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PopWatch Confessional: What TV show do you like watching before bed?

I’ve never been a huge fan of going to sleep in complete silence, but I became particularly dependent on the sound of the television to lure me into sleep when I got a roommate who always fell asleep to Friends reruns. I should note that in a normal living situation, your roommate’s sleeping preferences wouldn’t particularly matter, but we shared a studio apartment and, thus, we slept almost directly next to one another.

When she moved out this summer, I continued the trend until the sound of Joey’s voice started to sound like crickets dancing on swinging rusty gates. (Months later, I’m still going through Friends detox.) Recently, Intervention has taken its place. Intense, I know. “Sleep with the angels”? No thanks. I have inner demons!

The problem? There are only 100 episodes of Intervention available on Netflix, it appears I have a little under 2 months to find a new show that I don’t mind giving less than my full attention. So I need suggestions!  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Do you have a music lyric tattoo like Lindsay Lohan? Would you ever get one?

A few months ago I asked the always-willing-to-share PopWatch community if they put a song lyric or movie line as their high school yearbook quote, forever instilling in their classmates’ minds that they were — and let’s be honest, still are — a total pop culture dork (Full disclosure, I am one of those people, as I put a Dave Matthews Band lyric as my yearbook quote. No regrets!) Still, while high school year books are one thing, tattoos are another entirely. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

The actress recently revealed her newest tat, courtesy of TMZ, which just so happened to be a lyric from a Billy Joel song (“I Go To Extremes,” ironically enough) which will now be on on her body forever. READ FULL STORY

Hurricane Irene: What will you be watching?

The most important thing during a Hurricane watch is keeping everyone safe. Of course. But even if it’s a distant second, keeping yourself entertained is also an issue. So, if you’re in the line of Hurricane Irene, how are you planning to pass the weekend indoors? It’s a difficult call for me: The basement of my eight-unit apartment building is definitely going to flood at some point, and my super has already let us know that when it does, he’ll have to turn off the power and keep it off until 24 hours after the water recedes. I was planning on hunkering down with my DVR/life partner Peter and some DVDs (and then actually having the time/motivation to read a book by flashlight when the power goes out), but now that I see my New Jersey town’s officials are suggesting folks in my area spend the weekend elsewhere if possible, I’m thinking I should pack my flashlight and wine (Phase One of my personal hurricane preparedness) and crash with a friend. But that means spending the weekend with her DVR and DVDs. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Your most embarrassing reaction in a movie theater

Have you ever jumped a little too high, sobbed a little too long, laughed a little too loudly at an inappropriate moment, or had some other physical reaction (involuntary groaning or spontaneous applause) in a movie theater that left you genuinely embarrassed? SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen One Day, or read the book, go ahead and skip straight to the comments and share your story. If you have, here’s mine.  READ FULL STORY

What's the dirtiest TV episode you've ever watched with your parents?

Prior to last week, I couldn’t stop talking to my parents about Louie. “Oh, it’s a genius show,” I’d tell my Big Apple-based parents. “Anyone who lives in New York really should watch,” I’d say. “It’s a hilarious, sweet series about a guy and his kids,” I’d respond when they asked about its plot. After months of prodding, they started to get sick and tired of hearing about how brilliant that Fünke Louis C.K. is. So, finally, we decided to sit down as a family last week to watch Louie‘s new episode.

Well, it turned out I chose the episode… poorly. Anyone who saw Thursday’s new show can attest that it was less sweet and more… oh, what’s the word… ah, I got it: All about masturbation. Add to that an elevator scene (pictured) I would describe as bawdy — if bawdy meant “so dirty, it’s basically an Aristocrats joke” — and you have one uncomfortable TV-watching moment with the family. Honestly, I have never seen an episode more deserving of a TV-MA rating.

Now, for the record, the episode was hysterical and, my parents being awesome, they were laughing. But it still didn’t make the episode any less uncomfortable. In fact, I spent so much of the half hour with my head buried beneath a pillow, I’m going to have to re-watch it. It’s the same way I felt after seeing Friends‘ “The One With Phoebe’s Uterus” with my mom many years back. But now it’s time to hand it over to you, PopWatchers: What’s the dirtiest episode you ever watched with your parents? Has Sex and the City with the family ever made you feel uncomfortable? Ally McBeal? True Blood? Nothing quite makes a family dinner complete like mashed potatoes and a head-spinning sex scene!

