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Jeremy Gilbert continues to wear tank tops on 'The Vampire Diaries' (and other small wishes TV has or could grant us this winter)

Photos have surfaced of The Vampire Diaries‘ Jan. 17 return, including this one of fledgling vampire hunter Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen, pictured) continuing to train with Damon in white tank tops. It’s a small victory, but sometimes those are the best — when what you want to happen on a TV show totally happens.

As we dive into the Winter TV season, what small wishes of yours have already been granted (the Revenge red “x” marker is back, last night’s New Girl seeming to acknowledge how white the show is), and what pleas are you hoping the TV gods hear (can Winona return to Justified just long enough to give Raylan a sexually charged home haircut?).


Spot Inspection: What entertainment are you marathoning now?

With the holidays (and snowstorms, in some parts of the country), it feels like an ideal time to hunker down and marathon TV shows, movies, or books. In fact, 53 percent of readers say marathoning TV shows is their ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon in today’s EW Daily Poll on the homepage. So tell us: What are you currently bingeing on? Maybe you’ll give someone else — either trapped with family or alone — an idea.

We’ll start. My colleague Denise Warner has been watching Grey’s Anatomy all day — “in the background, of course,” she adds, because we’re one of the few EW staffers working. Also on the clock are my colleagues Laura Hertzfeld and Hillary Busis, who are catching up on Scandal and admitting an “embarrassing” yet totally understandable addiction to My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, respectively. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Your most desperate cabin fever amusements

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? That’s exactly what happened when Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast this Monday, depriving millions of power — and severely limiting their entertainment options. (Of course, boredom is nothing compared with a destroyed house or a submerged car — visit RedCross.org to learn more about hurricane relief efforts.)

My hurricane boredom story: After Lower Manhattan’s power went out on Monday night, I devoured a YA book about a girl whose mom is a hoarder. Then, haunted by visions of yellowing newspapers stacked on top of piles of maggots — seriously, that book is visceral — I spent Tuesday furiously cleaning my apartment with my roommate. The last time I devoted this many hours to scrubbing was… last year, when Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast. Doesn’t Hurricane Cleaners sound like an upcoming reality show?

Of course, I wasn’t the only one driven to desperation after losing electricity (and heat, and my cell phone service). Read on to find out how EW staffers weathered the storm — and feel free to add your own story in the comments! Don’t worry if it has nothing to do with a hurricane; any extreme weather, power outage, or debilitating sickness that left you cooped up will do fine. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What shows are you breaking up with on your DVR? 2012 edition!

Now that the fall TV season is in full swing, it’s time for the annual declaration of our DVR casualties: What shows have you broken up with? It’s hard sometimes to make the break. Last season, I started fast-forwarding through Glee just to watch the musical numbers, and then the episodes began piling up untouched. As a former member of my high school chorus and band (who had the lead in Anything Goes junior year, thank you), I let Glee linger because I support what the show stands for. But now, after seeing how much I genuinely enjoy Nashville, which incorporates good songs without the iffy choreography, I’ve finally let it go. (To assuage the guilt, I plan on attending at least one concert and musical at a local high school this year.)

I hereby also pronounce Dancing With the Stars dead on my DVR. I used to tape the performance night (and fast-forward through the judges and backstage Brooke Burke interviews). But Annie Barrett’s DWTS coverage is entertainment enough. Plus, you can always YouTube a steamy Gilles Marini rumba.

Your turn. Which shows no longer make the cut?

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TV's greatest tearjerkers: Which moments made you cry?

A war is raging in the comments of our recap of last night’s Sons of Anarchy: Some fans think a character’s brutal, tragic end was epic storytelling (our view), while others consider it a sucker punch. To bring a little peace, let’s focus on the fact that people on both sides of the debate fought back tears and, more often than not, lost the battle and sobbed. In a world where we’re constantly deleting episodes from our DVRs to make room for the next ones, moments that stay with us are special.

We want to do a gallery of TV moments that left scars. The wounds can be fresh (Anna reuniting with Pearl on The Vampire Diaries, anyone?), or faded (I still remember curling up in my mother’s lap after watching Brian’s Song and tear up when I talk about this one episode of Three’s Company or even read the title of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “The Body“).

