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Cee-Lo Green swaps 'Fox News' for 'F-k You' on 'Colbert'

From lady killer to media killer: Cee-Lo Green appeared on The Colbert Report last night to tout his new album, The Lady Killer, and host Stephen Colbert found a way to make the musician’s infectious “F–k You” even more catchy for his Nation. Since the Report is “a family show” — why wouldn’t it be, what with its focus on incredibly petrifying cuddly bears? — Colbert recommended a replacement phrase for the song’s title: Fox News. (Sorry, little guy, Beef Stew was ultimately rejected for this more “positive” phrase.) Though Green did eventually sing the real lyrics to his hit later in the show, he appeased the host for one verse, singing: “Saw you driving ’round town with the girl I love on Fox News / Didn’t see one politician that wasn’t corrupt on the Fox News, and I get the blues / The poor get poorer, the rich get richer / Ain’t that some s— / I’m having pains in my chest because I’m so stressed over Fox News.” (See the video embedded after the jump.) Alright, Fox News interviewee/sometimes singer John Ashcroft — it’s high time for a song battle, no? READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' Crazy Costume Watch: Which couple wore it better?

Remember when Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey attempted to re-imagine Scary Spice and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s “Pleather Power” paso doble from season 5? Of course you don’t — it was a whole week ago. (Also acceptable: “No; who are those people?”) We’ve pitted the season 11 contestants against their “inspirations” from seasons of yore. Be sure to click through today’s ‘DWTS’: Which team wore it better? photo gallery and vote for the couples who embodied the spirit of the sequin in a more believable/ridiculous way. FREE YOUR MIND and rock the vote!

My favorite battle is Pink Comet in the Glitz Galaxy (Kelly Osbourne) vs. Peaches ‘N’ Cream Barbie (Bristol Palin), but I also like Banana Man vs. Jolly Green Giant and Chocolate Ganache vs. Red Velvet Cake. Maybe I just wanted to type those food words again.

It’s so important to vote.

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'Glee' promo: Puck is back. So is the Bieste. And hey, Bon Jovi!

While the talk of last night’s Glee Rocky Horror episode continues, some of us are already looking ahead: The promo for the next new episode shows the return of Puck (and his Mohawk), who uses Artie to rehabilitate his image; the Bieste in a Cheerios uniform, annoying Sue; and the girls in glee singing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It’s about time! Watch the preview below. Along with some real-life glee club renditions of “Livin’ on a Prayer.” READ FULL STORY

Ben Silverman, MySpace creating online dance contest

Ben-SilvermanImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosMySpace and Ben Silverman are teaming up to build a time machine to travel back five years to when they were the new hotness, before Facebook took off and the Knight Rider reboot did not. I mean, a dance contest. They’re teaming up to create a dance contest.

Jerk All-Stars will be an original web series in which 10 dance crews will compete, a la America’s Best Dance Crew, according to THR. But Jerk All-Stars will focus exclusively on jerkin’, which is a dance style marked by loose knees and a bouncy style, like so (warning, sensitive viewers: in addition to some rad dance moves, this video contains some salty language): READ FULL STORY

'Burlesque': International trailer gets it right

If the first Burlesque trailer left you on the fence, you’ll definitely want to watch the international trailer below. It’s a better cut with a more relaxed-looking Christina Aguilera, more dancing, more romance (with proof that Cam Gigandet will run the full gamut: shirtless, shirts without sleeves, shirts with sleeves), more Stanley Tucci (imagine if he’d been in Showgirls), more Kristen Bell (with Julianne Hough), and more Cher. (Not only do we get a tease of her onstage, but we also get to watch her deliver the line “If you fall off the stage, leg extended, boobs up.”) Now, I’m officially in. And still curious about when we’ll see a great Alan Cumming moment in a preview. You?  READ FULL STORY

Paula Abdul's 'Live to Dance' reveals panel and host (the Aussie Ryan Seacrest!)

