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Poll: What '90s classic do you want to see rebooted?

On Monday, we asked which ’90s TV shows you’d like to see rebooted, and received a flood of responses. After wading through your picks, we pared down the list to 15 top contenders and decided to throw things back to you one more time with the poll below.

So what favorite ’90s classic would you most like to see brought back? Do you think Daria‘s sardonic musings deserve another shot? Should Buffy or Xena slay the competition? Perhaps you can help a cult favorite like Sports Nights, Twin Peaks, or My So-Called Life finally get its due….

We’ll announce which show took top honors in next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Until then, what are you waiting for? Vote below!


PopWatch Petition: We'd like to see an Adele-Trisha Yearwood 'CMT Crossroads'

We’ve said it before: CMT’s best show is CMT Crossroads, a concert series in which country artists team with artists from different genres to perform each other’s songs. Check out the full list of pairings, but think Sugarland and Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift and Def Leppard, Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban and John Mayer, Jason Aldean and Bryan Adams, Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge, and the Dixie Chicks and James Taylor, to name a few. Our new dream duo: Trisha Yearwood and Adele. READ FULL STORY

Our pick to replace Regis on 'Live! with Regis and Kelly': Jeff Probst!

probst-regisImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS ; ABCJudging by your comments on our news item that Regis plans to depart the eponymous show, you’ve got a lot of ideas about who should replace him. There’s no shortage of candidates, and many of them have appeared on Live in the past few years since Regis has been working a Monday-Thursday schedule. What many of these wannabes have proved is that Regis actually has a pretty challenging gig. In fact, the job description to replace him would read something like this:

National daily talk show looking for spontaneous, quick-witted, and funny man who can banter about everything from baseball to push-up bras. Must have excellent interview skills, but promise not to go all 60 Minutes on a celebrity who is experiencing divorce, drug addiction, or other difficulties. Think more James Lipton than Charlie Rose. The ideal candidate should be handsome, telegenic and genially cranky. (It’s okay to hate the snow or lines at Starbucks, but not Obama or Sarah Palin.) Must be able to spin a prize wheel without stealing any moves from Pat Sajack. Perks include: five-hour work week, some travel, and sitting next to an attractive, vivacious blonde every morning.

Pretty much every name in America except mine has been bandied about for a replacement. And, of them, our vote goes to Jeff Probst.

Would Heidi Klum dressing exclusively in Mondo's clothes make you begin to accept the travesty that was last week's 'Project Runway' finale?

project-runway-finaleImage Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionSomehow I just caught up on last Thursday’s devastating Project Runway finale, and even though I knew Wretchin’ Gretchen had won, I am currently filled with new, more profound rage about six days late! Will you let me in to your Mondo Obviously Should Have Won support group? I can whine. Wahhhhhhh!

I don’t need to harp too much. Missy’s been through it; ‘it’ obviously being ‘the apocalypse.’ I have but one request: Heidi Klum needs to sack up and wear Mondo Guerra’s black-and-white polka dot evening gown to a red carpet event. Halloween is over, so she missed the boat on that. (Just kidding; Heidi’s Halloween costume was awesome.) It doesn’t have to be the Golden Globes. Any old event will do. And considering how eager she was to pair this wacky shirt with a sleek black pencil skirt, Heidi should also be required to wear at least one of Mondo’s separates on every talk show appearance until the end of time. That’s how long it’s gonna take to pay this off, Klum! Sorry! You like it shiny and short? Here you go!

Do it, Heidi, do it! Everyone tell Heidi to do it! Tragen Sie das schöne Polkapunktkleid!

(Also: Do we need to set up a ‘Season 8 Support Group’ category and do a post like this every week until the healing begins?)

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Petition to have Morgan Freeman narrate his own AFI Life Achievement montage

Morgan-FreemanImage Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe American Film Institute has announced that Morgan Freeman will receive the 39th AFI Life Achievement Award at a June gala taped for broadcast later in 2011. “Morgan Freeman is an American treasure,” Sir Howard Stringer, chair of the AFI Board of Trustees, said in a release. “Across decades, whether playing a prisoner, a president or God, he embodies a calm authority that demands respect for the character and for the art form. His gifts to the cultural record are also underscored by his unmistakable voice that echoes through the hearts and minds of movie lovers around the world.” That is true. Which is why we’re starting this petition to have Morgan Freeman narrate at least one of the montages that will be shown that evening. Sign it below.

