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'Cougar Town': Discuss the two-part season 3 finale

The third season of Cougar Town has come full circle. Spoiler Alert: Stop reading if you haven’t seen the finale yet.

We started out with a tear-inducing proposal and finished off with a tear-inducing marriage. It wasn’t an easy road, but Jules and Grayson are finally Mr. and Mrs. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The special two-part “My Life/Your World” began with a frustrated Grayson. He forgot that by marrying Jules he was marrying the rest of the cul-de-sac crew. And that meant he’d never get any privacy over at Casa de Jules. Grayson decided his life was just like Groundhog Day since he was reliving the same problems over and over again.


'Cougar Town': Season 3 wraps up on the cul-de-sac

After a tumultuous year in TV scheduling limbo, Cougar Town finally concludes its third season tonight on ABC. The episode will also mark the cul-de-sac crew’s last appearance on the network, as Jules & Co. will be packing their bags and moving to TBS next year, sans showrunners Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel.

In the special hour-long finale “My Life/Your World,” Jules and Grayson (spoiler alert!) finally tie the knot. So grab your own Big Joe Carl Lou, and prepare for a night of pounding grape with a few notes about the season 3 ender:


A double dose of 'Cougar Town': Discuss last night's episodes

Well I can’t be too mad at ABC for its many Cougar Town preemptions because last night we got a double dose of our favorite cul-de-sac crew. (Also, cheers to TBS!)  So in lieu of a normal recap, we’ll just recount the night’s most memorable moments and lines. And with a full hour of Jules & Co., there was plenty of funny.

In the first episode, “Square One,” Jules and Grayson were forced to move in together after last week’s hurricane damaged Grayson’s house. Meanwhile, Ellie and Laurie fought over who was the sexiest. They enlisted Travis — much to his dismay — to help settle their great debate. And Bobby and Jules had a white shirt challenge: First person to stain their shirt lost. (Spoiler alert!) Jules lost after Grayson tripped and spilled his glass of wine on her. What a waste of a good drink!


'Cougar Town': Do you want a Travis and Laurie romance? Discuss!

I imagine last night’s episode of Cougar Town was pretty polarizing for fans. Some of you, myself included, are all aboard the Laurie/Travis romance train. And others are wholeheartedly against it. In “Down South” Trav and Laurie got the closest we’ve ever seen them get to becoming anything more than just friends.


'Cougar Town': The Pig Trials

First, let’s make one thing clear: I think I would watch a show called The Pig Trials. Particularly if the lawyers were humans and the bailiffs were horses. And I fully support any world in which the maximum sentence is bacon. But I digress. Last night’s “Southern Accents” wasn’t just about the pig trials. It was about Jules letting go of her hatred of Grayson’s baby mama Holly, and learning to accept her for who she is.


'Cougar Town': Mo money mo problems

The road to marriage hasn’t been an easy one for Jules and Grayson. Their most recent speed bump came in the form of money issues. Grayson assumed they’d combine their finances, but Jules wasn’t too thrilled about possibly supporting Grayson’s little “whoopsies.” So where does Jules go to deal with all her relationship issues? Her therapist, Lynn, of course!


'Cougar Town': The episode with a cougar!

Thanks to Travis and his desire to make a name for himself on campus, last night’s Cougar Town featured an actual cougar! Okay, so it was a cougar statue that Travis intended to steal. But still. I think it counts. Trav enlisted the help of Bobby and Chick — the real masterminds — to commit the crime, but Sig and Kevin were also accomplices. And although I’m pretty sure the felony won’t actually skyrocket Travis to big man on campus status, I am rather pleased with the cougar crossover. “Why does this school even have a cougar? Nothing here has anything to do with cougars.” Well played, Cougar Town writers, well played.


'Cougar Town': Simon Says

Oh, ABC. You’re such a tease! You finally brought back Cougar Town only to shelve it again for Dancing With the Stars. One of the show’s creators, Kevin Biegel, joked today on Twitter that at this rate season 3 would last until Christmas. “Christmas 2015.” If Cougar Town can manage to survive that long, I’ll gladly pound some grape. But otherwise, let’s try to keep to a regular schedule, ABC.

But enough of that. In last night’s “You Can Still Change Your Mind,” Grayson began his adventures in parenthood by babyproofing the house for Jill Tampa. The babyproofing provided a safe environment for Jill Tampa, but Jules couldn’t seem to outsmart the cabinetry. And thus, the trash sink was born. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Everybody Loves Graymond

Something so big happened on last night’s Cougar Town that they titled the episode “Something Big!” Clever writers. Anyway, the road to marriage isn’t an easy one, particularly when you’re packing a lot of extra baggage. So off to therapy Jules and Grayson went to make sure their relationship was completely baggage free before tying the knot. Therapy was a success, but then they hit a pretty big speed bump when they learned Grayson had (gasp!) fathered a child with a former girlfriend/clubbing partner.


'Cougar Town': Operation Kiss the Girl

Cougar Town is really on a roll this season. And last night’s “A One Story Town” was easily the best episode yet. I guess good things really do come to people who wait nine months for their favorite show to return. But before we get down to business, we have to set up the episode: It was all one giant nod to the 1966 movie, Gambit. The film, starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine, features characters Harry Dean and Nicole Chang executing a brilliantly planned robbery. Only this foolproof scheme of theirs is only in Harry’s head, and actually still in the planning stage. (Ed. note/hidden gem: If you look closely, you could even see Gambit on the theater marquee in the plaza early in the episode.)


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