paula-abdulImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesThe first open casting call for Paula Abdul’s CBS reality-competition series Live to Dance takes place in New York City today (the second happens in L.A. on Oct. 28), and the network has released more information on the show, which will premiere in January. “Executive producer, lead expert and mentor” Abdul will be joined on the panel by Travis Payne, the choreographer and associate director to Kenny Ortega on This Is It, and Kimberly Wyatt, an original member of the Pussycat Dolls who served as a judge on the British series upon which Live to Dance is based. It will be hosted by Andrew Günsberg (also known as Andrew G), apparently the Aussie Ryan Seacrest (he’s hosted Australian Idol, as well as the nationally syndicated radio countdown Take 40 Australia and Network Ten’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast). Okay, actually, that’s all the release says. It’s safe to assume the contestants dance, the panel critique them, and somehow, someone is eliminated. How are you feeling about the return of Paula now? Is there room in your heart for So You Think You Can Dance and Live to Dance? If the latter wanted to end comparisons to the former, perhaps they shouldn’t have gone with a foreign host. But Andrew G appears as hot and personable as Cat Deeley (watch a clip below of him talking to Pink about the dark songwriting of their youths and her desire for a butt lift), so he could be worth it…  READ FULL STORY

'Glee': 'Rocky Horror' promos get you excited (for more than skin)?

Confession: Even though I have a signed photo of Anthony Stewart Head as Frank-N-Furter hanging in my office, I’ve never actually seen any incarnation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in its entirety. (I know.) I assume there’s a reason why, according to the promos for Glee‘s Oct. 26 Rocky Horror episode, at least three male cast members need to end up shirtless (and oddly tan), and it’s not just Ryan Murphy working his let’s-put-Mario-Lopez-in-the-shower-on-Nip/Tuck magic. Watch two promos below. Do they look promising? (Go, Emma!) How do they affect your opinion of Glee‘s much-debated theme episodes? For me, it already feels like they’ve worked Rocky Horror into the story more seamlessly than they did Britney Spears…  READ FULL STORY

Kim Zolciak's 'Google Me' raises a tough question (Also, hints she may leave 'Housewives'?)

Kim-ZolciakImage Credit: Dario Cantatore/Getty ImagesThe Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has clearly outdone herself (and Bravo’s other Real Housewives) by releasing her second single. (And you thought “Tardy for the Party” was a fluke!) Zolciak gets meta as she talk-sings through the various ways you can see just how fabulous she is: “YouTube, Bravo, check my tweets/22 million follow me” (maybe that number is aspirational?), and makes a possible hint towards a future Housewives departure: “It ain’t gonna be easy replacing me/Those other other girls they wanna be like me/But they’re just Barbies/All body no brain/Google my name/I’m doing my thing.” You’ve heard the preview and now it’s time for the real thing. (Perez has the entire song linked here.)  READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Pro Derek Hough talks training, tanning, and having to put Baby in a corner

I am feeling so aliiiiiiiive! Dancing With the Stars begins tonight (update: read EW’s season 11 premiere recap here), and its most exquisite professional specimen Derek Hough, 25, has graciously agreed to answer some of our burning ballroom-related questions each week in between training sessions with his Star, Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey, 50. Keep it clean! You know that’s always been Derek’s motto.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First song and dance?
Our first dance is Viennese Waltz – can’t reveal the song though.

Have you decided on a nickname for your partnership (Grough, etc.) and was it extremely difficult to narrow down the field? I personally like Baby Derek.
We went back and forth a lot on our team name and logo. We finally settled on Jenougher which clearly is a take on both of our names.  We had a great “iconic” logo that we wanted to use but for legal reasons we weren’t allowed to. Our first take on everything was ‘Baby Derek’ and our logo was going to be Jennifer holding a baby in her arms that had my head. It would have been fantastic. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Brandy-Maks, Margaret-Louis have chemistry as expected

dwts-partnersThings we learn from the special Tom Bergeron-hosted video ABC shot to promote the return of Dancing With the Stars – and Castle — Monday night (embedded below):

1. Bristol Palin will move her hips even though she’s nervous to, says partner Mark Ballas. “Eventually,” Palin cautions, laughing.

2. Kym Johnson considers her partner, David Hasselhoff, an “American legend.”

3. Brandy didn’t hear any compliments from her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, until they sat down for their interview. “I did say, ‘It was good’… once,” he says. Maks’ streak of love-hate pairings lives!

4. Louis Van Amstel and Margaret Cho are going to be BFFs. You can tell by their body language, the way they’re leaning into each other as she explains her previous dance experience: “Belly-danced a little bit, and I’ve done some stripping, and I’m magic on the pole.”

Watch the video below. Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars premieres Sept. 20, with 12 contestants. Fifty-three percent of PopWatch readers voting in a poll the day the new cast was announced picked Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough as the early favorites.


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