing their adventures: “We’re going to meet President Obama, we’re going here. I could never have imagined!” Bring it, scenes for next week. (Poor Matt had the neato idea of putting some of his own voice in the book, maybe even his name on the cover too? Michaele’s eyes narrowed. Tareq fingered the pearl handle of the knife strapped to his fat calf.) “We’ve come up with a name we know we unquestionably love,” sweated Tareq. “War, Wine and Roses.” (Matt started reconsidering wanting his name on the jacket.) Michaele, who made clear that she liked yapping but she didn’t want to ever be expected to actually put pen to paper, had just one demand. “No matter what I would just love to see it have a happy ending,” she said. And then President Obama told Michaele Salahi that she was pretty. Tareq shot his mother in the thigh. Everybody giggled! Michelle Obama clinked her glass of Oasis wine with a lollipop to make a toast.”Salahis, Yes We Can!”


'Real Housewives' casting shakeups: Can each series survive without its most controversial character?

real-housewivesImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo; Quantrell Colbert/Bravo; Andrew Eccles/Bravo; Adam Olszweski/BravoDespite reports that The Real Housewives of D.C. star (and infamous party crasher) Michaele Salahi will not be returning to the show’s uncertain (yet probable?) second season, Bravo insists no decision has been made regarding the D.C. installment of its record-breaking franchise. “We’ve had no discussion about a season 2 — including any casting — and won’t until the freshman season concludes. Any speculation to the contrary would be absolutely premature,” a rep for Bravo told EW.  Would you still watch The Real Housewives of D.C. without Michaele? There will be no shortage of bitchiness at the hand of Cat Ommanney, who has just enough of a mix of crazy (the lady dressed up as Sarah Palin for a cocktail event!) and fame whore to keep this thing going, and I love that Stacie Turner has such utter disdain for all things beyond D.C. proper. Lynda and Mary are kind of blah, but there’s always room for somebody new, right?

Similar casting rumors have been floating around New York City, amplified after Bethenny Frankel found success with a spin-off, husband, and baby on Bethenny Getting Married?. Real Housewives of Atlanta returns in October without Lisa Wu Hartwell, and New Jersey has already announced that Danielle Staub, “the Susan Lucci of reality TV,” will not be returning next season. Yes, a lot of this is speculation, as Bravo has held information regarding casting of future seasons close to the vest, but it begs the question: Will each Housewives series continue to be successful after major casting changes? Or do these shows need that exact combination of bitchiness and cattiness that only Danielle, Bethenny, etc. can provide, in order to survive?

Bravo’s Senior Vice President for Original Programming (and charming host of the late night Watch What Happens Live) Andy Cohen explained the reasons behind the Real Housewives phenomenon to EW: READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kim Zolciak releases sneak peek of new single, wants you to Google her

kim-zImage Credit: Wilford Harewood/BravoBecause we live in a strange, strange world, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has released a follow-up single to last year’s ridiculous “Tardy for the Party.” This time, she’s preaching the benefits of the Internet, encouraging all of her adoring fans, possible suitors, and reality show creators to “Google Me” (Not to be mistaken with former My Super Sweet Sixteen subject Teyana Taylor‘s 2008 single). But lest you forget who Ms. Zolciak is amidst the sea of horrifying but hypnotic Housewives‘ singles, she reminds you: “I’m not the same as them (the same as them), my name is Kim!” Check out a sneak peek at Gawker.TV.

What do you think, PopWatchers: Is “Google Me” better than “Tardy for the Party”? Which Housewives star (if any) has the greatest chance at a legitimate singing career?

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'The Real Housewives of D.C.' recap: Tareq is a punk (but you knew that)

real-housewives-dcUh oh, we’re back to the biometric lock on Mary’s closet. I think we can all agree that the latest franchise in the Real Housewives universe has struggled all season long to catch a rhythm. It’s not in the end that these people are unlikable. I’ve come to think that Miss Mary is actually kind of a doll. She’s warm and well-intentioned and I like ogling her kitchen and her husband’s pretty hair. All of which would make her an interesting one-off client on an HGTV show. Instead she’s the heart of this Bravo series, with little source of tension. We learned in the first episode that her oldest daughter likes to borrow Mommy’s nice clothes. So, ha ha, the eccentric rich woman put a fingerprint lock on her closet door. It’s a throwaway detail, and one the Bravo producers pounced on as an indicator of deeper issues. But really, Mary just doesn’t want Lolly to get any sauce stains on her cashmere. We get it. And yet, without anything else to talk about, much of this episode revisited the dang lock, and Mary’s love for her pretty things, and her hand-wringing over Lolly’s disrespect for biometric boundaries. I think Rich spoke for the audience when he zoned out while Mary was talking. “You have a damn lock. Use it.” Then he told his wife there was something better on TV than listening to this damn conversation yet again.


'The A-List' clip released: Let the bitchery begin!