As a thank you, we have once again embedded “The Full Shawshank Experience” clip from Cougar Town below. Still funny. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' taking the comic world by storm (even if Superhamm is just a dream)

mad-men-starsImage Credit: Landmark/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Tommaso Boddi/PR PhotosWhat is it about cigarette-puffing Madison Avenue types that screams capes and super powers? Today’s most exciting rumor award goes to the gloriously welcome idea of Jon Hamm pulling on blue tights and taking that shiny black hair of his on a ride through the sky. The Mad Men star’s lantern jaw has long been bandied about as an obvious fit for a Superman reboot, with director/comic book geek Kevin Smith wholeheartedly endorsing the prospect last year. Today, unconfirmed reports have begun swirling again that Hamm is being “seriously considered” for the David Goyer-penned script that Christopher Nolan is producing for Warner Bros. Unfortunately, Hamm’s rep tells us that the actor hasn’t talked to anyone about the role. “This is definitely false. So much speculation on these comic projects and 99% is wrong/wishful thinking!” the rep said via email. So as much as we’d love to see Hamm turn in his suit for a cape, at least for now, it will remain a dream. READ FULL STORY

'The Red Riding Trilogy': 800 reasons you need to see it

Sure, it’s a tough sell — dirty cops, crooked businessmen, murder, and child abduction – all in one five-hour über-dark package? With thick Yorkshire accents and bad ’70s fashions, to boot. But trust me The Red Riding Trilogy is worth your time.

I’m trying to think of a way to describe these films – the closest I can come is: Zodiac meets The Wire meets Silence of the Lambs meets Midnight Cowboy meets meets Chinatown meets Kes meets The Godfather. Is that ridiculous enough to convince you to see it?

This is one of the year’s most ambitious film projects — maybe not in terms of budget, but certainly in terms of creative challenges. The filmmakers took acclaimed author David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet of novels and distilled them into three films (1974, 1980, and 1983), each with a different focus but overlapping some characters and settings in the North of England. The real-life Yorkshire Ripper comes into play, but a lot of this noir is fiction, about the people doing bad deeds (the aforementioned murder and child abduction) and a few brave souls who try to uncover the pitch-black truth. The project reflects the style of each director involved — Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane), James Marsh (Man on Wire), and Anand Tucker (Leap Year) — and showcases a few of Britain’s best young actors (Andrew Garfield, Paddy Considine, Rebecca Hall). READ FULL STORY

PSA from Josh Hopkins of 'Cougar Town': 'The show's not really about cougars'

Cougar Town hottie Josh Hopkins (at left), who plays the acerbic, neighborly foil to (and possible love interest for) Courteney Cox’s ravenous and perky 40-something singleton Jules on the hit ABC comedy, has a message for all you out there who won’t tune into his show simply because the word “cougar” has become pop-culture-ly synonymous with, well, icky things: “The show’s not really about cougars,” he explains, with bright passion about his comedy. “It’s about this dysfunctional family cul-de-sac.”

“People tell me that they can’t believe they didn’t want to like it because of the name, and now they love it,” Hopkins adds. “I think part of the point of naming it Cougar Town was to be polarizing. When it came out, nobody hadn’t heard about it. But, if it were called She’s Back at It! I don’t think if it would have mad such a splash.” READ FULL STORY

Tyra Banks ending her talk show: Who should fill her shoes?

With today’s sad news that Tyra Banks will shut down production on her titular talk show in spring 2010, I found myself going through various stages of grief. First, I was sad. Next, I thought about my lunch. Then, I began wondering who could follow in TyTy’s footsteps, seeing how the former model’s chat show is one of the few daytime talkers still aimed at a young, female demographic. (Banks was not immediately available to talk about her post-Tyra Show plans.)

And then, it came to me: Alexa Chung! My favorite former MTV employee is fresh, smart, and obvs available, and she has tons of television experience. Plus, she’s a woman who comes across as incredibly natural and honest, a trait that helped Banks connect so strongly with audiences. It’s settled: Chung is my top choice to inherit Banks’ vagina puppet.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Who should follow in Banks’ footsteps? Is Alexa Chung right for the job? List your candidates in the comments section below.

Tracy Morgan, Twitter needs you!

Tracy-Morgan_lThere are so many good causes out there today, and I have so little time to give to them. However, I think I can squeeze in this little commitment: Join the campaign to get Tracy Morgan on Twitter. As twacy.org bemoans: “Today in America, celebrities are tweeting the mundane details of their lives, yet millions of children will go to bed without knowing everything Tracy Morgan has done.” Whether or not that’s for the best, I would agree with this person that few stars fit better into—and would delight more in— the 140-character-or-less format than the 30 Rock crackup who’s full of absurd, off-the-cuff gems, onscreen and off. Go ahead and imagine the sweet tweets that could flow from the fingers of the man who has delivered such lines as “Live every week like it’s Shark Week” or “I am the face of post-racial America. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett!” While we wait to see if this campaign is successful, check out Morgan’s edgy greeting cards, or  “Me-Cards,” which help promote his memoir I Am the New Black, which hits bookstores on Oct. 20. So, what do you say, PopWatchers? Is this cause just—or just silly? And who else would you like to see on Twitter?

Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

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