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Netflix sets 'Friends,' 'Mean Girls,' 'Bruce Almighty' for January releases

Netflix is ringing in 2015 with a few beloved films, new seasons of television, and the entire run of Friends, just to ensure the year gets off to a completely unproductive start.


'Psych': James Roday's prized pop culture possession cannot be beat -- VIDEO


After eight seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to USA’s Psych. The satisfying March 26 series finale is called “The Break-Up,” and while star James Roday is tight-lipped, we can tell you that it centers on Shawn making a big life decision and trying to find a way to tell Gus (Dulé Hill), who in turn, has one of his own. “It really is a Shawn and Gus episode, as it should be,” Roday says. “I feel like [creator] Steve Franks did a wonderful job of combining the pathos of two best friends standing at the precipice of change with the fun whimsy that we’ve all come to expect from Psych. That friendship, for all its wackiness and craziness, was very real. I think that’s the reason it worked: These are two guys that have been inseparable since they were babies, basically, and at the end of the day would, in fact, take bullets for one another. Playing the reality of that was not difficult because of how grounded it actually is.”

Since that’s all we’re getting out of him in advance — we’ll have a post-mortem chat posting after the West Coast airing — we asked Roday to take our EW Pop Culture Personality Test. It’s a fitting sendoff for a show filled with pop culture references, and for Roday, who admits he conveniently had three of his first celeb crushes (from the tender age of 14) guest on the series (Kristy Swanson and Twin Peaks‘ Sherilyn Fenn and Mädchen Amick). Also, as the headline states, his answer to our “What’s your most prized pop culture possession?” question does not disappoint. Watch the video below.


'Psych': Dule Hill sings for our Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Fans of USA’s Psych have been waiting for the two-hour musical episode, and finally, it’s here (premiering Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET, followed by an instant replay). Dulé Hill, who’s currently on Broadway in the musical revue After Midnight, does get to tap a bit and sing a reggae song — the latter a request he sent to the show’s creator, Steve Franks, who came back with the ditty “Jamaican Inspector Man.” “I love how he did it too,” Hill says, “because he made it a run throughout the musical, so it doesn’t just come out of nowhere. When it comes up at the end, it’s a nice payoff.”

Of course, before that, there are many numbers, one in particular during which Hill had a tough time keeping a straight face: Look for Shawn (James Roday) to perform one of his psychic demonstrations at a park bench, and then for Shawn and Det. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) to do a tango. “I was like, ‘Wow, we’re goin’ for it,'” Hill recalls, laughing again.

When Hill recently stopped by EW, we launched an investigation of our own. Watch his Pop Culture Personality Test below to find out what he took home from The West Wing, who he karaokes with, and who he once met on a morning after he and his brother Bert slept over at friend Emmanuel Lewis’ house in a tent.

Join 'Psych' stars Dule Hill and James Roday in a live hangout!

It’s the moment all Psych fans have been waiting for: Psych: The Musical! Airing Sunday, Dec. 15, Dule Hill (a Broadway vet!) and James Roday will put on their dancing shoes along with the rest of the cast for a special episode. Get the inside scoop from the stars themselves in a live Google+ chat with EW.  UPDATE: We’re live! Watch below!

Tune in on Friday at 11:15 a.m. ET on the Google+ event page

Fill out this form for a chance to appear live in the chat. 

Dule Hill to join Broadway's 'After Midnight'

Dule Hill will be tapping into his dancing roots when he joins Broadway’s After Midnight, a musical celebrating Duke Ellington’s years at the famous Cotton Club nightclub in Harlem.

Producers said Wednesday the actor and trained tap dancer best known for starring in USA’s hit detective series Psych, will play the host of the show, presenting the sound and glamor of the Harlem Renaissance.

Performances start Oct. 18 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, with an official opening night set for Nov. 3.

Hill was last on Broadway as Spoon, a lawyer-turned-budding novelist, in Lydia R. Diamond’s thoughtful family drama Stick Fly in 2011. Hill joins the already announced Grammy and American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino in the lively show that will feature 17 musicians and 25 vocalists and dancers.

'Psych' cast gets put to the test -- VIDEO

Those Psych guys are really good at solving mysteries, even if it’s in a madcap kind of way. And at Comic-Con it’s no different. We put the Psych cast to the test and had them play a little game called “Guess the Guest Star.” Each cast member gets the name of a Psych guest star taped to their forehead and everyone gives clues to help them guess the name on the card… hilarity, not surprisingly, ensues. Check it out as we put Corbin Bernsen, James Roday, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, and Timothy Omandson to the test.


EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Tnmiller916: 

“Gus, don’t be the B from Apartment 23. You’re better than that! We’re all better than that! Or at least I think we are.”

 Shawn Spencer (James Roday) after Gus locks him in another room on Psych

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Wednesday March 6 and come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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'Psych' season finale react: 'The plot, unlike your hair, thickens'

Psych-os, now that’s a season finale!

[Warning: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the season finale of Psych.]

One of many things I love about Psych is how after a fun season of excellent Gus (Dule Hill) and Shawn (James Roday) tomfoolery, the show can still pull back the veil of silly and have some really earnest moments. They did that in a major way during the season finale, “SantaBarbaratown,” which saw Shawn and his dad (Corbin Bernsen) tried in a major way by a case-of-the-week. Over the years, I’ve loved watching Shawn and his dad’s relationship grow, and I loved that despite the challenges in the episode, it ended on a positive note with the two — or so I thought. READ FULL STORY

'Psych' season premiere: All you need is love?

Psych is back! Season 6 of USA’s buddy comedy/police procedural premiered last night with an episode that brought murder and mayhem and found Shawn Spencer taking a lie detector test.

Last season left off with a cliff-hanger of sorts. After finally apprehending the elusive and deadly Mr. Yin, the gang went back to the station where Carlton saw secret lovers (and secret-lovers?) Shawn and Juliet sharing a kiss. The final shot was Carlton, wide-eyed in shock, turning and walking away. READ FULL STORY

TV's Most Dateable Characters: Choose your 'one' from readers' top picks (Poll!)

Dateable-charactersImage Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC; Justin Lubin/NBC; Brian Bowen Smith/Fox; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC (2)Last week, PopWatch asked readers to name the TV character they’d date in real life. After tallying more than 2,000 nominations (yes, we read them all), we’re ready to take it to a vote. We’ve put your top picks — 25 men, and 29 women (there was a tie for that last spot) — in two polls below. Vote now through Tuesday at midnight ET. Come back Friday when we’ll reveal the results. Remember: You can’t change anything about the character you’re picking, other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for his or her show love interest. (Second rule: Do not feel guilty.) Note: The order the characters are listed in the polls below is how they ranked during the first round, when you could be indecisive. What will happen when you can only pick one?  READ FULL STORY

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