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'The Real Housewives of D.C.' recap: 'It's all bollocks around here!'

rhwdcImage Credit: Stephen J. Boitano/BravoI can’t yet tell who is more diabolical: Michaele or Tareq. Michaele loves squeaks! loves giggle! everybody, but there are sharp wheels turning behind her scary shining eyes. She will cut a bitch with her clavicle. Tareq strikes me as having serious anger management issues. I thought his Cosby-era sweater would explode in a rage as Cat continued to needle away at him at the Salahis’ Great Grape Stomp sponsored by the American Polo Club brought to you by Oasis wines pending litigation in two Virginia Counties brought by their lawyer who is currently working on a restraining order against Tareq’s mother who may have been the one to call Secret Service on their asses when they snuck into the Congressional Black Caucus dinner.


'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' finale recap: Blank, vacant, soulless

Real-Housewives-JerseyImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/BravoAfter last night’s finale, something just doesn’t feel right with me. Maybe it’s the one too many Coke-and-red-wine combos I had, or maybe it’s the fact that yet again, I find myself actually siding with Danielle [shudder]. Relax, I’m not saying we’re about to get our nails done at Chateau together or share cheese fries at the diner, but let’s face it: Danielle is the show. I want to be on Team Caroline/Teresa/Jacqueline, but would you rather watch an hour of family “drama” featuring Gia’s road to stardom and Ashley’s bad behavior, or Danielle’s ridiculous attempts to explain the complexities of life? Hate her if you will, but Danielle’s lunacy provides a common ground for housewives and Housewives fans alike; it’s something we can all agree on. And to be fair, in the real, non-reality-show world, if people really had such a problem with a person, they wouldn’t stage a third public confrontation. As Danielle put it, “If you didn’t like me, would you go where you know I am to tell me, ‘I don’t like you!’?…You just wouldn’t be around me!” READ FULL STORY

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion sneak peek: Nobody pushes Andy Cohen

A few weeks ago, Bravo exec and Watch What Happens: Live host Andy Cohen took to his Twitter account to tease The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special: “We are wrapped in New Jersey. WOAH. Very unexpected stuff. I am pooped. #needmakersmark.” Although I almost always trust Andy’s fashion sense, taste in drinks, and love of cat fights, I’ve found the current season of RHONJ to be as tired as Danielle’s skin pre-surgery, no matter how much fun he has rehashing it on his late night show. I assumed the reunion would follow the typical Housewives formula (short dresses + crying = at least one person storming out), but after watching a sneak peek at next week’s reunion special (part one), consider me officially reinvested in this series. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

'The Real Housewives of D.C.' recap: Starving for attention

housewives-groupImage Credit: Adam Olszweski/BravoOh Adam, where have you been all my D.C. Season 1? It turns out Stacie’s brother-in-law is a rapper with a #1 single in Paris and that guy is adorable. I could have done with more close-up shots of his wiry biceps than of Michaele’s Brazilian blown-out straw tresses slapping back and forth as she boogied akimbo at his concert. And I’m all full up on scenes of Tareq sweating in a black T-shirt. And scenes of him talking nonsense about the legs and arches of wine. And scenes of him bloviating about his wife’s hearty appetite. And scenes of him.


'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' season 3: Exclusive cast photo reveals two new housewives!

Atlanta-HousewivesImage Credit: Quantrell Colbert/BravoLisa Wu out—Cynthia and Phaedra in! EW has exclusively learned that Bravo will officially add two new housewives to the cast for its third season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which is set to premiere on Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. ET. The network will make the announcement this afternoon. As you can see from the first-look cast photo above, NFL wife Lisa Wu Hartwell went the way that DeShawn Snow did after season one—she’s no longer a full-fleged cast member. However, sources tell us that Hartwell will indeed make occasional appearances on the show, much like Dina Manzo did after she departed The Real Housewives of New Jersey earlier this season. Atlanta‘s season three cast is, from left to right: Phaedra Parks, NeNe Leakes, Shereé Whitfield, Cynthia Bailey, Kim Zolciak, and Kandi Burruss. Pretty glam cast, eh? As for new adds Cynthia and Phaedra, here’s what you need to know:


Danielle Staub reportedly booted from 'Real Housewives of New Jersey.' What other reality 'stars' need to exit the public stage?