Follow Kate on Twitter @KateWardEW

On anniversary of Elvis' death, the King lives on: What's your fave Elvis impersonator story?

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. As we all know, the King remains with us in spirit — the spirit of Elvis impersonators world over. So, I ask: What’s your favorite Elvis impersonator encounter? I’ve enjoyed seeing Thai Elvis at Palms Thai Restaurant in L.A., and I’ve caught El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, on tour. But it’s the Little Elvis I stumbled upon playing the Monks Lounge at the Friar Tuck Inn in the Catskills in 2003, when I was staying there for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan convention, that I remember best. He wasn’t so much little as he was rotund, and though he sang, what I really recall is my friend Karen thinking a plate of cheese was for the whole bar and not just Little Elvis. “I didn’t mean to steal Little Elvis’ cheese,” she kept saying. I love sentences like that — ones no one has said before or since.

Your turn.

Read more:
Elvis Presley died 34 years ago today. What’s the best way to mark the anniversary of the King’s passing?

PopWatch Confessional: When you need a good cry, what is your go-to movie scene?

The Champ might feature the saddest scene in movie history. That is, according to science. In a fascinating article from Smithsonian.com, we’ve learned that a scene from the 1979 film starring Ricky Schroder and Jon Voight is used in several psychological tests as a benchmark to determine when someone is responding to sad content. The clip in question (and SPOILER ALERT for those who care): Schroder’s young character watches his father (Voight) win in the boxing ring, only to die in front of him a few minutes later. It’s interesting: The scene from the film, which Smithsonian notes only received middling reviews and is embedded below, would certainly appear to succeed in evoking emotion even from the hardest individual. A 9-year-old watching his own parent die? Cue the ugly cry.

The study, however, has me reflecting on my own go-to sob scenes. When I really need a good cry, which movie scenes will always, always work? READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What 'True Blood' scene have you rewound the most?

SPOILER ALERT! In honor of last night’s True Blood, which featured more than one rewindable Sookie and Eric moment (watch them below!), tell us which True Blood scene you’ve watched and rewatched the most over the past four seasons. No judgment. No shame. So feel free to answer Eric and Sookie’s Fangtasia kiss, Eric and Sookie’s dream kiss at Alcide’s, Eric and Sookie’s dream kiss in bed with Bill, or Eric and Sookie’s dream kiss after Godric died. Also acceptable, something not related to sex — such as Eric gets blood in his hair, Eric likes “teacup humans,” Bill and Eric go shopping, Eric pretends to be human, or Eric tricks Sookie into drinking his blood — or (gulp!) an answer that doesn’t involve Eric. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What's your dirty little romance novel secret?

Confession: I’ve read a couple of NASCAR-branded romance novels in my time — for work. But I never bought a romance novel until last week when I was scanning the shelves at Target looking for some vacation reads with my sister and stumbled onto a Western romance section. At first, I showed my sister the cover of Linda Lael Miller’s A Creed in Stone Creek as a joke. (It is, after all, called A Creed in Stone Creek.) But then, we realized it was part of a trilogy (Creed’s Honor and The Creed Legacy), and before I knew it, my sister had tossed all three books into my basket. We both have a thing for cowboys (she got an onstage lapdance from one named Maverick at her bachelorette party in Vegas in 2001), if I squint, the man on the cover of A Creed in the Creek reminds me of Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens, and this author is a best-seller, so I didn’t protest. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Have you ever given up on a show on TV, only to rediscover it on DVD?

When Damages debuted on FX in 2007, I was fully prepared to love it. I tuned in to the premiere to see what the buzz was all about, and the show impressed me immensely. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne were superb as dueling lawyers, the story was gripping, and the production was impressive. I thought I had found my new Lost, but my excitement proved to be short-lived. As the weeks went on, my enthusiasm for the legal thriller quickly waned, and I quit watching after about a month.

You see, Damages just got too dang complicated for basic cable! Everyone started spying on everyone else, and a dozen characters were dying and spilling secrets every episode, and though the dialogue and acting remained top-notch throughout, I had no idea what was going on.  READ FULL STORY

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