Your picks, your stories. Go!

PopWatch Confessional: What movie music dominates your life?

This past Sunday night, I hiked my way up to one of the best things about living in Los Angeles — the Hollywood Bowl — for a concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures. The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, led by conductor (and film composer) David Newman (Ice Age, Serenity), played symphonic selections from 15 Paramount features for a chronological journey through movie music history, including a 10-minute battle scene from 1927′s silent WWI aerial combat film Wings (the first movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture), the bell tower sequence from the Alfred Hitchcock classic Vertigo, the classic conductor scene from the Jerry Lewis comedy The Bellboy, and the iceberg impact sequence from Titanic.

It was a treat for any movie fan, but the event only left me wanting more. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What's your ringtone?

We’ve come a long way from the days of candybar phones pre-programmed with monophonic versions of “The Entertainer.” These days, anything can be a ringtone — which comes in handy when you’re as pop culture-obsessed as EW’s staff.

Assistant News Director Denise Warner has her phone play the Downton Abbey theme song whenever she gets a call; before that, her cell rang to the tune of Warren G’s “Regulate.” EW.com producer Nika Vagner uses Ryan Gosling reading “Hey girl” memes aloud as her ringtone. (And you can too!) My own ringtone isn’t particularly pop culture-y — it’s a snippet from a Guster song I’ve been using since I was 19 — but my mom programmed her own so that when I call her, it plays “Mambo” from West Side Story. This explains why I turned out the way I did.

So, what’s your own custom ringtone? Read how other EW staffers answered this question, then add your response in the comments. Bonus points for anyone who uses a Stefon quote; points deducted for anything including the word “trampire.”


What movie experience made you like people again?


We all have stories of movies being ruined by people talking through them in the theater. Today, let’s celebrate that time a movie experience actually restored our faith in humanity.

Last night, I went to see Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen, in honor of the film’s 60th anniversary and the fact that today would have been Gene Kelly’s 100th birthday. I was with a friend who’s also a huge Gene Kelly fan, and I told her we should elbow each other each time one of us begins to tear up from pure happiness. Normally, if I’m planning on writing about a movie, I’ll take notes, but I just wanted to enjoy this. I lost count of how many times we nudged each other. I also couldn’t tell you how many times I got chills, or how many times I looked over and saw my friend grinning larger than ever before (I’ve known her 15 years now), or how many times I thought, how long have I been smiling? READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What's the craziest thing the Olympics have inspired you to do?

As the EW Daily Poll on our homepage shows, Olympic fatigue has officially set in. Most of us will be ready for Sunday’s Closing Ceremony. As the Games come to an end, let’s take a moment to admit the craziest thing(s) obsessive viewing has inspired us to do. I’ll start: Last night, I spent my evening commute listening to Duran Duran’s “All She Wants Is” on repeat and choreographing a team synchronized swimming free routine to it in my head. Considering I just watched Team Australia use an AC/DC medley for its free routine this morning, I assume the song might actually be legal. So if any nation just starting its synchro program wants to work with someone cheap, call me. We could ask Team Spain to borrow its sea monster-themed costumes from today (pictured), which I think would translate nicely. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Which song puts a grin on your face, even in public?

My commute is a 45-minute combination of public transportation and walking. I listen to my iPod every day. About once a week, I shuffle onto a song that puts a grin on my face so big, I’m sure I look an idiot. Often, it’s because I’ve flashed back to a particular event, like two friends leading an impromptu dance party in the parking lot of an adventure mini-golf place in the Poconos on a sleepy Saturday afternoon (Lil Jon’s “Get Low”). But the song that gets me the worst (or is it the best?) is Lionel Richie’s “Lady” duet with Kenny Rogers off Tuskegee. Watch them sing it live together below, and you might understand. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I grew up listening to each of them on eight track in the morning before elementary school, so it’s a double dose of nostalgia from a time when I had nothing to do in the morning but listen to an entire album. But mostly, it’s that they sound so damn good together it becomes timeless. There’s an ease, and a confidence, and a sense of perfection when their voices meld together for the crescendo at 2:45. I have to rewind to that point a minimum of five times whenever I play it — and the grin never stops. READ FULL STORY

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