real_housewives_njImage Credit: Virginia Sherwood/BravoA report in Life & Style claims that beweaved scenery chewer Danielle Staub has been disinvited from returning for a third season of Real Housewives of New Jersey . (A rep for Bravo wouldn’t confirm, stating instead that “We’re focused on season 2 right now…We haven’t announced anything regarding a third season.”) Would that this pseudo news is true! Imagine a world without Danielle’s delusional stage mothering and paranoid fantasies of victimhood. Imagine a world without her frenetic sidekick Danny. Imagine a world without her hiatus PR stunts of lesbian lovers and sex tapes and record-release parties for her put-upon youngest child.  Oh for the love of… Danielle has twittered her response to the firing rumors: READ FULL STORY

'The Real Housewives of D.C.' recap: Cast Aunt Frances immediately

housewives-groupImage Credit: Adam Olszweski/Bravo The problem with the new cast of Housewives is that none of them are friends. This is a regular complaint about the franchise but it strikes me as a deeper issue in D.C. There seems to be no real reason for any of them ever to gather, and Paul’s birthday comes but once a year. (Nice toast, Paul. You and the divine Aunt Frances lifted up an otherwise dullsville hour of TV.) Instead we got scattered random scenes of minutiae from not very interesting or likable peoples’ lives: Mary really believing that she’s speaking Spanish (“shampoo the rugs,” she said in her best Speedy Gonzalez accent) to her patient maid Rosa, Stacie’s husband talking penis volume nonsense, Michaele squealing over obnoxious handbags. There were quick flashes of the Potomac and the White House but nothing about these women is defining their locale, and so far their rapport and antics lack, what’s that word?, oh yes, sparkle.


The 'Real Housewives of Washington D.C.' premiere: Yes we can recap it

housewives-of-dcImage Credit: Stephen J. Boitano/BravoNew Housewives people, and this time it’s political. A few words of intro before we dive in: In this city, “currency is proximity to power.” Mary wins! Colin Powell lives across the street from her. And she may or may not have gotten drunk and played a couple of rounds of doctor at the Kennedy house when she was growing up. Another thing to know about DC is that there are social climbers everywhere. The Bravo producers gave us a big nudge here by flashing on a shot of  infamous, ridiculous Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the couple that crashed the White House but like to insist they didn’t really crash the White House. And finally, DC really is known as Chocolate City, which makes it extremely odd that there is only one black cast member. That said, Stacie struck me as the most likable and reasonable-natured of the new cast. This may bode poorly for her—she could find herself pushed aside by more dramatic cast members (see: Atlanta‘s DeShawn) or run off by them (miss you Dina!). Alright, let’s meet the ladies proper-like.


Michaele Salahi attorney says Whoopi Goldberg shouted 'F*** you' over and over at client: EW exclusive

Lisa Bloom, who recently signed on as Michaele Salahi’s attorney, called EW to give her client’s version of what happened between the controversial Real Housewives of D.C. cast member and Whoopi Goldberg following the taping of the Aug. 3. episode of The View.  Contrary to what Goldberg suggested on the air today, “Michaele Salahi never claimed that Whoopi hit her,” says Bloom, explaining that a producer who had noticed an upset Salahi backstage had used the word hit, not Salahi. Salahi was merely upset that the hosts had called her a “party crasher” (something Bloom says they’d agreed beforehand not to do) and that Goldberg had startled Salahi when she approached her from backstage during the live taping to request that she change the subject. [Click here for a rundown of Whoopi’s version of events from today’s View telecast.] Here’s what Bloom told EW:

“[Micahele] shows up for the live show [on Wednesday] and they call her a party crasher five times. Sherri Shepherd says ‘You should be in jail!’ The applause light goes on and everybody cheers. So that’s the context of what happened. Whoopi Goldberg was not interviewing Michaele. It was Joy and Sherri. Michaele is in this hostile context where everyone on the set is hostile to her. She’s answering all these questions about being anorexic and her husband throwing wine at someone. Whoopi comes from backstage behind her, touches her arm and says, ‘Excuse me, would you get back to the White House, please?’ That’s a very startling and strange event to happen on live TV. READ FULL STORY

White House party crasher to auction her sari. Well, great. Now will you please go away?

Congratulations, Michaele Salahi. You’re getting written about on EW.com. Why? Because you’ve announced that you’re auctioning off that red sari you wore when you (allegedly) crashed the White House state dinner last November. You’ve told the AP that you’re planning on putting the outfit on the block around the time your infamous door-busting gets screen time on that show you’re on, The Real Housewives of D.C. (Alas, we don’t know yet which blessed episode that will be.) I do applaud you for using your fame-whoring publicity-stunting elevated public profile to contribute to two excellent causes: victims of the Haitian earthquake and people with multiple sclerosis.

So now that you’ve set your mind to doing something admirable, how’s about you follow it up with another good deed? By which I mean: removing yourself from the public eye. Going away. Waving bye-bye. Come on — I know you have it in you to do the right thing. Think of the children!

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