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Watch Joe Manganiello and the men of 'La Bare' play Never Have I Ever


Director Joe Manganiello’s well-received male stripper documentary La Bare is now available On Demand and on iTunes. To celebrate, we asked Manganiello and three of his subjects—Cesar, Channing, and JD—to play a game of Never Have I Ever. Watch the video below and read a full transcript to find out about wardrobe malfunctions, unusual injuries, and big tips (money, people, MONEY). READ FULL STORY

'Hit the Floor': The 8 craziest things that happened in the season premiere

Hit the Floor, VH1’s addictive summer sudser centered on the Devil Girls (the dancers for a fictional Los Angeles pro basketball team), has returned for a second season. Here are the eight craziest things that happened in the premiere: READ FULL STORY

Channing Tatum reveals the 'Magic Mike XXL' plot

Our wait for details on the Magic Mike sequel set to hit theaters in July 2015 is over, ladies and (gay) gentlemen. Thanks to GQ’s July 2014 cover story on Channing Tatum (read it here in its entirety) we now know the plot will revolve around our favorite male exotic dancers going to a strippers’ convention. According to GQ, that’s the first memory of his stripper days Tatum shared with his producing partner Reid Carolin when pitching the first film: “I want to do the story of when I’m in a dark U-Haul with a bunch of these guys and we’re doing drugs driving up to the stripper convention.” Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh told them the idea wasn’t a scene in the movie — it was a movie in itself. So the sequel will now be inspired by two conventions Tatum attended when he was 19. “The women would come from miles and miles around,” Tatum says, recalling one audience numbering 3,000. “Then you lock the doors and you say all bets are off. It gets zany and crazy, and it’s a wild ride. It’s an incubator for insanity. It doesn’t matter almost what you do onstage. I don’t want to put anything in black and white on a page, but if you’ve been to one, you know how crazy it gets, and now pour kerosene on that. You’ve seen Magic Mike — now multiply that. Mob mentality. It’s just exponentially crazier. I thought it was absolutely insane.” READ FULL STORY

Evgeni Plushenko bows out of the Olympics: Watch his best routines -- UPDATE

UPDATE (Feb. 13, 2014): Evgeni Plushenko had to withdraw from the Winter Olympics for medical reasons on Thursday, and he’s also announced his retirement from figure skating. See for yourself why the Russian skater, who helped his country win gold in the inaugural team figure skating event in Sochi, was such a dynamic performer in the clips below.

ORIGINAL POST: Consider this a PopWatch PSA: If you’re a fan of Russia’s four-time Olympian Evgeni Plushenko (or his penchant for creating great TV), you want to watch his short program in the team figure skating competition — which began today in Sochi — in prime time. (Coverage starts at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. UPDATE: Watch it here.)

His home crowd adored him, he blew them a kiss during his saucy routine (to “El Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge), and he was as cocky and cheeky as a man who once skated a striptease to “Sex Bomb” should be. So, let’s first watch that “Sex Bomb” number — we’re only human — and then relive his Olympic performances in Salt Lake City, Torino, and Vancouver. READ FULL STORY

Chris Messina dancing to Aaliyah on 'The Mindy Project' is the ultimate Secret Santa gift -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.12.33 AM

If at first you don’t succeed at Secret Santa-ing, do like Danny: Dust yourself off and try again!*

Warning: May cause heart-melt.   READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Elizabeth Berkley finally channels Jessie Spano in an 'I'm So Excited' jive

Have my 17 (SEVENTEEN!) seasons of watching Dancing With the Stars just been validated? Don’t you dare answer that realistically. On tonight’s “Most Memorable Year of My Life” show (read our full recap), Elizabeth Berkley Lauren paid homage to the finest and fiercest caffeine pill dance party in television history: Jessie Spano’s “I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!” breakdown in a 1990 episode of Saved by the Bell.

Young Jessie and A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez, visiting from the Extra! set nearby) could never have predicted…that Zack Morris would be tweeting @ them, 23 years later, as they re-proclaimed their love in a televised ballroom! (Last part did not happen.)

Revel in the nostalgia/weep for humanity below. Don’t be scared! You need it to study. Here’s the video: READ FULL STORY

'DWTS': Bill Nye the Paso Doble Beethoven -- VIDEO

For his next Dancing With the Stars trick, this MENSA-endorsed madman will conjure up a devastating symphony of clenched teeth, loose wig powder, and grabbiness!  READ FULL STORY

Emmys 2013: The weirdest dance number ever -- VIDEO


Because Neil Patrick Harris was hosting the Emmys, we knew there had to be some song-and-dance. But there was no way we could have expected the Oustanding Choreography dance number, an insane acid-trip power-of-dance portrait of TV shows like Game of Thrones and American Horror Story and dear god even Breaking Bad. The nominees for Outstanding Choreography — handed out, for the first time ever, during the primetime ceremony — each had to put together a dance number to honor a TV show. READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert Daft Punks us anyway with a star-studded 'Get Lucky' dance party -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 12.57.42 AM

I’m up all night to get lucky enough to hit live TV just in time for the greatest Colbert Report music video of all time — a dance party to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” featuring Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston (pictured), Jimmy Fallon, Henry Kissinger (?!), the Rockettes, Jon Stewart via satellite, the entire production of America’s Got Talent, and more. I know I really sold you on that last one! But do yourself a favor.


'I'm So Excited' to have this giggle fit!

It’s Fourth of July weekend, so why not go see a Spanish movie?

I just wanted to share that I recently suffered/indulged in one of my biggest LOL spasms of 2013 during the absolutely ridiculous dance scene in Pedro Almodóvar’s new film I’m So Excited (Los amantes pasajeros, in theaters now). It’s not complicated: The three first-class flight attendants (Carlos Areces, Raúl Arévalo, and Javier Cámara, pictured) just vamp around to the Pointer Sisters’ hit, on a plane, in the middle of a life-threatening flight. It sounds annoying and probably would be annoying to many humans. But I died. And each time I thought the laugh-wave had passed, all I had to do was look at any other character’s facial expression — delight! disgust! the theater! — and I was right back in it. It’s a complete sh*tshow of WTF and WHY? My point is this: If you’re in the right mood, this movie is so absurdly fun.

I’m So Excited is subtitled, super sexual, and full of fast-talking nonsense. Most characters are gay, in denial about being gay, or will become gay in the next few hours. So it’s definitely not everyone’s Peninsula Airlines (which may as well be Penis Airlines) cup of Valencia Cocktail. Our critic Owen Gleiberman says the film is “like a helium balloon with a leak in it,” which I totally get. It’s not perfect. It’s crazy. But you might be crazy! I’m crazy, and I was really into it. If you’d rather be attacked by rapid-fire flight attendant bitchery than minions, zombies, or the government, this could be your best-bet holiday weekend trip.

Giggle fit aside, the bottom line is that I’ll see any Almodóvar movie (again and again and again) for the visual presentation alone. Even the fonts in the opening credits were next-level, and by that I mean they looked straight out of the early ’80s. But they were so bright and oddly shaped and unexpected. Perhaps you get what I mean. And every frame in all of his films is like its own piece of art. I don’t know how he does it — camera angles? makeup? just a unique sense of casting? — but each actor’s face is so flawless at every moment, their overreactions somehow “just enough” for me. I guess all the hallucinogens worked. All I wanna do now is watch early Almodóvar movies. I suppose I can wait until sundown.

Anyway: This is a frothy treat. You can zone out and jump right back in. Sobriety is not necessarily encouraged.

Anyone else have a similarly trippy experience with I’m So Excited? Do share.

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