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PopWatch Confessional: Which 'summer song' do you dread hearing?

Summer songs: Usually we talk about them in the happy sense. They’re catchy, they make us feel good, and they’re guilt free as long as the sun is shining. You’re allowed to have “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” on a playlist as long as it’s titled “Summer.” But today, as I was driving and singing along to Garth Brooks’ “Two Piña Coladas” on the radio, I found myself panicking that the station, obviously feeling the summer vibe on this holiday weekend, would play Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” Just thinking of the opening notes, after all these years, makes me wince. Now playing the radio in the car feels like Russian Roulette. Yes, I can just change the station if it comes on, but the song will have won.

What “summer song” do you live in fear of hearing?  READ FULL STORY

If you're Selena Gomez, who's your Shia LaBeouf?

After Another Cinderella Story, the video of Selena Gomez being tricked into meeting her crush Shia LaBeouf — and freaking out — is my favorite thing she’s ever done. Watch it (again) below. Then, because we’re in the mood for a good laugh, share your most memorable/embarrassing celebrity encounter. Think EW’s Sandra Gonzalez being surprised by Nathan Fillion spinning around in a chair on the Castle set to say, “Why, hello.” Think my friend Tamara meeting Ralph Fiennes outside the stage door when he did Hamlet in London, saying two words to him (“Thank you,” because, she insisted, it summed up everything she felt about him), and bursting into tears. Think of me if I ever ran into Alexander Skarsgard after he inspired my original Lifetime movie pitch Spoiler Alert: Love? READ FULL STORY

Which critically panned movies, like 'Bad Teacher,' did you enjoy despite harsh reviews?

Perhaps it was because I was going in with low expectations (as I happily admitted to you PopWatchers on Friday, I was going for the sole purpose of furthering my crush on Jason Segel). But much to my surprise — despite critics’ displeasure for it, including our own Owen Gleiberman — I didn’t hate Bad Teacher. In fact, it made me laugh-out-loud quite a few times, though reviews had warned me otherwise.

Was it my favorite movie this year? Hardly. Did it do any favors whatsoever for Justin Timberlake’s still-blossoming acting career? Not especially. Did it come across as a secondhand offering of the far superior Bad Santa? Sort of. READ FULL STORY

'Am I the only one who has this song on my iPod?' Let's find out!

The beauty of iTunes is that you can shop a la carte. The interesting thing is when you purchase an older song and find yourself wondering if anyone else has ever done it before or after you. Let’s use the power of the Internet to find out. List the songs you’d like to think someone else has bought. If you see a track on someone else’s list that you own, let them know they’re not alone. This is a shame-free zone. To prove it, here’s my list:  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What combination of TV and movie characters best represents you?


Even though I don’t use my Facebook much anymore, I do have one. Thus, it’s no secret that I spend a fair amount of time thinking about how others perceive me. (I’m not ashamed.) But this weekend, while reading the latest EW Summer Movie Math post, I starting thinking about how I perceive myself — in movie math terms.

We all relate to different aspects of our favorite characters on TV and in movies, but it’s a whole other (very time-consuming) game when you try to calculate your personal movie math — which, for these purposes, we’ll call Character Math. It took me two days of sporadic thought to come up with something satisfactory. Here’s what I concluded (share yours, too, so I’m not the only painfully self-absorbed person here!):  READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul confesses his 'blue meth' addiction

on the show. They’re like, ‘No, I don’t want to try.’ ‘Here just have one. You’re on Breaking Bad! Eat some of the meth!’ And they do and they’re like, ‘Wow, that’s actually really good.’ And then I always see them go to the big bins of meth, grab out a few and eat it…. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re liking my product.’” Breaking Bad returns for a fourth season on July 17, which is exactly five weeks from tonight, for those obsessively keeping track of such things.

To read what Paul has to say about season 4, pick up a copy of this week’s EW and click here.

PopWatch Confessional: Did you put a line from a song or movie in your yearbook?

After you take a minute to absorb the news that Dakota Fanning has just graduated from high school (I’ll wait… ) let’s recall something from our own glory days, shall we, PopWatchers? Though most of us can’t boast a Hollywood actress in our class, we’ve all gone one thing that, for better or worse, will forever remind us about those trying four years: the yearbook.

Sure, high school photos are the most unintentionally hilarious and horrifying aspect of a yearbook (they’ve devoted entire websites to it, after all), but I’m personally a fan of reading what people chose as their personal quote. READ FULL STORY

Moviegoer etiquette: What food is acceptable to smuggle into a theater?

I came out of my TV cave yesterday and decided that three months was far too long to have gone without seeing a new movie. If you were on Twitter around 5 p.m., you might have even been one of the kind people who helped me pick which movie to go see. (Spoiler: Most people said Bridesmaids, so that won.) Only, my rare moviegoing experience took a turn for the unpleasant shortly after the flick began, when the person next to me decided it was a great opportunity to eat his cheeseburgerREAD FULL STORY

'One Tree Hill' renewed for ninth season? More like 'Old Tree Hill.' Yeah, I said it.

My word-for-word reaction when I heard One Tree Hill was renewed for a ninth season — presumably to be its last – was “Wait, no way that show is still on.” But it is.

I, like many of my high school ilk (or was that middle school? I’m too young to feel this old), used to worship the ground that Chad Michael Murray walked on. I used to live for the nights new episodes would air. (Tuesdays?) But of course this was back when it was on the nearly fully decomposed WB — or “the Dubs B,” as we in the suburban hood used to call it.

Over the years I lost touch with the One Tree Hill gang. Chad Michael Murray left, somebody apparently became a famous singer (it wasn’t Gavin DeGraw), and a whole lot of cross-pollination happened. OTH‘s rating are low but its fan base is high, and intense. Did I say intense? I meant crazy intense.  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: I love that my mother loves...

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s each take a moment to celebrate our mother’s good taste in entertainment — or, at least her passion for pop culture, which, even if misdirected, is something we can appreciate. Finish this sentence: I love that my mother loves… I’ll go first:

• Nathan Fillion. As I’ve had the pleasure of telling him in a Stupid Questions interview, he is, in fact, my soon-to-be 64-year-old mother Joyce’s third favorite male celebrity — after Johnny Depp and Jeff Goldblum. (I love that she loves them, too.)

• Craig Ferguson. When I visit, I can sometimes hear her laughing at him down the hallway from her bedroom.

• Otis Redding’s “Love Man.” She knows it’s on my iPod, so when I’m DJing in the car, it’s often requested. She always raises her right arm and shimmies in her seat. She’s also always driving.  READ FULL STORY

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