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Before tonight's 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' premiere, we pick 5 favorite Garden State characters

Tonight marks the fourth season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The reality show has introduced us to some of the mid-Atlantic’s most colorful characters, from fiercely protective big sister and mother Caroline Manzo to Fabulicious! table flipper Teresa Giudice (still a contender on this season of The Celebrity Apprentice) and even Cop Without a Badge heroine Danielle Staub. But these ladies aren’t all that Jersey has to offer. The Garden State has been fertile ground for great fictional characters in pop culture. Below, we run down five of our favorite Jersey-born-and-bred characters. (Sorry, Shore fans! Snooki doesn’t technically count as a fictional character.)


'GCB' gets reality knock-off, now let's turn the tables: Which reality show should go scripted?

Word came down the pipe today (via TMZ) that the producers behind the Gremlin-like Real Housewives franchise are seeking out good Christian… uh… ladies for a reality series based on ABC’s GCB. In the era of reality proliferation, it’s become a go-to to rip off the hard work of TV writers and reproduce their ideas cheaply by training the lens on a coterie of overindulged, under-restrained aspiring singers and actresses. Indeed, it’s exactly how Real Housewives was born: the small-screen version of Athena springing from the head of Zeus, only replace the goddess of wisdom with Vicki Gunvalson and Zeus with Teri Hatcher naked in a bush. But what about turning the tables? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see a reality show milked for all its dramatic potential in the scripted world? Below, I offer up a few suggestions, then you can chip in your own in the comments. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live': 'Real Housewives of Disney' deleted scenes has everyone, even LiLo, smiling

If there’s silver lining to be found in the failed attempt for a Lindsay Lohan comeback by hosting an otherwise terrible episode of Saturday Night Live, it was that popular “Real Housewives of Disney” sketch. The inspired bit imagined what classic Disney princesses (and an ambiguously gay prince) would do to one another on The Real Housewives. Turns out, it’s exactly the same as the real boys and girls do in the franchise. It was easily the episode’s — and Lohan’s — rare high point.

But there was a lot that hit the cutting room floor! Check out newly released bonus footage, and find out the real truth as to why Mulan wasn’t invited, below.

Kim Zolciak shows her softer side on new single 'Love Me First'

With her own Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off in the can, Kim Zolciak is returning to music. In a departure from her club-thumping first three tracks, Zolciak is going in a softer gentler direction with a new ballad called “Love Me First.” It’s a testament to how much marriage and a toddler have calmed down the lady who used to change clothes in gas station parking lots. But is it any good? Preview Zolciak’s single below. READ FULL STORY

Sunday Night TV: Which show do YOU watch live? -- POLL

Sometimes, in life, we have tough decisions to make: Chocolate or vanilla? Peeta or Gale? Linsanity or Tebowing? Or, for TV junkies like us, live TV or DVR?

With the return of midseason TV, our DVRs have been brimming to capacity (yes, I see you, 98% full ticker), and it’s easy to struggle with deciding between competing timeslots. What to choose on Monday nights when How I Met Your Mother faces off against The Bachelor and Alcatraz? Why must I decide between Survivor, American Idol, and One Tree Hill on Wednesdays? I love them the same! READ FULL STORY

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog crashes the Golden Collar Awards -- VIDEO

A few days after claiming the Golden Collar Awards were “fixed,” Conan O’Brien’s cigar-chomping canine correspondent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog crashed the Jan. 13 ceremony. The footage finally made it to air last night on Conan. Behold the irascible mutt as he accuses a tiara-clad Cavalier King Charles spaniel of having “work done” (you’ll have to watch to see which TV personality he holds up as her “Before” picture), makes below-the-collar accusations about Blackie the Doberman from Hugo, and accosts a Real House Pet of Beverly Hills. But which prime-time pooch finally takes Triumph down a peg? Find out after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of Miami' bloodbath: Why weren't Larsa and Cristy re-upped for season 2?

Step forward if you’re going to be on the second season of The Real Housewives of Miami. Not so fast, Larsa Pippen! In a surprisingly mercenary move yesterday, Bravo cut two of the Miami Housewives from its roster. Though Marysol Patton, Lea Black, and Adriana De Moura survived the cuts, Pippen will be joined in the reality half-off bin with Cristy Rice. (Housewife Alexia Echevarria will be returning, but in a limited capacity, says a Bravo rep.) Though Bravo has yet to comment on why these two ladies hit the cutting room floor, Housewives history has proven one thing: You either go big (personality) or go home. READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of Orange County' season 7 premiere react: Wine not?

It was all about the red wine in the Real Housewives of Orange County‘s season 7 opener. You see, the memory of Tamra lobbing a glass of wine in former Housewife Jeana’s face still hung heavy in the air, and no one — not even Tamra — would let the incident go quietly into that good night. As such, there were many, many shots of the Housewives setting out red wine glasses in advance of a much-hyped party that we won’t even see until week 2. So what did we see? In short: An unexpected alliance between enemies, the first glimpses of new girl Heather (she’s an actress, in case you didn’t know), Vicki’s psychotic fluffing of throw pillows, and Alexis hoisting her pelvis to the sky for the sake of “journalism,” to name a few highlights. Read all about it below…


Kim Richards on 'Housewives' reunion: 'I'm an alcoholic'


After watching Kim Richards’ bizarre behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for months, we finally know the reason the reality TV star was acting strangely, and why she checked into rehab in early December. In People‘s exclusive sneak peek at the Housewives three-part reunion, Kim admits to Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen: “I’m an alcoholic.”

It’s not so much of a surprise to Housewives fans who watched Kim’s sister Kyle Richards accuse her of that very fact way back in season 1. But the scene from the reunion is shocking for a different reason: This is the most poised we’ve seen Kim since season 2 began. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Kim calm, in control, and subdued — here’s hoping rehab helped the troubled reality star.

Now, if only the other Housewives cast members could be as poised. READ FULL STORY

Who was 2011's worst-dressed TV character?

Let’s face it: Not everyone on TV can be Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe), whose immaculate gown collection on Revenge makes her look like she’s stepped out of a magical silk sea that changes jewel tones at her every whim and envelops her in liquid wealth for every occasion — “breakfast,” for example. Nope, sometimes people on TV just look like crap. I’ve started a list of 2011’s Worst-Dressed TV People below. But it will likely seem as incomplete as Kurt’s ridiculous one-sleeved cowl-neck sweater on Glee, so please add your own suggestions in the comments! READ FULL STORY

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