The fine folks over at Logo know they’ve got something buzzy and good in The A-List, the gay version of The Real Housewives franchise. Just look: In addition to the “supertrailer” that hit a couple weeks back, they’ve released yet another clip from the premiere episode of the super-bitchy reality show to whet your appetite. And it’s a doozy! Full of catty, nasty gays calling each other “girl” and scoping out the boyfriends of their competition. Typical. But also, yes, it’s delicious and totally watchable. The thing to take note of from this clip is of the show’s sure-to-be-breakout star Rodiney. In case you can’t tell who he is amongst all the pretty, similar-looking gays on the show, he’s the one who’s dating former Amazing Race star (and Lance Bass ex) Reichen Lehmkuhl (although he doesn’t even appear in this clip). Rodiney isn’t one of the five “full” cast members on the show, but he’s certainly the most memorable — mostly because he speaks in the most endearing, accented, and broken English (with subtitles usually!) you’ve ever heard in your life. “First time I met Austin,” he says in a little vignette interview during the clip, “he didn’t came to me to introduce his self. He was smelling me. Like weird.” That doesn’t even do it justice — just watch and see for yourself:


'The Real Housewives of D.C.' recap: 'It's vewwwwy serious!'

housewives-groupImage Credit: Adam Olszweski/BravoThe next time my favorite character—admittedly not a stiff competition—feels the urge to jump across the table and smack Tareq upside the head I just assume he go for it. The episode opened with the slurry conclusion of the Salahi feast. Tareq huffed and puffed about the supposed theft of his $90,000 car (dude totally parked it in Sparkle’s barn) and his assortment of polo mallets. Never fear the FBI is on the case and they have been “monzerrrrring” Lolly for months, according to Tareq. Michaele smiled brightly while swearing the whole situation was very devastating. Think about the charities! Mary sat there dumbfounded, tears streaming down her face. Stacie and Jason tried to knock some sense into the Salahis’ conjoined heads.”I’m wiz you Jazon,” slurred Tareq. Jason, who probably needed a glass of water himself by this point in the evening, looked ready to blow up. “No you’re not with me because you don’t have a daughter,” he said. “If anybody was talking about my daughter I’d be over top of this table on your ass so quick.” Do it!


Danielle Staub speaks about 'Real Housewives' exit: 'I didn't want to be treated like crap anymore'

Danielle-StaubImage Credit: Andrei Jackamets/BravoAfter two seasons of sex tapes, table-flipping, and hair extension-related lawsuits, The Real Housewives of New Jersey will continue on without the show’s self-proclaimed villain, Danielle Staub. But don’t worry, she’ll be back before you know it…with her own reality show! Staub recently spoke with EW about her decision not to return to RHONJ, the closure (or lack thereof) she experienced with the ladies during the two-part reunion special, and how she plans to remain in the public eye.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Bravo recently announced that you are not returning for season 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Who’s decision was that? How did it come about?
Well, I knew going into the reunion that I had really no reason to return. I had finished my memoir, my book was out, I’m hitting my marks, and I’m moving on and trying to move up. I don’t think there was anything left. Do I stay on a show where people really hate me? Where I don’t even think they know why? I think that it just became a really big mean girls circle, and it was time for me to say, “I respect myself too much for this.” And not just me — my family, my loved ones. People that care about me were like, “Please do not go back,” because they’re scared for me. It’s scary! I mean, think about it: If you saw your mother, or your loved one, or your best friend being treated like that and you couldn’t do anything about it? And then you worry for them until they get back home from taping an episode. I mean, it’s time for me to go. READ FULL STORY

Taking out the garbage: On the heels of Danielle Staub's exit, which other 'Housewives' should go?

DanielleImage Credit: Andrei Jackamets/BravoDing dong, the wicked witch…needs to get herself a job. After last night’s woefully awkward hug-it-out session on the New Jersey Housewives Reunion Part 279 couch, Bravo announced that Danielle Staub wouldn’t be returning for a Season 3. A) How uncomfortable did Jacqueline look as Danielle continued to hang onto her shoulders murmuring that she was sorry and that she loved her and that it was done and that she was sorry and that she loved her and that it was done and that she was sorry and that….. and B) Will anyone seriously miss the cooked-up drama Danielle brought over the last two seasons? The show is in serious need for some new faces and sorry, Kim G. and Kim S., your mugs don’t cut it.

Now that Bravo has kicked Danielle to the curb wished Danielle good luck on her singing/clothes designing/stage mothering future ventures, what other Housewives need to similarly take a hike? READ FULL STORY

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion recap, part two: Danielle takes a bow

Real-Housewives-JerseyImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/BravoWhat did you ever give me this season Real Housewives of New Jersey, except for agita? A scarring mental image of Kim G. on the stripper pole?  An unwanted look at Danielle’s square breast? An explanation of the ham game? After a cringe-worthy season that was definitely not short on drama, we had one of the most explosive reunion episodes in Housewives history last week. But could anything top pushing Andy Cohen?

Danielle Staub rode off into the sunset last night, headed for a future of pole dancing work out DVDs and international fame on the gay club circuit thanks to the “Real Close (Dance Remix).” On Monday, Bravo officially confirmed that Staub will not be returning for season three, so last night’s final moments are presumably the last the women will share together (on camera). Were hugs and tears part of the ending you were hoping for? Here are the most confusing moments from the conclusion of last night’s exhaustive yet entertaining reunion: READ FULL STORY

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Meet the cast!

Real-Housewives-of-Beverly-HillsJust as you were beginning to breathe again after last night’s out-of-control Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Bravo is ready to show you more of the weird, wild, trainwreck-y world of rich women. Today, the network announced they’d be adding to their successful franchise with a fresh slate of financially, genetically, sometimes surgically blessed woman in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo, Oct. 14, 9 p.m.).

It’s their first foray into the land of celebrity, so it’s no surprise that more than a few of the cast members have a Hollywood connection. Let’s have a closer look at what we’re dealing with here, shall we? Check out a preview of the season and more details on the cast below. READ FULL STORY

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